23 List of Books for Primary One Classes(Elementary School)

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List of Books for Primary One Classes: A primary school ,elementary school or grade school is a school for primary education of children who are four to eleven years of age.

And sometimes up to thirteen years of age).

It typically comes after preschool and before secondary school.

The International Standard Classification of Education considers primary education as a single phase.

Where programmes are typically designed to provide fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

And to establish a solid foundation for learning. Primary education or first stage of basic education.

Programmes typically designed to provide pupils with fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

And to establish a solid foundation for learning.

List of Books for Primary One Classes: BusinessHAB.com

List of Books for Primary One Classes

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List of Books for Primary One Classes

  1. The New Premier English Text and Workbook 1
  2. Smart Mathematics Text and Workbook 1
  3. Stan Basic Science and Technology Book 1
  4. Quantitative Reasoning Book 1
  5. Verbal Reasoning Book 1
  6. Modular Christian Religious Studies Book
  7. Diction Textbook 1
  8. Computer Studies Book 1
  9.  Physical & Health Education Book 1
  10. Metropolitan Social Studies Book 1
  11. Start Right Agricultural Science Book 1
  12. Step by Step English Book 1 age 4-5
  13. Ca y Est Me’thode Français Textbook 1
  14. Practical Mathematics
  15.  English in practice
  16. 80 Leaves Exercise Books
  17. 60 Leaves Exercise Books
  18. 40 Leaves Exercise Books
  19. Packets of Pencil,
  20. Tikky Eraser
  21.  Bundle of Broom
  22. Bottle of Gum
  23. Sharpener

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List of Books for Primary One Classes

Approved Curriculum

The National Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge they require to be educated citizens.

It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said, and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievements.

It covers what subjects are taught and the standards children should reach in each subject.

These aims set out to support the statutory duties of schools to offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based.

And which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society.

While preparing pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, as set out in the Education Act 2002.

List of Books for Primary One Classes

Basic School building design

School building design does not happen in isolation. The building (or school campus) needs to accommodate:

  • Curriculum content
  • Teaching methods
  • Costs
  • Education within the political framework
  • Use of school building (also in the community setting)
  • Constraints imposed by the site
  • Design philosophy

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Each country will have a different education system and priorities.

Schools need to accommodate students, staff, storage, mechanical and electrical systems.

Storage, support staff, ancillary staff and administration.

The number of rooms required can be determined from the predicted roll of the school and the area needed.

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