9 Steps To Maintaining Washing Machine

How to clean a washing machine: If you want to get rid of your laidback housemaid,

you better get home a washing machine!

Buying a washing machine is not so difficult as much as maintaining it is.

Just as your clothes are exposed to catching stains,

the continuous use of wash agents such as detergents exposes your washing machine.

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To developing grime within its washtub.

This is why you need to ‘wash’ your machine every now and then to give it the necessary steam to run smoothly.

Also, in case there is water leakage from your washing machine’s hose, a certain odour is emitted.

To prevent this, make sure your water leakage stops.

Here are a list of things you need to keep in mind and action to ensure you have clothes washed,

cupboard-dried and ready to be sent off for a stiff-iron run.

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Maintaining Washing Machine:
Maintaining Your Washing Machine mynicehome.sg

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Maintaining Washing Machine:

Step 1: Add bleach directly to the washtub before you proceed or the wash cycle.

This will not only help to remove any gathering of detergent within the washtub.

But also prevent germs from accumulating in the airtight parts of the washer.

Maintaining Washing Machine:

Step 2: It is advisable to use the right quantity of detergent for your washer and water hardness.

Over use of detergents also tends to spoil your garments by loosening the fabric threads.

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Step 3: Make sure feet are level.

Maintaining Washing Machine:

Step 4: Put the right amount of clothes for wash at a time.

Read the instructions on the manual.

Do not overload the washer with clothes.

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Maintaining Washing Machine:

Step 5: Due to continuous washing, your washing machine’s washtub gathers grime and dirt within.

If the machine has hot water wash facility,

pour a cycle of hot water mixed with 2 cups of chlorine bleach in the washer.

This will help in loosening the sticky soap and grime within the washer. 

You could also use 2 cups of vinegar or lemon juice instead of chlorine bleach.

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Step 6: Now, drain the water. In case, your machine does not have an inbuilt hot wash facility,

you can pour few buckets of warm water in the wash tub with chlorine bleach added to it.

(Note: Your washing machine’s washtub should be compatible with hot water.)

Maintaining Washing Machine:

Step 7: Next, separate the machine from its fabric softener,

bleach and detergent containers or dispensers and soak them in hot water and detergent separately.

Clean the knobs with soft bristle brush.

Maintaining Washing Machine:

Step 8: Now you need to run the washer empty on a hot bath again to make sure it is spotless.

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Step 9: Spray clean the dispensers with a cleaning agent and paper towels.

Even sponge would serve the purpose.

This is something you don’t need to every day.

Performing this task every fortnight would be enough to remove all the dirt.

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