12 Best Chances of Winning Lottery

Best Chances of Winning Lottery: Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, even without having a single lucky number to rely on.

Winning a big payday is a long-shot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun playing.

There are some basic strategies you can use to improve your chances.

Play smartly by adopting picking strategies and playing different lottery games.

Winning isn’t guaranteed, but you can still have plenty of fun playing in the hopes of hearing your numbers called.

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Best Chances of Winning Lottery: https://www.gambling.com
Best Chances of Winning Lottery

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Best Chances of Winning Lottery

1. Choose a wide range from the numbers available in the lottery.

Most people play common numbers like their birth or anniversary date.

Picking those “lucky” numbers limits your ability to win since many lotteries include higher numbers other players tend to ignore.

There are only 12 months and 31 days to pick from!

You’re better off picking a mixed bag of low and high numbers instead of a few that are close together.

  • For example, a Mega Millions ticket starts with 5 numbers between 1 and 70.
  • You might play 1, 15, 36, 48, and 63. It is a unique ticket that not a lot of people are likely to pick.
  • Think of the odds as well. Many people go for numbers that seem meaningful.
  • Even if you win, you might end up having to share the prize with them.

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2. Pick different numbers without following a pattern.

If you’re working hard to come up with a clever number pattern.

You’re playing yourself out of a potential winner.

Since lotteries pull from a range of numbers.

Those patterns aren’t likely to show up on the winning ticket.

Instead, come up with a range of numbers you like.

If they look random on paper, then you’re on the right track.

  • A winning ticket is unlikely to consist of a pattern like 3, 13, 23, 33, 43. It also isn’t likely to be a short range of numbers like 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25.
  • Mix up your ticket with both odd and even numbers.
  • Although the winning numbers could be all odd, for instance, it is unlikely.

Best Chances of Winning Lottery

3. Play the same numbers every time you buy a ticket.

So your first ticket doesn’t win you any money.

The next time you go back to buy a ticket, you may feel tempted to switch to “luckier” numbers.

But don’t do it! The odds of you predicting the winning numbers in a game is very low.

Instead, stick to the same numbers in case they show up.

  • In theory, your numbers will eventually get picked. Number combinations that were picked in the past are unlikely to come up again. There are too many possible combinations to make this a guarantee, however.
  • You can’t predict the winning numbers, so don’t stress yourself out by trying to. Each drawing is its own random event. Don’t even bother looking at past winners for “lucky” numbers.

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4. Use quick picks if you’re uncertain what numbers to play.

Quick picks usually aren’t recommended.

But they can serve as a starting point when you’re new to a game.

With a quick pick, the lottery machine selects numbers for you.

Many people win this way, although the odds aren’t any different than when you pick your own numbers.

  • Quick picks are random, so you know you will end up with a unique set of numbers no one else is likely to have. It has as much of a chance of winning a single drawing as a ticket you picked yourself.
  • Quick picks save you time, but keep in mind that it’s all chance. Randomly picking numbers that match randomly-picked winning numbers is extra unlikely. These numbers are also harder to remember than ones you play all the time.

Best Chances of Winning Lottery

5. Purchase a single ticket if you’re looking to get started playing.

All you need is a single ticket to play.

While you can always buy more, the extra tickets often do not increase your odds of winning by a significant amount. Since your chance of winning is so low on the most popular games.

You don’t need to go out of your way to spend lots of money playing.

You’re better off setting aside a part of your budget for tickets when you have some money to spare.

  • Some people buy hundreds of tickets and lose. Don’t get caught up by the hype of a big jackpot!
  • The biggest lotteries have the ability to print an unlimited number of tickets for every possible number combination. That is why the extra tickets usually don’t pay off.

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6. Play weekly if you have money to set aside for a ticket.

You can’t win if you don’t play! Since winning is all about luck, increase your chances by getting in the game as often as possible. Many lotteries have a drawing each week. Purchase a ticket before each new drawing in order to give yourself a shot at the jackpot.

