8 Tips to Get the Best of Pool Cage Repair Business

Pool cage repair near me: If you’ve had a pool for several years, it might be time to look into replacing the enclosure screen. Screens will degrade over time, whether their nominal lifespans are five or ten years. A deteriorating screen won’t offer the same protection and comfort and will detract from the overall pool experience.

Replacing the screen yourself is a dangerous and challenging job, so it’s best to leave rescreening to the professionals. At the same time, learning about rescreening will allow you to choose the best service available. Here’s all there is to know about rescreening a pool enclosure.

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Pool cage repair near me

Pool cage repair near me: BusinessHAB.com

1. When to do a rescreen?

Once parts of the screen have started to sag or some panels are visibly collecting bugs and debris, a rescreen is due. Panels that catch bugs have loosened strings about to come apart, and saggy panels mean that they are not adequately held in place. Years of exposure will inevitably lead to this kind of deterioration.

2. Should I replace just the worn panels?

You might be wondering whether to replace the problematic panels and leave the rest. But it’s much more economical to replace the entire screen than to catch individual loose panels. Furthermore, if one of the screen panels is starting to wear out, others will soon follow. Replacing them means having to get multiple service calls done one after another, accumulating costs.

Pool cage repair near me

3. Choose the right screen

Once you’ve decided to do an enclosure rescreen, be sure to contact the correct professional. Each firm will have its price, but taking the lowest offer might come back to haunt you. A screen with a more extended warranty is definitely worth the higher budget. Polyester screens might last 20 or more years, a lot longer than other materials. It would be best to stay away from Artisan screens, as their quality is subpar.

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4. Get proper protection against bugs

Small critters will ruin the poolside experience for anyone. Therefore, the enclosure screen must provide all the protection against tiny bugs. Ask for a no-see-um screen. The thick Phifer mesh will make sure that most bugs are outside of the pool enclosure at all times and away from any people at the pool.

5. Replace the enclosure fasteners

If you’re doing a rescreen, look into also replacing the enclosure fasteners. Cheaper fasteners are made of metal and can rust after a few years, and replacing them without rescreening can cost more than rescreening the enclosure. Doing the two services together can cut down on repair costs significantly. Newer fasteners are made of durable materials and will secure the screen in strong winds.

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Pool cage repair near me

6. Get the right service

Rescreening a pool enclosure takes experience and proper qualifications. Make sure that the company replacing your screen knows all the correct standards for the job. There are many unqualified screen companies, so conduct a proper background check.

7. Use your problem-solving skills

When managing a small business, you need to be able to make quick and effective decisions. That’s why it’s important that you work on your problem-solving skills when working in this role. When figuring out a solution to a problem, consider all of the variables and their possible outcomes. Rather than choosing what’s best for solely you, try to make decisions that benefit your team and the company as a whole.

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8. Continue learning every day

Even the most successful small business managers make the occasional mistake. The key is making sure you are learning from your mistakes. When a situation goes unplanned, think about what you could have done better. This way, you can make better decisions in the future and continue to resolve unexpected issues.

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