Top 8 Ice Business Opportunities

Ice Business Opportunities: Today we are going to talk about some top ice business opportunities in Nigeria. The Top Ice Business Opportunities in Nigeria we shall be looking at today are:

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1) The ice cream business opportunity

2) The ice block business opportunity

3) The frozen food business opportunity

4) The cold drink business opportunity

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Ice Business Opportunities:

Ice Business Opportunities

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1) Top Ice Cream Business Opportunity in Nigeria

What is ice cream business?

Ice cream business is a type of frozen food produced using by mixing of dairy products, for example, drain, cream, and non-fat milk.

Alongside with, sugars, flavorings, natural products, nuts, and so on.

It has been discovered that Ice cream contains nothing below 1.4% egg yolks.

And this is known as “frozen custard” or “French ice cream”.

It could be used for domestic and commercial uses.

In places like birthdays, marriages, convocations, matriculations, parties, social gathering etc.

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Ice Business Opportunities

How to start an ice cream business? Sample Ice cream business plan!

Beginning an ice making business requires a low capital and will rely on how you want to run your ice-production company. Below are the things you will require in the ice cream business:

  • A small startup capital
  • You need an Ice making Location/office and also ice cream shop (Decent Area)
  • You need an Ice making machines Such as big freezers or coolers.
  • You need an adequate Water supply
  • You will need to have Ice packs, bags and other ice production containers
  • Get a good transportation system to convey the products to locations needed.
  • Be sure you register with the appropriate bodies such as the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria
  • Feasibility study & research

For this ice cream business to function well you need to have enough space.

For the placement of ice making machines and supplies.  And for the creation of the ice squares.

Be that as it may, to begin with, you should inquire about licensing and how it is operated in your area.

So as not to breach government laws, governing the operation of this ice cream business In Nigeria.

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Ice Cream Startup Cost (Estimate)

  • Ice Cream production machine = N180,000
  • Cooler/Freezer = N50,000
  • Design and Decoration (Furniture) = N50,000
  • Lease/Rent of space or equipment = N60,000
  • Generator = N40,000
  • Others = N250,000
  • Total sum = N630,000

Ice Business Opportunities

How Profitable Is Ice Cream Business In Nigeria

Ice cream business is one of the easiest businesses so far any Nigerian can place hands on and become very successful.

Because, ice cream is needed by almost everyone in Nigeria.

Ranging from children, adults,  young and old.

Some ice cream are being sold from N50 naira to about N2,000 naira in this regard it could be afforded by all and sundry.

You will be making a guaranteed sum of at most N10,000 every day.

And about N300,000 naira monthly.

Below is how to market your ice cream business in Nigeria.

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How And Where to market your ice cream business in Nigeria?

Places Include;

1) Go to nursery schools. Children love ice cream

2) Take it to events like birthdays, marriages

3) Take it around urban and rural areas in your van you will make great sales

4) Keep an eye on eye catching events like political campaign, cinema axis, comedy and music shows etc.

Ice Business Opportunities

2) Ice Block Business Opportunities In Nigeria

What is Ice block business?

Ice block business is a type of ice business produced from a flavored frozen water ice, gotten from cooling and solidification of liquid known as water.

Usually for a domestic or commercial purpose.

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Why begin Ice block Business in Nigeria?

  • Less demanding than you can think
  • Minimal cost of upkeep (maintenance)
  • Low capital investments
  • Low working cost
  • It is needed on a daily basis

Guide/Instructions for Starting Ice Block Business In Nigeria

Arrange A Business Plan

Map out a detail plan of how you need to begin, run, oversee and develop your business.

Your business plan ought to; talk about, explain and describe your business.

Also describe your target markets, marketing style and strategy, business goal, vision, authoritative structure, budgetary plan and finance etc.

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Do Feasibility Study (Research)

You have to research and study the Ice market and watch the good sides and downsides of such business.

This is very necessary when beginning such ice block business in Nigeria.

Get A Clean Water Supply

You are required to hotspot for clean water that is drinkable as this is the essential piece of this business.

Many individuals utilize tap water which is not sifted and it influences their business as no eatery or lodging can disparage such business.

You need to utilize water that is either refined, purged, characteristic springs or filtered water.

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You Must Register Your Business

Before starting the operation of the ice block business.

You must register with the cooperate affairs commission of Nigeria (CAC).

Once you have a business name.

