How Do I find Personal Care Homes Near Me(Read this tips)

Personal Care Homes Near Me

Personal care homes provide lodging, meals, and assistance with or supervision of the activities of daily living.

They are privately owned and operated businesses, licensed and monitored by the Ministry of Health.

While personal care homes usually accommodate individuals with lighter care needs, some do provide care to those with greater care needs.

The number of residents also varies from home to home.

As a private business, personal care homes set their own fees.

A Personal Care Home Benefit is available to eligible lower-income seniors living in personal care homes.

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Personal Care Homes Near Me:
Personal Care Homes Near Me

What is a Personal Care Agency?

A Personal Care Agency is either a home health agency, county department, independent living center, American Indian tribe of a band, or a freestanding personal care agency that provides services that are:

  • Medically oriented activities related to assisting an individual with activities of daily living necessary to maintain the individual in his or her place of residence in the community,
  • Provided upon written orders of a physician by a certified personal care provider, and
  • Provided by a personal care worker employed by the provider or under contract to the provider who is supervised by a registered nurse according to a written plan of care.

Selecting a Personal Care Home and Inspections

A personal care home cares for its residents and helps residents access the services of a health care professional (such as nurses and doctors) when required.It is important to check with a personal care home directly to learn the type of care they can provide and what kind of training their staff has to provide that care.


Personal care homes are licensed under The Personal Care Homes Act.Personal care homes must operate according to the requirements under the Act.Personal Care Homes Regulations, and Licensees’ Handbook.The Ministry of Health is responsible for licensing and monitoring personal care homes to ensure that the residents who live in these homes receive safe and appropriate care in a safe and appropriate environment.They are regularly inspected by a team of personal care home consultants who work at the Ministry of Health.

A personal care home license can be amended, suspended, or canceled if the licensee does not operate according to the requirements under The Personal Care Homes Act.

Report a Problem with a Personal Care Home

If you are comfortable doing so, discuss the concern with the licensee or manager of the personal care home. The licensee or manager may be able to assist with answering your questions or resolving your concerns.If your concern is not addressed, please use the Complaint Reporting Form.This complaint will be forwarded to a personal care home consultant for review.A team of personal care home consultants conducts regular inspections and investigates complaints.

Home Benefit

This Benefit provides monthly financial assistance to seniors with low incomes to help with the cost of living in a licensed personal care home.

Becoming a Personal Care Home Licensee

Learn more about the licensing process and information required to become a personal care home licensee/operator by visiting the Become a Personal Care Home Licensee page.

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