10 Best Ways to Start Door to door Portable Solar Panels Business

Portable Solar Panels Business: More and more people are now investing money in solar panels.

Which are environmentally friendly and provide free electricity.

As environmental awareness keeps increasing, solar energy is going more and more mainstream.

Making it the ideal time for you to start selling portable solar panels!

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Portable Solar Panels Business

Portable Solar Panels Business

Now, it is up to you as to how you can benefit from them.

Just remember, selecting a good product is crucial but it is just the start of the journey.

When researching trending products to sell, keep these five characteristics in focus:

  • The product should be unique.
  • It should offer a healthy markup.
  • It shouldn’t be available in brick and mortar stores.
  • It should be difficult to find anywhere else.
  • It should have a value – usefulness.

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What Is Door To Door Sales?

Door to door sales (D2D sales) means that the sales rep is participating in door to door prospecting.

Which indicates a system of direct contact with individuals.

Rather than relying on marketing to bring in new customers.

The sales rep walks from one place to another.

Doorway to doorway in the literal sense.

Engaging prospects in conversation about the features and benefits of their product or service.

D2D canvassing techniques are also used to market, advertise or campaign.

In all cases, a door to door sales person is attempting to get someone interested.

Or ready to buy their product, service or idea. They are generating demand.

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Portable Solar Panels Business

Businesses use door-to-door marketing as a direct selling technique.

To introduce potential customers to the products and services they offer.

Door-to-door marketing gives businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their products.

Answer customer questions and handle objections while at their potential customers’ homes or places of business.

As a business owner, you can produce maximum results with your door-to-door marketing efforts by recruiting a skilled marketing team.

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1. Identify Your Ideal Clients

Determine the types of clients you want to target with the products or services you offer.

Consider their interests, education level, salaries, marital status, interests and reasons for making purchases.

What you offer heavily influences the type of individuals you need to hire for your marketing team.

If you’re selling a high-priced luxury item, hire individuals with sales experience in luxury markets.

While if you’re selling magazine subscriptions.

You can hire college students who have little to no sales experience.

Think about what type of person your ideal client would feel comfortable.

Talking to about the product or service you’re selling and the types of questions they might need answered.

Based on the types of customers you want to reach, come up with the best hours to have your door-to-door team active.

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Portable Solar Panels Business

2. Map Out Your Location

Decide the areas that have residents or business owners who are likely to have an interest in the products and services you offer.

City, county and state government websites can give you data about the people who live in the neighborhoods you want to target.

Which will help you determine whether they fit your ideal customer profile.

Mapping out a clear location gives you and your team time to scout the area for competition.

Identify landmarks for meet-up spots and get a clearer picture of the residents.

Or business owners by visiting the areas before your team begins door-to-door selling.

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Portable Solar Panels Business

3. Hire and Train Marketing Team

Even if you hire a marketing team filled with individuals who have proven sales track records.

It’s still important to train the team based on the products and services you offer.

The target market you want to reach and the needs and desires your product or service fulfills.

Training should include providing your marketing team with a product demonstration.

Identifying the features and benefits of your products.

And by going through a script the team can use to speak with customers.

The script should run your team through everything.

From what to say once a customer answers his door to how to close the sale.

Expect that your team will use the training you give them as a guideline as they develop their own selling style.

Equip your team with marketing collateral, such as business cards and brochures.

They can distribute during their sales visits.

Portable Solar Panels Business

4. Set and Evaluate Goals

The goals for a door-to-door marketing campaign may differ across companies or industries.

But setting measurable goals remains important.

Your goals can include the number of businesses or residences you want to visit.

Within a specified amount of time.

Portable Solar Panels Business

The number of follow-up appointments you want to book.

Or the number of products or services you want to sell on the spot.

Within the designated time frame.

These measurable goals will help you determine how successful your overall campaign is.

And give insight into how members of your marketing team perform individually.

With goals in place, your marketing team members know what’s expected of them.

And can work towards achieving the results you need to attract customers and sales.

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5. Make a Safety Plan

Door-to-door selling presents potential danger for your marketing team.

So it’s important to have safety procedures in place that make your team feel safe.

Your plan may include that the team travel in sets of two, be equipped with cell phones.

Have an emergency number to call at the company if a situation occurs.

Or only visiting neighborhoods that are considered safe, based on local crime rates.

Portable Solar Panels Business

6. Prospecting:

 The search for new customers is called prospecting.

Prospects are essential to your sales funnel.

Because you have to have new customers coming in to grow.

Finding them is a crucial part of your sales process.

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7. Qualifying: 

Qualifying means you have identified a need your prospect has.

That matches one of the features or benefits you offer.

Qualifying prospects is to establish Pain (enough pain to buy).

Budget (money to buy) and Decision (authority to buy).

It requires a door to door salesman (or woman) to ask lot of open-ended questions.

And listen and respond to their answers.

Portable Solar Panels Business

8. Pitching:

 When you make an offer and describe the benefits to your qualified prospect, it is called pitching.

Knowing the lead’s needs is essential to your success.

You provide a solution to their pain points and explain how your product makes their lives or jobs easier.

This makes a door to door sales pitch really resonate with the prospect.

9. Closing:

 Closing is when you ask the potential customer to buy your product or service.

There are numerous ways to ask for business.

And finding the one that works best for you and each qualified prospect is a vital skill for successful door to door sales.

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10. Follow-up:

 After the sale, the door to door salesperson should establish contact.

To ensure the customer received what they ordered, felt satisfied.

And received answers to any questions they might have.

This is called follow-up. It is essential to establishing a relationship with your new customer.

And the gateway to future opportunities with the customer, should their needs change.


You may hear that door-to-door sales is dead, but this is not true.

Door-to-door sales is still an efficient and cost-effective strategy for businesses looking for growth and differentiation.

A lot of work goes into training sales reps and targeting potential customers.

But people who talk with door-to-door sales reps are ultimately more likely to take an interest in a product and buy it.

So, instead of wondering why door-to-door sales is making a comeback.

Why not implement these strategies to help your sales reps adjust their pitches and look their best.

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