Top 50 Platinum Jubilee Event Ideas for Schools

Platinum Jubilee Event Ideas for Schools

Platinum Jubilee Event Ideas for Schools:

Celebrating a Platinum Jubilee in schools can be an exciting and memorable way to engage students with history, culture, and community spirit. Here are 50 event ideas to inspire your school’s celebration:

Historical Exhibition:

Create a timeline of the 70-year reign, featuring key events, photos, and memorabilia.

Jubilee Concert:

Organize a concert with performances of popular music from each decade of the queen’s reign.

Royal Dress-Up Day:

Have students and staff dress as members of the royal family or in historical outfits from the past 70 years.

Tree Planting Ceremony:

Participate in the Queen’s Green Canopy by planting trees on school grounds.

Jubilee Art Competition:

Host an art contest where students create pieces inspired by the Jubilee.

Time Capsule Project:

Create a time capsule with letters, drawings, and items from 2024 to be opened in the future.

Themed Assembly:

Conduct an assembly with speeches, presentations, and performances about the Jubilee.


Organize a school parade featuring banners, floats, and costumes related to the Platinum Jubilee.

Royal Tea Party:

Host a traditional British tea party with students and teachers.

Jubilee Bake-Off:

Have a baking competition with students making cakes or treats with a royal theme.

Historical Re-enactment:

Students can perform key historical moments from the past 70 years.

Quiz Competition:

Hold a trivia quiz focused on the queen’s reign and related historical facts.

Cultural Fair:

Showcase the Commonwealth countries through booths with information, food, and activities.

Commemorative Mural:

Create a mural or large artwork commemorating the Jubilee.

Story Writing Contest:

Have students write stories set in each decade of the queen’s reign.

Jubilee Garden:

Design and plant a garden in honour of the Jubilee.

Video Messages:

Create a video compilation of students sending their best wishes for the Jubilee.

Charity Fundraiser:

Host a fundraising event for a charity supported by the royal family.

Jubilee-themed Sports Day:

Organize sports events with teams representing different decades or Commonwealth countries.

Commonwealth Day:

Celebrate with activities, food, and games from different Commonwealth nations.

Guest Speaker Series:

Invite local historians, authors, or other speakers to talk about the queen’s reign.

Film Screening:

Show films or documentaries about the queen and the UK during her reign.

Jubilee Dance:

Organize a dance event with music from different decades.

Craft Workshops:

Run workshops to make crowns, bunting, and other Jubilee decorations.

Puppet Show:

Put on a puppet show depicting key events from the queen’s reign.

Historical Debate:

Host a debate on significant events and changes during the 70-year reign.

Poetry Slam:

Encourage students to write and perform poems about the queen and her reign.

Photo Booth:

Set up a photo booth with royal props for students to take pictures.

Royalty-Themed Escape Room:

Create an escape room with puzzles related to the Jubilee and British history.

Library Display:

Set up a Jubilee-themed display with books and materials related to the queen’s reign.

Interactive Map:

Create a large interactive map of the UK and the Commonwealth highlighting important events and locations.

Theater Production:

Put on a play about a significant event or period during the queen’s reign.

Memory Lane Interviews:

Record interviews with older community members sharing their memories of the past 70 years.

Fashion Show:

Organize a fashion show with outfits representing different decades of the queen’s reign.

Jubilee Journal:

Compile a journal with student essays, artwork, and reflections on the Jubilee.

Digital Slideshow:

Create a digital slideshow of historical events and photos from the queen’s reign.

Scavenger Hunt: Set up a Jubilee-themed scavenger hunt around the school.

Music Through the Ages:

Host an event featuring music from each decade of the queen’s reign.

Photo Contest:

Hold a photo contest where students capture Jubilee-themed images.

Historical Crafts:

Make crafts like commemorative plates or stamps.

Crowning Ceremony:

Have a fun, mock crowning ceremony for students, complete with crowns and robes.

Storytelling Sessions:

Invite storytellers to share tales related to the queen and British history.

Jubilee Science Fair:

Host a science fair with projects related to innovations and discoveries over the last 70 years.

Commonwealth Games:

Organize sports events featuring games from Commonwealth countries.

Cooking Demonstrations:

Have cooking classes or demos making traditional British dishes.

Platinum Jubilee Event Ideas for Schools

Language Lessons:

Offer short lessons or activities in languages spoken in Commonwealth countries.

Interactive History Wall:

Create a history wall where students can add their own contributions and reflections.

Royalty in Literature:

Read and discuss books featuring royalty or set during the queen’s reign.

Community Service Day:

Organize a day where students volunteer in the community in honor of the Jubilee.

Virtual Reality Experience:

Use VR to take students on a virtual tour of significant royal sites.

These ideas can be adapted to fit your school’s resources and the students’ age groups, ensuring a fun and educational celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

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