Branding it will make marketing of your business less demanding.

You will establish trust and people will have trust and believe in your business.

Since it has acquired the important prerequisite as required by the CAC of Nigeria.

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Ice Business Opportunities

You Need an Ice Block Machine

Now this point is really crucial.

You need an ice block machine for your ice block making business in Nigeria.

As it will assist you to deliver many ice blocks within a short time-frame.

Since it’s for business purpose get machines that will help deliver more fast.

Ice Business Opportunities

Marketing Your Ice Block Business In Nigeria?

Where you need to market ice block in Nigeria is not a problem at al.

As am going to show you, how?

  1. Market it to people selling pure water
  2. Market it to places selling drinks
  3. Market it in hospitals/clinics. When need arise.
  4. Sale your ice block to local fruit juice makers like sobo drink etc.

Due to the present light situation in Nigeria.

People will not want to depend on the economy power supply.

Because they can’t afford to lose their products to spoilage, due to power failure.

And also won’t want to lose their potential customers especially once buying in bulk.

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Ice Business Opportunities

3. The Frozen Food Business Opportunity

What is Frozen Food business?

Frozen foods are simply package freeze foods frozen.

Continually until when they are needed for use. Stored up to avoid spoiling.

How to start a frozen food business with ice? Guide/Instruction

Before starting a frozen food business in Nigeria. Please do consider the below requirement

Get a good business plan:

Plan on the business on how you want to run it.

How and where to get your money, how to promote, how to build customer base.

You may need to contact an already existing fellow in the business to guide you as well.

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Ice Business Opportunities

Have a good startup capital:

Consider the purchase of refrigerator, deep freezers, and other facilities to be used for the success of the business.

All this are capital intense as it needs money to run it.

Don’t forget money will be needed for business registration and space renting as well

Research on the frozen food business:

You need to ask questions on the frozen food business.

Such as who is doing it, how does he make profits, the ups and down of the business.

Where can you start your business and make profits quick.

Where to buy machines and other equipment at a lesser price.

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Ice Business Opportunities

Choose your area of specialization in the frozen food business:

There are lots of areas one needs to understand.

And choose from in the frozen food business field in Nigeria.

Such as fruits, Seafood and poultry products etc.

Pick a good, serene and clean environment (Location):

Customers like clean things, clean business environment.

Even if their houses are not clean.

So to avoid excuses of customers running away from your business environment.

Ensure that you keep it clean.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Once the above is in place you are bound to succeed.

Ice Business Opportunities

Business name registration:

To build trust with your customers and be free from governmental problem.

You must register your business with the co-operate affairs commission of Nigeria.

And obtain license to enroll.

Have an effective power supply:

Frozen food business in Nigeria need one to have a good lighting system.

You can always have your generator standby in case of power outage or fluctuation in government light.

You will need a sound generator for this.

You can’t afford to disappoint your customers.

That’s the most reason they always fall back to you when there is no light.

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Top Frozen Food Small Business Opportunity

4.) Yogurt Freezing:

Yoghurts are very good snacks.

Yogurt snack is generally prescribed by nutritionists as part of our diet.

To begin a frozen yogurt business.

You may choose to purchase an establishment of a current yoghurt business to begin creating and offering your own yogurt product’s.

Get to eatery where people hang around and offer your yoghurts and also move around supermarkets in your area.

5.) Poultry Products freezing:

Do you know that, Poultry products are one of the most demanding products in the market people quickly purchase. Such business includes freezing of chicken, turkey, chicken wings, fillets, chicken bosoms all other poultry products.

6.) Freezing of sea foods:

Sea foods are one of the good food nourishments ordered by eateries.

And because it also adds to their cooking style. Many individuals additionally eat ocean sea food at home.

Ice Business Opportunities

7.) Slicing Potatoes freezing:

Sliced potatoes are another plus in the frozen business industry.

The business isvery easy for anyone to begin.

All you need is to buy mechanical potato choppers, get some new potatoes, packaging facilities, preservatives and so.

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8.) Meat freezing:

The proportion of veggie lovers to non-vegetarians is typically higher in many spots.

Many individuals expend distinctive sorts of meats and you can profit from offering pork, hamburger, goat, gizzard and even wieners.

Those are the top ice business opportunities in Nigeria any entrepreneur looking for self-employment can venture into.

Feel free to share your thoughts an opinion below.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas

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