11 Tips to Start Hospital Laundry Services

Hospital Laundry Services : Once you’ve decided you want to start a small business.

Formulated your business plan, lined up financing, and secured a site.

The time will finally come to actually open up shop.

While planning a business may present challenges.

The actual act of opening a business.

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Hospital Laundry Services
Hospital Laundry Services : https://www.indiamart.com

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And bringing the business concept to fruition has its own set of difficulties.

To have a better chance of long-term success.

You need to get your business off to a good start.

Here are a few tips on how to legally establish your business.

Hire your first employees, spreading the word, and organizing a grand opening.

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1. Hospital Laundry Services Background

In general, a Laundry Attendants duties.

Include washing, drying and folding clothes and linens.

Laundry Attendants employed in the hospitality industry.

For example, often are responsible for washing towels and sheets.

As well as the personal items of guests.

Laundry Attendants also work for dry cleaners.

Washing items like shirts and pants.

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2. Hospital Laundry Services

A Laundry Attendant who works in a coin-operated laundry or public laundromat.

However, is responsible for managing the operations and cleanliness of the facility.

So that customers are able to wash their own clothing in the most efficient manner.

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3. Hospital Laundry Services

Laundry Attendant is an entry-level position.

That typically doesn’t require significant previous experience.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics expects a 2 percent growth.

For all laundry and dry-cleaning workers, a category that includes Laundry Attendants.

This will amount to 3,360 jobs becoming available each year through 2024.

4. Education and Experience

  • WASC / SSCE / NECO or equivalent preferred.
  • 1 to 2 years of experience in a hotel Laundry Unit
  • Experience working with Laundry Machines (Washers & Dryers)

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Hospital Laundry Services Background

5. Requirements:

  • Ability to operate Laundry machines and apply appropriate cleaning chemicals.
  • Eye for detail.
  • Ability to work under pressure

Hospital Laundry Services Background

6. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Picking up and delivery of in-house guest laundry.
  • Operate and monitor washing and drying laundry machines, including adding chemicals, cleaning lint traps.
  • Identify stained or damaged items and determine status for repair, spot treatment, rewash, or discard.
  • Inspect cleanliness of articles removed from the washer, dryer, or dry cleaning machines and place in clean linen carts.

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    Hospital Laundry Services Background

  • Fold cleaned articles into designated size, either by hand or using folding machine.
  • Maintain accurate records of items laundered.
  • Count and verify all items collected as per laundry price lists / laundry sheet signed by the guest and note down any discrepancy or damages on the same sheet.
  • Check all items for damage or stains and take appropriate action to rectify these issues.

    Hospital Laundry Services Background

  • Report immediately to the Supervisor any valuable items like cash, jewelry, credit cards etc. found in guests cloth pockets.
  • Process the guests clothing on the correct equipment / machines using the appropriate chemicals and temperature.
  • Sort employee uniforms for appropriate action like washing, dry cleaning, pressing or send for repairing to the hotel’s tailor.
  • Report any technical problems, damages or deficiencies to the Supervisor

Hospital Laundry Services Background

A Laundry Attendants main priorities are either cleaning and returning laundry to customers and hotel guests, or maintaining laundry facilities.

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7. General responsibilities of a person in this position may include:

Sorting Laundry

In order to prevent dyes from transferring from one item to another, a Laundry Attendant must first sort the laundry by colors. Then, the items must be separated based on material and fabric. Finally, Laundry Attendants must be aware of any special washing instructions.

Stain Treatment

In order to remove stains without damaging the item, a Laundry Attendant must determine the best solution for each individual stain depending on the type of stain and fabric consistency, condition and color of the item. Stain treatment can involve pre-soaking, applying bleaching solutions, steaming, as well as scrubbing, spot drying and using sponges or brushes.

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Operate and Maintain Machines

Loading and unloading laundry into and out of washing machines and driers is another task of a Laundry Attendant. They must be able to set the specifications for each load based on the time, treatment and fabric by turning valves or levers. Next, they must load the proper amount and type of detergent, soap, bleach, fabric softener or other solution. These individuals must be able to clean the machines and filters, lubricate equipment and troubleshoot errors. Some Laundry Attendants will work with specialty items, and must be able to operate machines that clean and polish fur or leather.

