6 Ways to Start a Staffing Business

How to Start a Staffing Business : If you are looking forward towards starting your own staffing agency from home or small office, you must read this article.

Here in this article, you will find all the information and step by step guide of starting a staffing agency.

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Who Can Start Staffing Agency

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What is Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency or job placement organization matches employers to employees.

Placements can be either short term or long term. Staffing agencies are compensated when they find a qualified candidate and the company hires the individual.

The agency will be paid a percentage of the hired individual’s salary.

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Who Can Start Staffing Agency

Anyone can start a staffing business with little to no experience in the industry.

However, people with experience in staffing business operations will have added advantage.

People with no experience need to work extra hard and gain experience as fast as possible.

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Why You Should Consider Starting Staffing Agency:

This is a growing multi-billion dollar industry so there is lots of room to earn money. – You get to work from home or in an office.

You have the ability to own your own schedule and don’t have to answer to anyone. – Low start-up costs and low overhead. – You can make unlimited good money by just helping companies providing right manpower.

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Say you find a job for someone “the candidate” who will be making $80,000 per year in salary.  You charge the company 20% of the candidate’s $80,000 salary.

You receive a check for $16,000 within 30-90 days. – You are giving back and flourishing the world’s global economic system by being a small business and helping other businesses find employees. – You get to impact people’s lives every day by assisting them with finding employment.

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How to Start Staffing Agency

Follow these simple guidelines for how to start a staffing agency, and you’ll be well positioned for future success.

1. Selecting the Niche

As you are starting the business with low money from home, you must choose your niche market.

There are a lot of niche sectors in staffing requirements of an organization like banking, health,  security personnel, nursing, etc.

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2. Name and Register your business

Find a proper name for your business that reflects what your business is about.

If you intend to cater specific industry sector add something about that industry into your business name.

For registration of your business visit local registration authority for required permissions. Consult with your attorney on setting up your business for obtaining necessary licenses and permits.

3. Develop Financial Plan. 

In the first year, staffing firms should do this monthly to plan for cash flow requirements. Don’t forget to include expenses such as workers’ compensation insurance, rent, and phone bills.

Make a projection of your income and expenses, then calculate cash requirements needed to operate on a day-to-day basis.

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4. Set up your Home Office

You have to be professional in your approach in getting success in staffing or recruitment business. Decorate your home office so that when you call candidates for an interview they get confidence.

Contact your phone company for a business line, and consider leasing or buying office equipment like copy/fax machine, phone system, etc. Office supplies are also necessary to run your business.

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5. Insure your Staffing Business

It is advised to find an insurance carrier that understands the staffing industry.

6. Market your Staffing Services

Staffing agency business needs both clients and employees. Use your existing contacts and let them know your offerings.

If you don’t have any, go for cold calls as much as possible.

Post job listings in the area and talk to businesses about their temporary staffing needs.

To be successful in this business the only mantra is to network, network, and network. Click here.

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