How can I start a Manpower Business?(Read on 30 ways)

How can I start a Manpower Business?: You already know how many great man-power business opportunities are out there.

But theres a narrower, and potentially more lucrative, niche for entrepreneurs to consider .

If you want to try a business with huge potential, then the Manpower  business is for you.

The service you will be marketing is the skill and labour of your workforce.

Of which there is more than an abundant supply in your country.

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How can I start a Manpower Business?

Note, however, that the kind of workers needed is rapidly changing.

  1. Workforce Demographics. Start by compiling the demographics of your current resources. …
  2. Company Sales Volume. …
  3. Product Development Plans. …
  4. The 3 T’s: Technology, Training and Turnover. ...
  5. Recruitment Strategy. ...
  6. Future Manpower.

How can I start a Manpower Business?

Now more and more of the job orders abroad are for those with professional training like nurses, engineers, and teachers.

Lower wage countries like India are taking over more of our traditional markets for low cost labour.

Sales have grown steadily, reaching $47 billion in the year .

Stay on for Man-power Business tips

How can I start a Manpower Business?

And that means there are still plenty of opportunities for Nigerian agriculture businesses to profit from the organic agriculture market.

If you’re interested in getting involved with this growing niche industry.

Here are some organic agriculture business ideas to consider.

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How can I start a Manpower Business?


Man-power Business

1. Produce Farm

One of the most popular ways you can get into the organic agriculture business is to grow organic produce. This is similar to regular produce farming, just without the chemical pesticides and fertilizers used by conventional farms.

2. Dairy Farm

Similarly, you can start a dairy farm where you use natural processes and organic feed for the cows.

3.  Livestock Farm

Or you could start a livestock farm where you also use natural materials and processes to raise your livestock.

4. Fish Farm

There’s some debate about how organic farmed fish can really be.

But you can stay away from pesticides and follow the guidelines from the USDA for organic seafood.

How can I start a Manpower Business?

5.   Grocery Wholesaler

Whether you grow one type of organic food item or have a whole farm.

One option for selling those items is to be a wholesaler for large chains like Whole Foods or Walmart.

6. Marketing

You could also open up your own organic food market where you sell organic items directly to consumers.

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7. Niche Store

Another retail type option would be to open up a small shop.

That focuses on a specific niche like an organic tea and coffee shop or a health food store that sells Mediterranean inspired options.

How can I start a Manpower Business?

8. Roadside Farm Stand

If you have a small farm, you could also sell your products directly to consumers with a roadside farm stand that you can set up during busy seasons.

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9. Farmers Market Vending

There are also plenty of farmers markets around the country that you can rent space from to sell your organic foods.

10. Organic Farmers Market

Or you could actually organize your very own farmers market and just work with organic farmers.

How can I start a Manpower Business?

11. Feed for Livestock

Since organic livestock farmers need to use organic animal feed, there’s another opportunity for agriculture business to provide that product to farming customers.

12. Herb Growing

If you have a smaller space to work with, you can also grow herbs to package for sale to consumers or retail outlets.

13. Bath and Body Products

You can also grow various plants like lavender and aloe to use in bath and body products that you can then sell.

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How can I start a Manpower Business?


If you grow fruits or vegetables organically, you could create jams, salsas or other products that you can package in cans or jars to sell online or in stores.

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15.  Baby Food Sales

You can also use organic produce and turn it into packaged baby food to sell to health conscious parents.

16. Organic Dog Food Sales

It’s also possible to use some organic food items to make dog or cat food or treats to sell in specialty pet stores or even online.

How can I start a Manpower Business?

17. Supplement Production

You could also grow certain plants like turmeric or beets that you can turn into organic supplements to package for sale.

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18. Natural Cleaning Products

You can even use some organic items like lemon juice or olive oil to create natural cleaning products that appeal to health and eco-conscious families.

19. Restaurant Wholesaler

For businesses that want to sell organic foods on a wholesale basis, you could actually sell right to restaurants rather than retail stores.

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How can I start a Manpower Business?

20. :Farm to Table Restaurant

Another option would be for you to grow food on a rooftop or nearby farm and then use those organic items in a farm to table restaurant menu.

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21.  Juice Bar

You can also use a variety of organic produce in juices and smoothies that you can sell at a specialty juice bar.

22.  Gardening Service

If youre looking to start a service business, you could offer gardening services to people.

Who want to grow their own vegetables or other plants without the use of unnatural materials.

How can I start a Manpower Business?

23. Compost Sales

You can also collect materials for composting and then sell organic compost to farmers or gardeners that want to only use natural materials.

24.: Urban Rooftop Garden

You no longer need tons of space to start a farm or grow food items. You could start an urban garden on a rooftop or in a small lot and then sell those items to visitors or nearby businesses.

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25. Organic Farm Consultant

Or if you have lots of organic farming expertise, you can start a business as a consultant where you help other agriculture businesses looking to go organic.

26.  Cleaning products

Cleaning products can be full of toxic chemicals that affect the health of both humans and pets. Because of this knowledge, people are now turning to natural cleaning products that are devoid of chemicals.

You can start making cleaning products from natural, vegetable sources that would contain no chemicals.

You can make toilet and bathroom cleaning products, anti-bacterial spray cleaners for kitchen worktops, bathroom tiles, windowsills and just about anywhere else in the house.

You can also start on a small scale by using organic items like lemon juice or olive oil to create natural cleaning products that appeal to health and eco-conscious families.

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How can I start a Manpower Business?

27.  Feed production 

Livestock that are produced under organic management are mandated to have their total ration that is comprised of agricultural products including pasture, forage, and crops that are organically produced and handled.

Being that it might be difficult for some farmers to access large quantities of organic food for their livestock.

You can start producing organic livestock feed to complement demand.

But you have to make sure that your feed meet up with established standards of organic feed production.

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28. Bath and Body Products

With the huge awareness of the dangers of using synthetic body products and creams.

Laced with artificial hormones, people are increasingly turning to organic body care products.

You can start an organic bath and body care product range.

You can also grow various plants like lavender and aloe to add to the bath and body products that you can then sell.

Though this is not a must as you can always access these raw materials from reputable organic retailers.

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29.  supplement production business

It is believed that certified organic vitamins and dietary supplements provide important nutrients in their natural form.

This belief is the reason for the high profitability of the organic supplement market in recent time.

You should make sure to utilize ingredients, materials and manufacturing methods that are environmentally responsible, sustainable and safe for consumers.

You can manufacture capsules, softgels, liquids, pill, powders, tablets etc

How can I start a Manpower Business?

30. Farm consultant or inspector

Organic farming is cultivation of crops without chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides.

As an organic farm consultant, you should be qualified to provide advice on best practices for certifying organic operators.

You can as well become an inspection agent on behalf of certifying bodies in your city or state.

Note that you would need to have some certifications.

And a lot of experience before you are qualified to be an organic farm consultant or inspector.


How can I start a Manpower Business?: Powering Your Success is Humanly Possible.

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