The Average Automotive Technician Salary: What You Need To Know

Master automotive technician salary: Automotive Technicians are skilled in mechanical repairs and using diagnostic tools and computers. They have good manual dexterity and enjoy working with their hands. They are employed in the automotive and transport industries and usually work in workshops, often in the service department of a car dealership or in an independent garage.

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master automotive technician salary:

Master automotive technician salary

The average yearly salary for an automotive technician is about $40,000. They make about $5,000 more than service technicians and auto electricians.

  • The Automotive Technician Salary: 2018 – 2023
  • Average Automotive Technician Salary – 2018
  • The average automotive technician salary in 2018 is $40,500.
  • Automotive Technician Salary by State – 2018

In 2018, there are 144 states in the U.S. That means 144 different average salaries. There are only 14 states that have a higher average salary than the national average.

Automotive Technician Salary by Region

Automotive technicians work in all parts of the country. The most popular state for the automotive technician is California. In 2018, the California automotive technician salary is $49,000.

How Much Does An Automotive Technician Make?

The Automotive Technician Salary is partly determined by educational level, certifications, experience, and the vehicle fleet you have. Automotive technicians do vary in salary according to the vehicle fleet they work on. In the UK, the salary ranges from £15,000 to £25,000 for apprentices in their first 2 years and their income can vary considerably depending on their skill level.

The average Automotive Technician Salary in the UK is £23,700. You can go through the Automotive Technician Salary Survey here to find out how much you can expect to make as a technician in the UK.

How Do You Get Your Automotive Technician Salary?

Education and Experience: Most entry-level Automotive Technicians are equipped with their engineering qualifications.

What Are The Top-Paying States For Automotive Technicians?

The number one state for automotive technicians is North Carolina, with a mean annual salary of $50,698. It is followed by Virginia, Michigan, Georgia, and New Jersey.

$50,698 is the mean annual salary for automotive technicians in North Carolina.

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How Much Money Does It Take To Become An Automotive Technician?

According to Experience Out Loud, you need 648 to 1,170 hours of training to become an automotive technician. While this does seem like a lot, it doesn’t take that long to get your automotive technician certification. A federal mandate requires vocational training for those who want to do any job related to an automotive shop. It is not required for all jobs, however. Those who do not follow this mandate could face penalties and fines.

How To Become An Automotive Technician

Are you interested in being an Automotive Technician? It’s a full time job and there’s no limit to the number of hours you can work per week.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook can help you decide what area of the automotive field is best for you. You can also study with local universities and technical schools.

What Skills Does an Automotive Technician Need?

It’s a full-time job. You need to have a high level of mechanical aptitude and technical expertise.

You can’t work as an Automotive Technician if you:

Have a criminal record for a felony.

Have a criminal record for a felony for possession of a controlled substance, abuse of a controlled substance, manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, dangerous drugs, etc.

Career Opportunities For Automotive Technicians

There are a lot of opportunities for Automotive Technicians in the automotive industry. Some of the main industries they work in are commercial vehicles, leisure vehicles and heavy vehicles.

Technical jobs

These jobs include being mechanics, engineers, who work in vehicle garages or workshops. They are experienced and can be trusted to diagnose problems with vehicles that have gone awry.

Truck and bus mechanics, or engineers will fix problems with buses and trucks, using specialized tools, equipment and techniques. They are usually employed in garages or workshops, but can be found in different industries, such as retail.


This is a similar role to truck and bus mechanics.


These salary estimates provide some useful starting points for estimating what the profession entails. How much is likely to be received in salary depends on the region of the country you live in and the level of experience and training that the individual has. All the job markets seem to be fairly tight at the moment, and the demand for skilled technicians is high.

Finding this salary in your chosen area will make it easier to set up your own business. No matter how successful you are at the start, it is likely to prove very hard to cope with the costs of running a business. The more you earn, the easier it is to survive, so keeping an eye on your income is essential to the smooth running of the business.

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