Laundry Attendants working in a coin-operated laundry facility are responsible for maintaining the machines, which includes cleaning them and their filters, as well as checking each machine for items left inside. They must provide customer service to individuals using the machines, as well as fix issues, or let management know about any problems or maintenance concerns.

Keep Track of Laundry

Those working in a hotel or resort must keep track of laundry to make sure the right items are returned to their original owners.

They need to mark the articles with individual code numbers or owner names, and keep track of each order. Additionally, Laundry Attendants working in the hospitality industry need to make sure enough linens are clean to accommodate every room in the hotel.

Hospital Laundry Services Background

8. Laundry Attendant Skills

A person hoping to secure a job as a Laundry Attendant must be hardworking.

Reliable and able to function in a fast-paced working environment.

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Hospital Laundry Services Background

9. Core skills:

Based on our analysis of job postings, these are the skills employers are looking for when hiring Laundry Attendants.

  • Physical strength and the ability to lift up to 50 pounds, as well as stand and move around for the majority of the day.
  • Ability to follow directions from managers, as well as follow the washing instructions detailed on individual garments.
  • Good vision and the ability to notice small stains and imperfections.
  • Knowledge of stain treatment in order to utilize the best strategies to remove the stain on each individual article.

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10. Advanced skills:

Although not every employer required these advanced skills.

They may be helpful in not only securing employment, but also advancing in the position.

  • Technological skills to use email and web browsing software, as well as Microsoft Office and Windows, and other sales processing software.
  • Helpful attitude to provide aid to housekeeping, if required.
  • Customer service skills to offer an excellent client experience.
  • Knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

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11. Cleanliness in laundry services

  1. The laundry services can be in house or outsourced.
  2. As a rule only following items may be cleaned in the laundry
    1. Hospital patients linen
    2. Hospital curtains
    3. Hospital Kitchen linen
    4. Hospital staff uniforms
    5. Other authorized items like blankets, mattresses and pillows Staff personal clothing is not cleaned in the hospital laundry.
  3. Segregation and Collection of soiled linen
  4. All linen after use will be collected in each department / ward and segregated into potentially infective and not potentially infected. The former will include all linen which has been soiled with body fluids and will be kept separately.

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    Hospital Laundry Services Background

  5. Personnel working in the receiving and sorting area are required to wear a long gown, mask and gloves. He should keep his hands away from his or her mouth and eyes and thoroughly wash his or her hands when leaving the receiving and sorting area. No eating and drinking is allowed in this area.
  6. Sluicing / Treatment of soiled / infected linen

    Hospital Laundry Services Background

    1. All infected linen / linen soiled with body fluids will be soaked in 0.5% bleaching solution for 30 mins then washed with water & detergent to remove bleach before handing over for washing.
    2. Handing taking over of linen with the laundry staff. The soiled linen is tied into bundles and an entry made. The infected linen is accounted and handed over separately.
    3. If possible all linen is inspected for tears and damage at this point to avoid dispute.
  7. The linen is washed, dried and ironed by the laundry staff. Infected linen is washed separately.
  8. The linen is returned to the health facility where it is properly taken over and a record made of the same. Repairs will be carried out on torn linen.

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    Hospital Laundry Services Background

  9. Clean linen should be stored in a dry place on racks. Clean linen is transported on a clean trolley.
  10. Laundered linen is issued to the patient at the time of admission and taken back at the time of discharge. Linen if soiled by body fluids is frequently changed.
  11. Blankets can be dry cleaned or hand washed. Hand-washing can be done by first soaking for 15 minutes in lukewarm water. The soap suds are squeezed through the blanket and then rinsed in cold water at least twice. The blanket should not be twisted or wrung. It should be dried by spreading it on a clean surface.

    Hospital Laundry Services Background

  12. Pillows and mattresses can be washed with soap and water and left to dry in the sun.
  13. Blankets pillows and mattresses can be fumigated if required by keeping them in a closed room and the room is then fumigated.
  14. Linen soiled with faeces pus and blood should be sluiced in 0.5% Bleaching solution in the ward or central storage area for 30 mins followed by washing with clean water & detergent before handing in the laundry it should be washed separately then subjected to boiling with frequent stirring. The addition of 0.3% Washing soda enhances the effect of boiling.

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