  • The week you don’t play could be the week where your numbers come up. If you really want to win, play as often as you can. Having patience and dedication helps.

Best Chances of Winning Lottery

7. Join a lottery pool to purchase multiple tickets as a group.

Organize a group at your office, school, church, or anywhere else you can find people willing to play. In a pool, everyone who joins agrees to buy at least one ticket. If someone wins, they split the money evenly with everyone else in the pool. Depending on how many people join the pool, you could accumulate a bunch of tickets without shelling out a lot of your own money.

  • Keep in mind that the odds of a big jackpot are still very remote and, if you do win, you will have to share the payout with everyone in the pool.
  • Make sure someone trustworthy handles the money and tickets. Keep a photocopy of your ticket and receipt to ensure you have proof in case you win.

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8. Play less often if you wish to chase a big jackpot.

Instead of getting a ticket for every single drawing, save up to play for the big prize. If you’re accustomed to playing a game weekly, you could set aside your money until the payout gets bigger. That way, you get to have fun without spending more than you normally would. The extra tickets bump up your chances of winning very slightly.

  • The odds of winning are still low no matter how many tickets you get, but this strategy could be fun for you if you’re only in it for the big payout. Many lotteries, including big ones like Powerball, have a cumulative jackpot that gets bigger when no one wins.
  • For the best chance of winning money, do this for a smaller game such as a state pick-3. With bigger games like EuroMillions, your odds will still be very low.

Best Chances of Winning Lottery

9. Invest in smaller lottery games with less numbers to choose from.

When the jackpot climbs for the world’s biggest lotteries, most people forget about the smaller games. These games often have better odds and are more likely to pay out. Look for games that pick from a smaller set of numbers or fewer balls. On the downside, these games pay less in prize money than the most popular games.

  • Regional lottery games have better odds than big games like Powerball and Mega Millions. For example, try a state pick-3 game. You only have to pick 3 numbers to win instead of 5 or 6.

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10. Purchase scratchcards for a quicker and simpler way to play.

Many regional lotteries offer scratch-off games. These cards are instant and have better odds of awarding money than big lottery drawings. That means the payouts tend to be very low as well, but you could still win a big cash prize if you’re lucky.

  • Scratchcards are quick and accessible. Most lottery commissions have a number of different games to play. You could get cheap cards or play pricier games with bigger prizes.
  • A typical scratchcard offers 1:5 odds at best, meaning that 1 in every 5 cards is a winner. This could mean winning a prize of $1 USD or a big jackpot. It depends on the game.

Best Chances of Winning Lottery

11. Check your tickets for alternative ways to win.

Everyone has their eyes on the jackpot, but many lottery games offer smaller prizes as well. Read up about the rules of the game. They are typically posted on your ticket or on the lottery’s website. Don’t assume you lost until you have had a chance to double-check your ticket.

  • For example, Powerball offers 9 ways to win. You can win a small prize by picking the number on the red ball. You could also win by picking 3 or more white ball numbers.

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12. Best Chances of Winning Lottery

  • Winning the lottery is far from guaranteed no matter how many tickets you buy. It’s a big gamble, so play for fun without the expectation that you’re going to win.

  • Lottery games are all about probability, and understanding probability can help you determine whether or not to play.

  • Keep your tickets protected from heat, moisture, and creatures. If you’re serious about winning, store your tickets in a safe place until the drawing.

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  • Always read the rules of a lottery game before buying a ticket. Find out what you need to get to win and how many people on average play.

  • If you win a very large jackpot, consider contacting a lawyer to help you redeem your ticket.

  • Get winning tickets redeemed as soon as possible. The best way to do is by going to a redemption center in person, although many lotteries allow you to mail the ticket through certified, insured mail.


  • Gambling is a serious issue that can lead to significant financial problems. Spend what you can afford, and if you need help, contact an addiction hotline like 1-800-522-4700.

  • Buying a lottery ticket is illegal unless you are an adult. The exact age you need to be depends on your country’s laws, but typically you need to be 16 or 18 years old to play.

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