32 Ways to Join Megan Making Money Business

Megan making money: Depending on your skillset, you could easily supplement your income with an online job in a number of areas.

In our so-called gig economy, it’s fairly easy to leverage existing apps like Fiverr, Uber, and PostMates that pay you to provide a service to a vast group of people.

But how about when you’re searching for something more substantial? Which online jobs will pay you the biggest amount of money for the work you’ll put in?

Depending on your level of skill and expertise, there is a wide range of options that extend from business services to direct-to-consumer work.

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As the internet grows, it gets more complex and convoluted. Certain fundamental marketing concepts, while easy to understand, have become incredibly difficult to implement online. We’re talking about increased visibility, more leads, and sales, things that businesses have cared about for ages.

Megan making money

If you know what you’re doing, the following seven online jobs can produce substantial incomes.

The advance of the internet has democratized admission to the world of entrepreneurship. From virtually anywhere in the world (provided internet access), makers can launch real, viable businesses capable of generating tens of millions of dollars a year.

While technology has lowered the barrier to entry to starting a business, there is still an infinite supply of problems just waiting to be solved. With tons of ideas out there, what does it really take to build your startup (besides a bit of luck and correct timing)?

Execution. You just have to start. No one is going to come and build your company for you. But…where is the best place to start? I’ve pieced together 25 business ideas that I am confident are worth millions, but I don’t have time to build them because I’m full-tilt following my own idea. Any of these could be an awesome starting point to get your business of the ground.

Megan making money

1. Website Flipping

One massive sector online that’s growing is website flipping. You can use sites like Deal Flow Brokerage and Flippa, which were founded by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle, the same founders who created the wildly popular graphic design marketplace called 99designs, are great resources for flipping websites.

This industry has grown substantially in recent years, and knowing how to flip websites really is the key to making money with this job online. Buying the right website and make the right changes to it, with small tweaks that will boost traffic and revenue, can amount to a significant income when the website is flipped.

Joseph Carroll, director of Websites, says that valuations are based on net income and ranges on 1x to 3x annual gross revenues and 12x to 36x monthly net. If you know what you’re looking for, and exactly how to analyze the numbers, the profit windfall could be substantial.

Megan making money

2. Webinar Hosting

Jason Fladlien’s $100 million careers in webinar hosting is a true testament to what can be done when you master the art of selling in this medium. Daniel Waas, Director of Marketing for LogMeIn, the parent company of GoToWebinar, which is the largest webinar platform in the world, says that the company has over 55,000 active customers and hosts over 2.7 million webinars every single year.

That’s a true testament to the selling power of webinars. The beauty? You’ll never even need to sell your own products. You could easily sell products, services and information on webinars as an affiliate as long as you have a list and can provide some significant bonuses that will make the appeal of purchasing from you greater.

There are proven scripts for webinars that work to sell virtually anything. However, this is a great platform for selling high-ticket digital products. If you have some expertise in a particular area, you could easily create a digital product and peddle it through webinars no matter where in the world you’re living.

Megan making money

3. Blogging

You can always start a blog and enjoy a location-independent lifestyle. Blogging is can be a source of passive income if you do it correctly. And if you’re serious about selling something, then it’s also a terrific point of entry for your sales funnels.

While starting up your blog isn’t too difficult, growing it is unless you know the precise steps to take. And while there are several avenues for profit from blogging, the biggest and best is to sell relevant digital products to your audience. The trick here is to build your blog the right way if you want to generate a significant income.

Blogs don’t make substantial money from advertising unless they have hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors per day. Instead, they turn to things like affiliate marketing, digital products, email marketing, courses, and premium content in the form of member’s areas.

Megan making money

4. Web Developer

Web development is a job often performed online that pays a significant income. It’s not reliant on location or any other factor. it simply boils down to skill and hustle. As a software engineer, I have spent endless hours debugging code. It’s often frustrating. Unless you love what you’re doing, it could seem like grunt work. But the pay is incredible.

