How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant (15 tips)

How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant: If you and your partner want to get pregnant, you might be wondering what you can do to help. While most methods of improving fertility tend to focus on tracking a woman’s cycle, as a man, you can take steps that may improve your sperm count. There’s no way to guarantee that you and your partner will conceive, but there are things you can do to increase the odds!

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Get a Woman Pregnant
Get a Woman Pregnant:

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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

1. Wear boxers instead of briefs to keep your testicles cool.

Tight-fitting underwear can diminish your sperm count, probably due to your testicles being kept at a higher temperature from being closer to your body. If you’re trying to conceive, opt for looser-fitting underwear instead.

  • Avoid tight-fitting pants, hot tubs, and saunas for the same reason.
  • It will take about 3 months for your sperm level to reach its maximum after you switch to boxers.

2. Follow a healthy, balanced diet.

To boost your sperm count, eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins like chicken. In addition, eat fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and bluefin, which may have an increased effect on your sperm production.

  • Opt for foods rich in antioxidants, like leafy greens and fresh fruits, to help improve your sperm count.
  • In addition to cutting out unhealthy snacks like chips and sweets, especially avoid processed meats like bacon. Processed meats may lower your sperm count more than other unhealthy foods.

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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

3. Exercise for an hour at least 3 times a week.

An active lifestyle is associated with higher sperm counts. This may be due to the testosterone boost that men get when they undergo intense physical activity. To make the most of this, exercise at least 3 times a week, although every day is even better.

  • Strength-training exercises, especially weight-lifting, are especially effective at increasing testosterone. However, avoid bike riding as exercise, as this can actually decrease your sperm count.
  • Being obese may lower your sperm count, so losing weight from eating healthy and exercising could also affect your sperm production.
  • Exercise is also a great way to reduce stress. Since high stress levels can affect your sperm health, this could be yet another way that exercise helps your fertility.

4. Stop smoking if you do.

Smoking cigarettes can reduce your sperm count, which will make it more difficult for you and your partner to conceive. If you’re having trouble quitting, try using patches, gum, or other smoking cessation aids to help you curb the urge.

  • If over-the-counter options don’t help, ask your doctor about prescription medication that may help you quit.

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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

5. Limit alcohol consumption to about 2 drinks a day if you drink.

While there is some belief that alcohol consumption can decrease fertility, moderate alcohol use probably doesnt affect your sperm count much. If you do want to have a drink, try to limit it to 2 12  fl oz (350 mL) beers or 2 2  fl oz (59 mL) shots of liquor.

  • Also, keep in mind that excessive alcohol consumption may affect your ability to maintain an erection during sex, which could affect your chances at conception.

6. Talk to your doctor about your medication.

Some medications can decrease your sperm count, including certain antibiotics, antipsychotics, corticosteroids, anabolic steroids, and methadone. If youre on one or more of these medications and you’re struggling to conceive, ask your doctor if there’s something else you can take instead.

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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

7. Visit an acupuncturist for a holistic approach.

If youre open to the idea, research acupuncturists in your area and find one who’s licensed and qualified. When you meet with the practitioner, let them know youre interested in having acupuncture to help boost your fertility. This will help them know where to place the needles for the best effect.

  • Acupuncture involves having a licensed professional push extremely thin needles into strategic points on your body to balance your life force.

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8.Stop using any birth control.

When you and your partner are ready to start trying to get pregnant, stop using condoms, and talk to her about stopping her hormonal birth control if shes on any. If she has an implanted contraceptive device, like an IUD or an implant in her arm, your partner will need to visit her doctor to have it removed.

  • If your partner is on hormonal birth control, it could take up to 6 months for her hormone levels to regulate.

How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

9. Did You Know?

 A lot of people worry that being on birth control for a number of years will affect their fertility. However, as long as a woman is healthy and has regular periods, contraception shouldnt prevent her from conceiving once she stops taking it.

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10. Track your partners ovulation each month.

The best way to get a woman pregnant is to have sex with her around the time that she ovulates, or when she releases an egg. This typically occurs in between her menstrual cycles. You can use a calendar to keep up with the days, or you can use a fertility tracking app to help you both remember.

  • You can also track fertility by measuring your partners basal temperature once a day, or she can monitor her cervical mucus.

How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

11. Have sex at least once a day on her 6 most fertile days.

Once you establish when your partner ovulates, try to have sex at least once a day during that week. Since your sperm can live for up to 5 days after ejaculation, having sex frequently during this time will help ensure there’s viable sperm available when the egg arrives.

  • Even when she’s not ovulating, try to have sex about 2-3 times a week. Not only will each individual session increase the odds that you’ll conceive, having a lot of sex can actually boost your sperm count.

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12. Avoid lubricants during sex.

Lubricants may affect your sperm’s movement, so try not to use them if you don’t have to. If you do need lubricants to help with comfortable sex, ask your doctor about an option that won’t affect your sperm.

  • Popular lubricants like Astroglide and K-Y jelly may have an affect on how sperm function.
  • Baby oil and canola oil are lubricating options that may work without affecting your sperm.

How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

13. See your doctor if you havent conceived after a year of trying.

Your general physician may order a semen analysis, which will check both your sperm count and the health of your sperm. If there are any problems, your doctor may refer you to a male fertility specialist.

  • Your partner should arrange an appointment with her doctor at the same time to rule out any problems with her fertility.
  • Some medical causes of a low sperm count could include a hormone imbalance, genetic or physical abnormalities, trauma, infection, excessive alcohol or drug use, and certain medications.

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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

14. Keep trying!

Dont get discouraged, even if it takes a while for your partner to get pregnant. Keep having frequent sex, and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Many couples get pregnant in the first or second year of trying, but its not uncommon for it to take longer than that.

15.  How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

In general, every other night around the time of ovulation helps increase your chance of getting pregnant,”  Sperm can live up to 5 days inside your body. The best suggestion is to have sex regularly — when you’re ovulating, and when you’re not.

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16. More tips

  • Encourage your girlfriend or wife to take prenatal vitamins. Although this will not increase your likelihood of conception, it will improve your chances of having a healthy child.

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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant


  • Do not get a girl pregnant unless you have talked with her about it and are both sure you are ready for parenting. Having a child before you’re ready could cause a lot of strain, both physically and emotionally.

  • You will need to have unprotected sex to get her pregnant, so make sure neither you nor your partner are carrying any STIs before you do.

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