5 Things to Know Before Watching Riverdale Episode 4

Power book 4 episode 1: There’s no way around it: Riverdale is a weird show. It takes the undertones of teen soap operas, adds a healthy dose of murder mystery, and throws in some creepy supernatural happenings for good measure. The end result? A quirky but compelling new series that is just as advertised.

And if you’re new to the show, now is the perfect time to start watching because Episode 4 – “The Lost Weekend” – has just wrapped up! Why? Well, we think you’ll love the answers it provided to some lingering questions…

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5 Things to Know Before Watching Riverdale Episode 4

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Even though Riverdale is a new show, it is definitely steeped in the world of Archie Comics. There are so many references to classic stories and characters that it’s almost impossible not to get excited! Some of these references might feel a little obscure. But if you’re anything like us, you probably have no idea what we’re talking about! Keep reading for our 5 Things to Know Before Watching Riverdale Episode 4.

Things to Know Before Watching Riverdale Episode 4

– Who shot who? This might feel like a trick question. Since Archie shot Fred, right? But Fred isn’t the one who actually died. It was Archie’s dad who got shot in the first place. So, who shot Fred? We don’t know yet. But that is definitely going to be major plot development in the next episode.

The Black Hood is back

The Black Hood was the villain who first appeared in the pilot episode. He was played by a relative newcomer named Luke Perry. In Riverdale Episode 4, he returned. And he did not look the same person at all. The Black Hood is a mysterious figure who is always wearing a black hood. The only thing we know about him is that he seems to have some kind of vendetta against Archie. He has threatened to shoot him before. So far, the Black Hood has only appeared in the pilot episode. His return in the next episode is definitely not a coincidence. He’s definitely back with a vengeance. Something must have happened between the pilot and the present day that has made him so angry.

Betty’s a suspect again

The next thing you need to know about is the whole Fred shooting thing. The police have once again started investigating Fred’s death as a murder. And they’re specifically looking into Fred’s girlfriend, Betty. Betty has always been a bit of a wildcard. She’s proved to be a lot more trouble than any good to Archie. But it’s kind of a big deal for her to be suspected of murder. At first, the cops just want to know about Fred’s death. Then, they start to wonder if Betty really did murder Fred. It’s not like Betty is in any trouble right now. But it’s definitely an interesting development. The question will be whether Betty will be able to clear her name.

Archie and Veronica are dating now

Remember when Archie and Veronica were just friends? Yeah, they broke up after Archie kissed Betty. Well, they’re back together now. And they are so cute! If you thought Archie and Betty were a couple before, wait till you see what’s going on between Archie and Veronica. They’re both so in love with each other. And they’re dating in real life too. It’s so cute how they keep showing pictures of them kissing and holding hands in public. They are truly besotted with each other!

Veronica has an ex-boyfriend she’s obsessed with

In the pilot episode, Veronica had a secret boyfriend named Jason. He was a famous actor. In Riverdale Episode 4, we learned that this famous actor is actually an actual real life person. His name is KJ Apa. He’s a real life New Zealand actor who has been in many popular movies. He is totally famous in his own country. Veronica found out that KJ is a real person when she saw him on Twitter. She was so excited that she immediately called Archie and told him. Now, she’s obsessed with him. She is following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. She’s constantly texting him and calling him.

There will be a wedding!

No, we’re not just teasing you. Riverdale actually has a wedding planned in the next episode! The wedding is between Cheryl and Jason. In the episode, Cheryl’s parents leave town and give her a high school graduation present – a wedding. So, Cheryl gets to have a big wedding. We know what you’re thinking. Cheryl has been married to Archie for years. Is this a bad wedding? Well, it is kind of a bad wedding. Cheryl is marrying Jason because her parents made her get married. And Jason is a total douche. Riverdale Episode 4 will show you what happens at this wedding. And you’re going to be very disappointed.

Final Words: So, are you ready for the storm?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our rundown of things to know about Riverdale Episode 4. We’ll see you there!

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