How to Start Akara Business

How to Start Akara Business

How to Start Akara Business in Nigeria | Starting akara business in Nigeria is a good idea and of the several businesses that can generate quite a huge sum of money, yet some people could not see the potential and the prospect of starting and running akara business in Nigeria.Image result for How to Start Akara Business in Nigeria

People some belittled those who engage in akara business, but they lack one understanding, and that is they know not that akara business in money spinning business, those involved at it will tell you.

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Some other people considered akara business owners as people who are not enlightened or educated.

But they are all wrong because findings have revealed that akara business owners have done things worthwhile, such as paying of bills, taking care of family members, enrolling their children in prestigious schools, among several other things.

I know of persons who have made it big in akara business, because they have come to understand that akara business, though a silent business is most profitable business anybody can go in for with just a little start-up capital.

Many who have engaged in akara business never knew they can carved a niche for themselves, inspite of some challenges surrounding the business.

They have indeed break-even in akara business, and their successes are testimonials that indeed, akara business is a lucrative business.

Akara business, though profitable does not need huge amount of money to start the business.

Requirements for starting akara business: 

Determine to sell your akara to them: Related image

You do not need any college degree to venture into akara business.

Particularly in this part of the world neither do you need to write a business plan for your akara business in Nigeria.

Although, all these are of necessity if you care, because for instance, what your business plan does is to direct your business towards increased in productivity.

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But what, if you do not have what it takes to draw a saleable business plan for your akara business perhaps, you do not have sufficient money to pay for the service of the person who may agree to write it for you.

So what do you do just make up your mind, go out there and sell akara for them.

Highest, what you do will be to conduct market survey, hope that one is simple? See, let me tell you that a lot of persons love eating akara, the low class, the middle class, including the elites, all of the eat akara.

But they have problem, and the problem is they do not have time to prepare the bean cake, and at the same time scared of picking these akara from unhealthy and unhygienic wayside stands.

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Locate a shed for your Akara Business:

The next step however, will locate a suitable place that is accessible to your customers and potential customers.

Even in a shed, you can make your akara, and all that you need do is to make sure that your akara is well prepared and clean.

Your shed should be also clean just like an operating room.

Ensure that you location is within a busy traffic circle of an upscale environs.

In such a situation or location, you are likely to sell your akara heavily without any form of advertisement.

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Start-up capital:

Another very important thing to be taken into consideration will be the issue of your startup capital, having a working knowledge of what it will cost you to start your akara business.

However, it will not cause you much money to start your akara business, as little as twenty five to thirty thousand naira you can go into akara business right away.

Your startup cost should include; gas cooker, a generator, gas cylinder among other equipment, plus akara ingredients.

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Prepare your Akara:

Having done all the needful, and all your equipment and akara ingredients are ready.

The next step will be to prepare the akara and sell it to your customers.

What do you do, for instance, just get about ten cups of beans, soak the beans in the water, and after that, you can peel the beans.

Grind the beans, and add all the necessary ingredients into the grinned beans mix the ingredients properly.

And after that, you can start to fry the bean cake.

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If you have taken note of all we have discuss in this article.

And comply to them in your process of starting akara business.

You will notice that by now after finish frying your beans.

And waited a little while, people will start coming for your akara.

And before you know it, you will start having customers to patronize your business.

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Learn about the business:

Although, you do not need college degree to start your akara business in Nigeria.

However, there is some form of knowledge that you can add to your arsenal.

In order to keep you on top of the game in akara business.

Understanding the intricacies surrounding the business.

Will give you mastery over the business and edge over akara business owners.

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How do you learn about the business?

You learn about akara business ‘on the job’.

In other words you have to find someone who has already been in the business, maybe within your neigbourhood.

Offer yourself to learn from him or her by helping him in the business of akara making to learn more about akara business.

Once you made up yourself to get some good knowledge about to start akara business proper.

Some of the skills you will acquire will be among others.

Shelling the beans by pouring it inside water for the seed – coat to float instead of washing.

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Another skill you will have to learn will be how to soak and peel off with the palm.

Let me ask again, do you really want to start akara business in Nigeria?

If your answer is still yes.

You will have to read the article again.

And find out those easy steps you can apply and watch your akara business flying.

As you begin to experience problem demand exceeding supply.

Don’t you get it? Akara business is money spinning business.

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