How to Start Pre-School Business

How to Start Pre-School Business in Nigeria :How to Start Pre-School Business in Nigeria: Starting  a preschool business in Nigeria is what interest me.

Most especially in the rural areas where there is no sufficient funding for proper education.

  Do you want to start an education based business with small capital investment?

Read the article to get the every detail about starting a preschool business.

Preschool business in Nigeria is now growing at a higher rate.

Because of the increasing demand of quality citizens.

Today’s parents are educated enough to understand the importance of education in their child’s life.

Preschool focuses on providing real life exposure to children for learning various life-skills.

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How to Start Pre-School Business in Nigeria:
How to Start Pre-School Business in Nigeria

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How to Start Pre-School : Get Trained For Preschool Business

To become successful in your preschool business venture, you must undergo some specific training. There are so many colleges of education where these could be done. Preschool teachers introduce language, math, and social science concepts to children from birth to age five. The bottom line is that you must be really informed to grasp all the expertise needed to set up your own preschool.

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How to Start Pre-School: Go for Research & Plan For Preschool Business

Determine the city where you plan to start the Preschool and decide the zone or locality. Research about the demographic and the preschools existing in it. Plan your entire capital investment. You can hire a professional adviser to understand the intricacies of the business. Crafting a detail preschool business plan is important. Determine how much space you will be needed. Make a projection of how many students you will be expecting? Calculate the startup cost with establishment cost, equipment, manpower and advertisement cost. Work on the budget and finances for your preschool business project and make arrangements for the same.

 Registration/Compliance For Preschool Business

Licenses and approvals are a major part. This involves the municipal corporation, education board or council, local education and health departments and legal requirements for setting up preschool business. In most of the places, you will need to complete licensing application with a fee. First, determine the legal pattern of your business. Register your business accordingly. In Nigeria, register your school in Cooperate Affairs Commission(CAC) and with the ministry of education to get Trade license.

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How to Start Pre-School Business in Nigeria

Location & Establishment Of Preschool Business

An ideal location for a preschool would be a place in a residential area with ample space outside filled with greenery. Irrespective of whether it is a franchise or your own business, space is a primary requisite. You need to understand the expectation of the minimum area for a new preschool. You must concentrate towards getting the space that can accommodate all your projections. Projections like: how many children you are envisaging to start with, the play area, sick bay, as well as other learning spaces that you must have figured out to need from your feasibility studies.

A sound and quality infrastructure is important. Space need not be very large but must be adequate and well ventilated. The interior can be simple but has to be convenient for the kids and of good quality. A colorful interior is recommended for preschools. Cleanliness, hygiene, and safety are relevant and that goes without saying. The framework of fees versus the facilities must be transparent.

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How to Start Pre-School Business in Nigeria

Resources For Preschool Business

It is very important in preschool business to concentrate on manpower. You need trained teachers who would be able to accommodate and carry out the responsibilities of one. Be sure that you only hire experienced teachers. Other than convenience and love for kids, the teacher should be able to explain the concern and show complete devotion and dedication on their part.

Some equipment or toys are required like reading centers, soft play, puzzles, changing tables, book displays etc. Your preschool equipment must serve the purposes of Entertainment, Learning through play, Health & exercise and increase the ambiance of your school.

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Curriculum For Preschool Business

Draw up a curriculum by putting heads together with the teachers of your preschool. The curriculum requires a variety of games and activities that enhance the physical, social, intellectual and psychological skills of the toddlers. Interactive games, puzzles, physical games and sports can be introduced. Creative activities like drawing, modeling with clay and blocks also hold their interest. Language, alphabets, and numbers can be introduced through poems and songs. Only after these, you can assign each teacher to a proposed class.

How to Start Pre-School Business in Nigeria

Promote Your Preschool Business

 Start promoting your preschool in the neighborhood. Creating your own preschool brand, coming up with new marketing strategies and advertising are the skills that you need to possess as a business person. Design banners and display hoardings, circulate pamphlets and also you can give local cable-TV add to publicize your preschool. You can also plan for an event like children’s fair to launch your school. Maintain a good quality standard through constant training. Join the preschool association like to get updates and being informed about the market trends.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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