8 Ways on How to Get Manpower Telecommunication Work

How to Get Manpower Telecommunication Work: Manpower, the Wireless Network Engineer will be responsible for assessing, engineering and implementing changes to clients’ network infrastructures.

Must have a strong set of communications skills working with clients and vendors with an investigatory capacity built in and a tolerance for constant change.

Position can be 100% remote and comes with strong base salary and excellent benefits.

Project work is 50% nights, but no on call and almost non-existent weekend work.

You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you can request publication of your article for publication by sending it to us via our Email below. or call +2347034920650.  Click here to start business now with businesshab.com


How to Get Manpower Telecommunication Work

1. Meet the Requirements:

Understanding of telecommunications networking elements such as routers, switches, ports, and interfaces with the ability to engineer and configure
Understanding of networking protocols
Understanding of looking at status commands, log files, log messages to determine course of action
Understanding of IPv4 and IPv6 (required)
Troubleshooting ability to isolate, diagnose, and resolve problems
Strong network monitoring tools experience
Ability to write a Method Of Procedure (MOP)
8+ years in a Networking configuration environment
Strong experience with routers (preferably Nokia, Alcatel/Lucent – Cisco a plus)

2. Getting Experience on these elements are a plus:

Nokia 7750 (SR 1, SR a8)
* Nokia 7705
* Nokia 7250 (IXR aggregation switch)
* Nokia Service Portal
* Cisco ASR 9010
* Cisco ASR 920, 1002
* Microsemi TP-4100 (EGM)
* Alcatel-Lucent
* 1K, 9K
* Subnet
* 4G / 5G / LTE

How to Get Manpower Telecommunication Work

3. High Level

*Manage the Operations of the Sales Dept
* Report, Collaborate, Coordinate, Administer
* Manage multiple priorities and deadlines

4. Reporting

* Own and report regularly to VP Sales/CRO all necessary details and reports regarding WW sales forecast. Assure accuracy with +/- 5%
* Manage sales force activity by running ad hoc reports, monitoring pipeline flow, and maintaining data integrity and consistency.
* Monitor, assess and report on MS Dynamics system health and usage.

How to Get Manpower Telecommunication Work

5. Collaborating

* Work collaboratively across functional teams (legal, finance, operations, marketing etc.) to develop and advance revenue visibility and increase sales productivity.
* Work in tandem with Sales leaders by providing support, opportunity sizing for our business, customer insights, market trends, monitoring and sharing of best practices related to deal updates and forecasting.

6. Coordinating

* Create and update sales PowerPoint presentations as needed such as QBRs, Board updates, Quarter Win/loss etc.
* Coordinate customer communications of programs and updates.
* Coordinate channel communications, programs, Coop and reports.
* Coordinate dissemination though the sales force and channel the latest sales tools, price books, the products updates, recall, EOL notices.
* Align with WW enablement team to assist with and coordination training.

7. What they’re looking for

* 2-5 years of Global sales operations management, e-commerce & sales strategy experience.
* Extensive knowledge of MS Dynamics, and optionally Tableau and NetSuite.
* Proven ADMIN experience with MS Dynamics.
* Ability to translate large amounts of data into useful information and actionable conclusions.
* Ability to communicate effectively across all functions and levels of the organization.
* Track record for being detail-oriented with a demonstrated ability to self-motivate and follow-through on projects.
* Ability to partner, collaborate, and influence across a wide spectrum of functions and knows when and how to assert or influence business partners.
* Strong quantitative, analytical and organizational skills.
* Highly organized, have multi-tasking skills, and efficient in ambiguous situations.
* Ability to deal with complex issues, understand drivers, and demonstrate excellent judgement in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.

How to Get Manpower Telecommunication Work

* Proven ability to develop new ideas and creative solutions.
* Excellent business application skills. (e.g., Microsoft 365, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio)
* A desire to learn and grow your abilities and responsibilities.
* A desire to ultimately lead a team of trained and experienced professionals to assist you as the Sales Org support needs grow.
* Strong work ethic, positive, resourceful, and creative. Focused on quality and accuracy.
* Handle stress appropriately and maintain effective performance when facing pressure or opposition.
* Understanding of large enterprise, MNO and partner sales cycle, top of funnel lead generation and various sales and financial metrics.
* Always willing to share, over communicate, help others and be available to assist.

8. Must Have

* Minimum – Bachelor’s Degree required in preferably Engineering, Business Administration, Economics, Supply Chain, Finance, or related field.

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