How to Start Cleaning Business

How to start cleaning business in Nigeria: Cleanliness is said to be next to godliness as the holy bible says.

There are so many business have talked about in this site practically how to turn smaller things and make wealth for yourself and be financially free no matter how small it is,

when you put your mind to it,it start growing big it always start from the mind set.

Before i move on to expose to you how to start a successful cleaning business in Nigeria

let me briefly tell you about a woman who her husband had rejected her for years just because she did not have a child and after going from left to right in search of white collar job there was nothing good that came out of it in the end.

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Until a man met her and pick interest in her. You may ask my how,yes she always look neats despite the facts that her husband had rejected her due to barrenes.

I was informed that she use to sell oranges,Apple,watermelon and other fruits to mention but a few,

as the man wanted to get out of the car into the supermarket to get stuff for himself

he notice the appearance of the woman and how she kept her items neat and decided to purchase sone items from her and commented on her work

He then asked her how the market was moving and she explained,after everything the man had ro recommend her for a cleaning job in one of the oil companies in Lagos where she saw how God is faithful and now she is bless with two (2) kids

After reading the above and seeing the reasons for cleanliness and if you’re one of the people who cherish cleanliness this job is for you

as am going to expose to you all you need to do to make money for yourself and when am done you will thank me later on this.

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How to start cleaning business in NigeriaHow to start cleaning business in Nigeria


1) Business Planning

2) Capital/Financially Consideration

3) Excellent Customer Support System

4) Price Tag

5) Feasibility Study ( practical research)

6) Business Registration

7) Truth and Honesty

8) Qualification

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1) Business Planning :

This is all about you sitting down and planning on your business.

Take a plain sheath and list our all the services you will be offering as a cleaning personnel, dont forget that you have now commercialize it.

Such plan could be mopping of floors (tiles and so on),sweeping,dusting,etc. Set your billing fee,include feature plans in-case of changes.

Decide where you want to start from,list out facilities you will need to use in the business before starting it will so much help you remember “he who don’t plans,plans to fail”.

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2) Capital/Financially Consideration:

There is certainly no business on earth that doesn’t need capital at least small. This finance could be for the purchase of cleaning equipment and other facilities, don’t also forget it will moves you from place to place in search of the job in the start.

Moreover it will be used to buy liquid wash,brush etc for your job.

After purchasing those equipment you have move another step further in your preparation to becoming a good cleaning agents.

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3) Excellent Customer Support System:

Customer service system is a system one must pay a close attention to.Be friendly to customers and pay attention to your personal queries so as to improve and move on since no body is mr.know all.

It will help you do better, you also have to get a strong communication network be on allert to calls and emails/messages incase you have been offered a job to start because it might need urgency to avoid disappointment.

Such could be a conference meeting hall,office interview rooms. From time to time send calls to your clints asking them how they are faring,how they are coping with families affairs,Christmas offers and other bonuses.

By so doing you are building a good customer network system as well which will maje your clients patronize you more than the rest,not because your the best but its for the reason that you have been able to put swaggs your job.

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4) Price Tag:

A business that has a price tag are those business that are regarded as good business though not all business have a price tag.

Decide on what you wan to do for yourself by bringing out list for your services and their various prices.Example single room $10,mopping $50,and if its based on contracts it may not be written son you can negotiate by yourself they way it fits you , this is done so as not to run at loose.

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5) Feasibility Study ( practical research):

Though it has not been listed in order there is no problem with it but I think this is the first thing that’s need to be done! Or what do you think?

Before you start doing cleaning business ensure you conduct personal research on it.

by asking people who are doing it or who left how they did it and to those who left ask them about what was their challenges.

This will help you to put measures in place not to be victim of the same circumstance.

Note down those challenges and work on them,get closer to places it is done at hand try and observe how those works are done its still part of the experience.

Someone may eventually brings a job to your desk even if you’re not a certified professional.

But based on your personal experience with the job during your research the money could be your own.

This business dont needs all that professionalism before you run i.

The only difference is people who have the professional skills will have more work,good pay and better recommendations.

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6) Business Registration:

For recognition and exposure you need to have a business name.Your customers or the public must know the nature if yiur business,name , of your business,

location where you stay so they can reach you easily without necessary maps and all of that.

Get to your local business registration outlets and register your business,

it could be cooperate affairs commission of Nigeria to obtain licensing and authority.

Aside from that you also need to have complimentary cards for your business,

hole you know what am talking about here.

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7) Truth and Honesty:

One needs to be honest in whatever business one is doing,honesty brings favour,job recommendations,more money and other better opportunities.

Ensure you keep to your words if you say today please make it today,if you say next week ensure that you keep to it,

and in some cases yiu might even complete the job before the stipulated time.

Be transparent make them (clients) trust you even with their life and never can tell the fortune that will locate your part.

Especially this business that you do physical contacts and transactions.

Shouldn’t be joked with to avoid bad names on your profession. I don’t know if you know how bad it is ?

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8) Qualification:

I know you might think of paper qualifications,well in a way yes in a way no,what I mean is that you can not give what you dont have,this type of business needs your practical application and experience.

If you have never done a job like this you must have one way or the other come across other people doing it and must have asked them how far,

must have been mopping at home might be when you were very young or might be when you were still a bachelor or spinster.

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However if you have been certified in school you are good to go.

If you don’t have an idea or dont really know the technical know how on it

you can either use Google to learn or go for a diploma course/degree course in institutions offering such courses,

if you cant afford institutional fees, you can hire an expert to train you on it.

Negotiate on price set out training periods

and most time you will be going for cleaning work with him so that you learn practically from the master.

This business pays very well and i recommend it for anyone who needs a work from home.

Lets know your thoughts,feelings and contributions on this. Please, you click here for further information.

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