Recently, this industry has grown considerably and there’s been a lot of competition thanks to websites like Upwork that bring together developers from around the world. However, quality still trumps quantity. If you’re good at web development, or you’re simply looking to learn it, you could proverbially rake it in with the right work from the right clients.

If you’re looking to learn web development, use a platform like Udemy to find a good course and learn it extensively. In the beginning, if you have to, take some low-paying jobs to build up a track record and gather some raving reviews, which will enable you to take on higher-paying clients later on.

5. PPC Ad Manager

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a massive industry. It can also be incredibly complex when dealing with fine-tuning the right audience, installing pixels for re-targeting ads, and discovering other advanced methods for reaching the right people at the right time.

There are companies dedicated to this specific task alone. Whether you run this as an online agency or as a solopreneur, becoming a PPC ad manager can pay well. You can collect anywhere from 10-20 percent of the ad costs. If your ads are effective, you can expect to make a significant profit.

If you’re serious about this, learn about Facebook’s Ad Platform and Google’s. There is free training out there and you won’t have to pay for actual courses, but some of the paid courses might offer information and insights that you can’t find for free elsewhere.

Megan making money

6. SEO Specialist

SEO and the ability to rank keywords in highly-competitive niches is a skill that very few possess. However, for those that can develop this type of skill, a potential five or six-figure-per-month income awaits. The truth is that companies will pay an exorbitant amount of money to rank organically at the top of Google’s SERPs.

However, be prepared to grind. Ranking at the top is no easy feat. That’s especially true for some of the most competitive keywords on the planet. Yet, with a focus on insatiable content that adds a tremendous amount of value, and doing things the right way without employing shady tactics that include PBNs and link schemes that could eventually get you banned, you’ll succeed.

The best part? This job can be done online from anywhere in the world. No matter where you live or call home, people are always looking for organic search traffic. This is one of the most lucrative skills that you can develop so find a good course and learn SEO the right way.

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7. Social Media Marketing Manager

Social media can’t be ignored. It’s quickly becoming one of the most important mediums for connecting and selling anything. In fact, the world’s most successful entrepreneurs widely embrace platforms like Facebook and Instagram to cultivate a sense of community and grow their audience.

It’s a great way to put a face to a name. And businesses know the importance of it as well. But not all of them have the skill set to leverage social media the right way. Most business owners are so busy trying to build their businesses that they look for outside help with their social media.

If you have skills in this department, this is an easy way to make money online no matter where you are in the world. You could easily make thousands of dollars per month from one client as a social media manager. And, depending on how well you can drive traffic (and influence sales), your reputation and your pay can substantially rise from there.

Megan making money

8. Gmail extensions

Modern businesses rely on email to get their work done. There are dozens of opportunities to build Gmail extensions that automate parts of a professional’s workflow to save them time and money.

9. Drone videography

Improvement in aviation technology has made it easier than ever to get a drone up and flying over a beautiful landscape or building. Commercial and residential real estate is practically begging for more drone videographers to come in and serve their agents and home developers.

10. . Chatbot builder for FAQs

Companies waste dozens and dozens of hours a week answering support questions from their customers. Help them automate this process by using a simple, plug and play chatbot!

Megan making money

11. Dropshipping

You can start an eCommerce business without holding any inventory. This practice, known as Drop shipping, comes with really low risk and tons of upside if you can dominate the right niche.

12. Create a course

If you know an industry or task really well, you can easily create and sell an online course that teaches people a new skill. You just have to invest the resources up front in developing the actual class.

13. Run social media accounts

Start running social media accounts for a number of different companies. Advertise your ability to drive sales and increase ROI by leveraging the reach of multiple social channels.

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Megan making money


14. Become an internet influencer

It is every kid’s dream nowadays to become an internet celebrity. And for good reason, being famous on the internet gives you immense power and influence over your audience which can be monetized at scale. Here is a quick guide I build to becoming an influencer.

15. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a partnership that you (the blogger or marketer) have with an online retailer. They pay you a commission for every referral sale you send to them. Note: if you’re on the opposite end and need affiliate marketing, I recommend you find a good company. I’m a big fan of Robert Glazer at Acceleration Partners. They’ve always treated me right.

16. Event planning and promoting

Restaurants, clubs, and other physical venues often struggle to get customers in the door. Using your ability as a marketer, you can get compensated for directing traffic to these locations.

Megan making money

17. Real estate investing

In any market, there are opportunities for buying and selling real estate to make a profit. With a bit of capital, you can begin taking more risks on your assets and making long-term investments in residential and commercial real estate.

18. Ghostwriting

You can turn your ability to write well and quickly into a serious business if you find the right clients. As long as you provide consistent and quality content, over time, your business is bound to grow.

19. Content translation

Being fluent in another language is extremely valuable to people who need their websites translated. Put up a simple website and you can start charging for “translation as a service” for websites, documents, and presentations.

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Megan making money

20. Flipping websites

Using Flippa, or any other online business marketplace, you can buy and sell projects, domains, and websites. With the right eye, you can find great deals on promising ideas and turn them for a profit with just a small investment in the right areas. I personally have been able to make a good healthy income each year off doing this.

21. Start a newsletter

Building a newsletter with an active following is an extremely lucrative business opportunity because advertisers will pay serious dollars to get their names in front of the right audience. Start with a small niche that you can really provide value to and you will see your list of subscribers grow over time.

22. Freelance designer

Learn how to use Photoshop or sketch and you can start charging clients for your design work. As a freelancer, you get to make your own hours and dictate your own progression as your business grows. Here is a freelancer guide I put together.

23. Personal trainer

If you like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then being a fitness trainer may be a well-aligned business. There is always a large supply of people who are looking to get in shape (and willing to pay for it); they just need the right person to push them in the right direction.

Megan making money

24. Craigslist flipping

Craigslist is a gold mine for finding deals that you can flip for a profit. There are plenty of resources available online that can help you identify the good deals from the rest of the pack.

25. Stock investor

Spend your time and money into becoming a master at investing in the stock market. While returns are generally volatile and full of risk, you can quickly level up your funds by playing the market game correctly. While this isn’t something I want to invest my time into, I’ve known many that do very well doing it.

26. Farmers markets

If you know any farmers in your area, you can reach out to them and offer to sell their product at Farmers Markets. Rather than paying up front, you can mitigate your risk by partnering with the farmers in exchange for a commission.

Megan making money

27. Paid advertising consulting

Most businesses rely on some sort of paid advertising to drive leads for their business. Become an expert at AdWords or Facebook ads and you can charge clients for managing their spending.

28. Tutoring

Whether it is for the ACT/SAT or just general schoolwork, students always need help getting by their classes. Become a resource that really helps students succeed in the classroom and parents would love to pay you for the help.

29. Outsourced assistant

Well paid CEOs do not have the time or energy to worry about many of the administrative tasks that currently come with the job. If you can give wealthy people their time back, and build an army of outsourced, they will be more than happy to compensate appropriately. Make sure to mark on your calendar times to work.

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Megan making money

30. Become a reviewer

Believe it or not, you can make tons of money as a “professional reviewer,” aka someone who reviews products by publishing his/her thoughts about them online. It will take some time to gain some domain authority, but after a while, you can come to be a thought leader in your space.

31. Life coaching: 

Becoming a life coach is as simple as finding which past experiences you can leverage to provide value to others. Whether it is providing actionable strategies or general advice, you can likely find a niche as a life coach/mentor.

32. Build websites

There are plenty of companies and professionals out there who really want a website to represent them online but do not have the skills to do so. They are more than willing to pay for a quality website that will better display their brand image.

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