50 Outcome-Based Business Models You Can Start Today

Outcome based business model: Today’s technologically-driven world demands that businesses constantly update their models to stay relevant and profitable.

An outdated business model can lead to stagnation, loss of revenue and even failure for your company.

In order to thrive in an ever-changing landscape, you need a business model that is flexible and adaptable.

Outcome-based business models are exactly what you need in this new digital age.
An outcome-based business model is one that measures the effectiveness of a process or action rather than its inputs or outputs.

It requires businesses to measure their success based on the end result or outcome of a particular process instead of how much time or money was spent on it.

So why should you consider adopting an outcome-based business model?

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50 Outcome-Based Business Models You Can Start Today

Outcome based business model: BusinessHAB.comOutcome based business model: Outcome-based business models are a relatively new way of thinking about your business, its output and how it measures success. It’s based on the idea that businesses should create value for customers and not just sell them products or services. The benefits of this type of business model are numerous. They force you to focus on measurable results, which means you don’t have to spend so much time worrying about failure and can instead get straight to work on making things succeed. If you’re struggling with your current business model, an outcome-based one could be exactly what you need. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 50 outcoome-based business models that are easy to start today.

Outcome-Based Business Models

Whenever you start a new business, it’s important to put a lot of thought into how you’re actually going to make money. Many business owners get caught up in the day-to-day running of their companies and forget about the core business model that generates the income. As a result, they end up struggling to make ends meet, which is something you can avoid by choosing an outcome-based business model. An outcome-based business model is focused on the desired result of your company rather than the products or services you sell. It helps you to focus on what your customers truly want and then find a way to provide that outcome while also making a profit. You might be wondering how this is any different from a product- or service-based business model. It’s a simple shift in focus: from the product or service you offer to the outcome you provide for your customers.


A travel business is a great way to make money from an outcome-based business model. Let’s say you specialize in creating unique travel experiences for families. You could offer travel packages, but you could also help families plan their own unique trips. You could offer advice on finding the best deals for airfare, hotels, and day trips. If your business model is focused on creating a certain outcome for customers, it’s easier to pivot if something isn’t working. If you notice that families are generally booking their own trips instead of using your services, you can shift your business model to emphasize travel advice instead of packaged trips.


Outcome based business model: Education is a broad industry, but there are plenty of ways to create an outcome-based business model in this space. One example is an online course platform. You could create a platform that lets teachers create their own online courses and get paid for them. This way, teachers can supplement their income while also reaching more students and reaching them in a style that works for them. Another option is to use an online education platform to help students find the courses and materials they need to succeed in their specific fields. This could be anything from coding classes for aspiring software developers to a language course for students who want to become fluent in a certain language.

Financial Services

Financial services companies are great candidates for an outcome-based business model. Let’s say you’re starting a financial planning business. Instead of simply offering services like creating budgets and planning for the future, you could help your clients actually achieve those goals. You could coach them through the process of creating a budget and setting long-term goals. This makes your business more than just a financial planning company: it’s a service that gets results.

Marketing and Advertising

Outcome based business model: Marketing and advertising companies often succeed with an outcome-based business model. Let’s say you own a digital marketing company. Instead of simply creating ad campaigns for clients, you could help them increase their sales through their ads. This means you’re focusing on the outcome and not just the creation of ads themselves. This also opens the door for you to work with clients on a retainer basis, meaning you’re fully committed to seeing their success as much as they are.

B2B Service Companies

Outcome based business model: Many service-based companies can be successful with an outcome-based business model. Let’s say you run a computer repair business. Instead of simply repairing computers, you could create a service that gets computers back to their owners as quickly as possible. This gives customers what they want while also letting you cut down on expenses and make your business more efficient.

Collaboration Platforms

A collaboration platform is a digital tool designed to help people work together online. This is a great business model if you’re an experienced software developer. Instead of creating one-off software tools, you could focus on creating a collaboration platform that helps people get the job done more efficiently. This gives your customers what they want and allows you to build a platform that has the potential to be used by thousands or even millions of people.

Software and Product Development Firms

Another option for a software developer is to create a product development firm. This is a great option if you have experience in different types of engineering and project management. Instead of creating one-off software tools that may only be used by a handful of people, you could focus on creating projects that solve real-world problems.

Summing up

Outcome based business model: An outcome-based business model puts customers at the center of everything you do. It helps you create the outcomes that your customers want while also making a profit. This means you don’t have to worry about failing as often because you’re creating real value for real people. Whatever industry you’re in, there are plenty of ways to create an outcome-based business model. The key is to focus on what your customers want and how your company can provide that while also making a profit. You don’t want to get so caught up in creating a trendy product or perfecting a single service that you forget about the customer.

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