11 Best POS System for Restaurants Business

POS System for Restaurants Business: While restaurant point-of-sale systems share many features with their retail counterparts – such as inventory tracking, reporting and customer management.

There are several restaurant-specific tools that can help you run your business more efficiently.

Such as table management, order modifiers and bill splitting.

Depending on which type of restaurant you have.

You may need your POS to have additional capabilities.

Such as managing reservations, bar tabs and delivery orders.

Our 2018 research and analysis of POS systems leads us to again recommend TouchBistro.

As the best POS system for restaurants.

We choose TouchBistro from the dozens of POS systems we considered.

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POS System for Restaurants Business

TouchBistro is our pick for the best POS system for restaurants.

Because it has a strong mix of restaurant-specific features.

That help you manage inventory.

Orders, tables, reservations, catering and delivery.

Making it a good choice for nearly every type and size of establishment.

It also has the other qualities we look for in a top POS system.

It’s competitively priced, month-to-month terms are available.

POS System for Restaurants Business

And it’s compatible with multiple payment processors and third-party POS hardware.

So you can shop around for the best prices.

Nearly every business can use Epos Now.

The company’s target market is small and midsize businesses.

But it also works with large organizations.

And can tailor plans to meet each business’s specific needs.

POS System for Restaurants Business

It offers retail and hospitality versions of its POS software and is suitable for shops.

Boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, spas, and other businesses.

It also offers integrations through its app store.

That you can use to further customize the POS system to suit your business.

POS System for Restaurants Business

Epos Now is easy to set up, as both the iPad and traditional POS terminal solutions are plug and play.

The iPad POS system is fully cloud-based.

So you don’t need to set up a local server; you just need an internet connection.

Even if you have multiple devices.

The register features are intuitive.

The company says it takes 15 minutes or less to train your employees to use the system.

The system’s back office is logically organized with a menu bar.

Along the left side of the screen that makes it easy to find the features you need.

It has a customizable dashboard that allows you to arrange the data.

So you can quickly see the metrics you care about most.

POS System for Restaurants Business

There are several key feature sets that small businesses should look for in a POS system.

Especifically, those that help you manage your customer information, your staff and your inventory.

You also want reporting features that help you understand how your business is performing.

Integrations that connect to other business applications and an offline mode.

So your system isn’t bricked if your internet connection goes down.

Here are Epos Now’s capabilities for each of these feature sets.

3. Inventory management.

Epos Now tracks inventory, sends low-stock alerts when items fall below the threshold you set and can be set up to automatically generate purchase orders.

The restaurant version has ingredient-level tracking.

The retail version supports up to 60,000 items and has a product matrix.

So you can easily add variants, such as size, color and material.

You can bundle products together to sell as kits or gift baskets.

If you also have an online store, you can track products for both it and your physical store.

POS System for Restaurants Business

4. Customer management. 

This POS system has a customer database, allowing you to collect contact information at checkout and email receipts.

On the receipts you email, you can ask your customers for feedback on the service they received.

If you want to offer rewards to your regular customers, you can add a loyalty program to the system.

An integration for MailChimp is available from the app store.

If you want to connect your customer database to an email marketing service.

POS System for Restaurants Business

5. Employee management.

When you add employees to Epos.

Now, you assign them a role that limits their access.

Specifically to the tasks and information they need to do their jobs.

The system comes with staff scheduling tools and a built-in time clock.

Your staff members clock in and out using PIN codes or swipe cards.

And the system logs their activity on the till.

POS System for Restaurants Business

6. Reporting tools.

 Real-time reports for sales.

Products and employee performance offer insight into how your business is doing.

Because the system is cloud-based.

You can log into your account from any computer, tablet or phone to see your sales data.

You can view charts and graphs of your data on the dashboard.

And you can see how many sales you make by the hour, day, week or month, your top-selling.

And highest-grossing items, and your top-performing sales staff.

You can export your reports to Excel, Xero, Sage and QuickBooks.

POS System for Restaurants Business

7. Third-party integrations.

 More than 80 integrations are available from Epos Now’s App Store.

So you can connect the system to other business software and services you use.

Options include integrations for e-commerce platforms.

Accounting software, appointment apps, labour management services and more.

An API is also available if you need custom integrations.

POS System for Restaurants Business

8. Offline mode.

 Epos Now has an offline mode.

So if your internet connection drops or is sluggish, you can continue working.

After the connection is restored, it syncs your data.

POS System for Restaurants Business

In addition to the above features, there are some version-specific tools included with this software.

The retail version allows you to print your own barcodes and shelf-edge labels.

Helping organize your store and making it easy for customers to see prices.

And for cashiers to scan in items at checkout.

You can set up the software with pop-up notes that give your cashiers suggestions of items to upsell.

The restaurant version has table and seat tools with a customizable floor plan.

Showing you which tables are open or occupied.

You can add pictures of your menu items to the system.

And set pop-up notes for modifiers to remind servers to ask customers how they want their food prepared.

It also has coursing tools, restaurant-specific reports, and allows you to split and merge bills.

POS System for Restaurants Business

Epos Now provides customer support by chat, email and phone.

However, if your business has irregular hours.

You work on back-office tasks after hours.

Or you want the peace of mind of knowing you can call the company for assistance 24/7.

You’ll need the Premium plan.

POS System for Restaurants Business

When we contacted the company, posing as a small business owner in the market for a POS system.

The rep we spoke with was helpful and knowledgeable and answered our questions about the system promptly.

The company offers data migration services and setup help as part of its 30-day implementation.

And if you experience a software issue, Epos Now offers remote assistance.

If you need replacement parts for hardware that you purchased from Epos Now, overnight shipping is available.

Online support resources include a blog with articles for small business owners.

And release notes for its software updates.

And a YouTube channel with demos and how-to videos.

The company is also active on Facebook and Twitter.

The website lacks a knowledgebase.

Which would be useful for merchants who prefer to troubleshoot problems on their own.

There’s also no community forum that lets users help each other with issues they encounter as they use this POS system.

POS System for Restaurants Business

Although Epos Now is a great option for most businesses.

There are a couple of factors to consider before you choose your POS system.

First, even though Epos Now posts many of its prices and its terms of use online.

The website doesn’t clearly explain which modules are add-ons that cost extra, nor how much they cost.

There’s also confusion where some prices haven’t been converted from British pounds to U.S. dollars.

However, when you call or chat with company representatives.

They’re open with costs and eager to answer your questions.

POS System for Restaurants Business

If you want a kiosk as part of your POS system.

Such as a self-ordering station for your restaurant or a self-checkout option for your store.

It’s not yet available from Epos Now.

The agent we contacted said that the company has security concerns about this feature.

And is waiting to implement it until it meets Epos Now’s security standards.

Finally, as mentioned above, the company’s website doesn’t have a knowledgebase.

Or community forum for merchants that prefer to troubleshoot issues themselves.

So you’ll need to call the company to get answers to your questions. Businesshab.com

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