How to Clear Land for Farming

How to Clear Land for Farming in Nigeria: Clearing a farmland must be ideally carried out within a span of period between late fall and early winter.

The reason for this is to lessen the soil compaction as well as prevent any unnecessary soil.

Which is being discarded together with the brush.

Clearing the land for purposes of farming usually takes more time than any other task, organization, and most especially hard work and effort.

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How to Clear Land for Farming

This task is definitely challenging and not for a person of a faint heart.

There are several things needed in this task as well.

These things are tractor, brush removal machine, trailer, shovels, chainsaw.

And heavy duty chains even human labour is also needed.

Steps on Cleaning the Farm

First step is for you to pick up stones and rocks from the place.

Which you have decided to become the farmland.

Place all the rocks that you have picked in a trailer.

This is for removal later.

Keep in mind that larger boulders and rocks can be removed.

And unearthed from the farmland through the use and help of heavy duty chains and a tractor

How to Clear Land for Farming

The second step there is for you to do is back-filling.

This means that you will have to back-fill with all the dirt that you could muster the holes which are the result of the removing of boulders which you have cleared up.

You must make sure that there is enough soil which is new in back-filling the holes.

For this to be a success, you must completely compress the fresh dirt which you have put in the hole.

This way you will be ensured that the new soil you have filled has been greatly added into the present depression.

How to Clear Land for Farming

Moreover, when clearing a land for purposes of farming.

You will have to cut down the trees present in your targeted area.

Cut these down using chainsaw.

In this part, your hard work will actually be benefit immediately.

Since you can make many uses from the cut trees.

How to Clear Land for Farming

Firewood can be cut from these felled trees in this case.

Then, you may do away the firewood that you have made once you are done cutting.

You can then stack these several firewood in a suitable and proper place for future purposes and uses.

The tree stumps which will be one of the end results of your tree cutting are also removed through digging around every stump.

How to Clear Land for Farming

Following this is for you to attach the heavy duty chain around all these stumps.

You can also uproot them by using the tractor that you have bought.

These stumps will then be taken away for purposes of burning or even in furniture making.

Finishing Touches

Take away any vegetation and thickets which are dense on your farmland with the use of a brush machine.

Then plow the vegetation of the now cleared land so as to enrich the soil.

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