21 Best Jobs in Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Sacramento municipal utility district: The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is a community-owned electric utility serving Sacramento County and parts of Placer County. It is one of the ten largest publicly owned utilities in the United States, generating the bulk of its power through natural gas (estimated 35.2% of production total in 2020) and large hydroelectric generation plants (29.1% in 2020). SMUD’s green power (renewable) energy output was estimated as 33.8% in 2020.

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Sacramento municipal utility district

SMUD owned the Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station nuclear power plant, shut down by a vote of the utility’s rate-payers in the late 1980s. Although the nuclear plant is now decommissioned, its now-unused iconic towers remain on the site. Solar arrays and the 500-megawatt Cosumnes gas-fired plant have risen in proximity to the towers.

SMUD’s headquarters building, built in the late 1950s on the edge of the East Sacramento neighbourhood, is notable for its mural by Sacramento artist Wayne Thiebaud. The mural wraps around the ground floor of the building and is accessible to the public. It is one of the earliest major works by the artist, and remains his largest installation to date.

Sacramento municipal utility district

Many people prefer to pursue careers with a high earning potential. While many lucrative careers require years of experience, there are jobs in your area that pay well even for entry-level employees. If you’re beginning your career in Sacramento, California, learning about some of the high-paying positions you can secure with limited work experience might help you narrow your job search and maximize your income. In this article, we list 21 high-paying jobs in Sacramento with no experience required.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the median annual salary in Sacramento across all professions is $65,580 per year. Even if you’re beginning your career, it’s possible to find positions in your area that pay well and require minimal experience in the field. If you’re looking for an entry-level job in Sacramento with a high salary, here are some careers you could consider.

1. Fitness instructor

Primary duties: A fitness instructor guides individuals or groups in exercises such as cardio, weightlifting, sports, yoga, pilates or cycling. They might create workout regimens, help clients set goals for improvement, advise clients on how to minimize the risk of injury and correct individuals on their form when doing exercises or using equipment. Fitness instructors who lead group classes may also create choreography, choose music, set up equipment and offer encouragement to attendees.

2. Logistics manager

Primary duties: A logistics manager is a supply chain professional who oversees the distribution of shipments. Their responsibilities can include tracking inventory across warehouses, scheduling shipments and deliveries and coordinating with shipping vendors. These professionals sometimes also manage a team of logistics professionals, creating work schedules and offering mentorship.

Sacramento municipal utility district

3. Auto mechanic

Primary duties: An auto mechanic works with cars, vans and trucks, repairing mechanical issues and performing standard maintenance. Their responsibilities might include installing new parts, adding new oil and coolant, running diagnostic tests and balancing and rotating tires. Auto mechanics might also educate car owners on proper maintenance and usage, recommend accessories, parts and upgrades and research the needs of different makes and models.

4. Web developer

Primary duties: Web developers write code using different programming languages to build functional, intuitive and visually appealing websites for individuals and organizations. Their key duties include meeting with clients to determine their needs and set expectations, writing back-end and front-end code to control the visible and invisible elements of the site, analyzing data to determine user needs, testing commands to ensure the site sends the proper output and implementing security measures to protect vulnerable data. They typically also update sites based on feedback from clients and users, bug reports and changes in technology.

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Sacramento municipal utility district

5. Dental assistant

Primary duties: A dental assistant works with dentists to provide basic care like examinations and cleanings to patients. Their responsibilities might include taking diagnostic images of patients’ teeth, educating patients on proper dental hygiene, checking patients’ teeth for signs of decay or injuries and cleaning patients’ teeth with fluoride, water and tools. They might also assist dentists with procedures and record patients’ medical information.

6. Truck mechanic

Primary duties: Truck mechanics, or diesel services technicians, work with large vehicles, semi-trucks, buses and tractor-trailers to perform intensive repairs. These professionals use their expertise to diagnose issues, replace malfunctioning parts, perform emissions control tests and help commercial vehicle owners meet federal and state regulations. Truck mechanics meet with customers to explain the services their vehicle requires, retrofit engines, update fluids and examine brakes, steering, transmissions, engine and tires.

Sacramento municipal utility district

7. Sales consultant

Primary duties: A sales consultant works with a business to grow their client base and increase their revenue. Their responsibilities typically include managing and training sales representatives, developing new strategies to win and retain business, researching the market to identify competitors and find new tools for lead generation and conversion and overseeing relationships with clients. Sales consultants might also participate in hiring for junior sales positions, and if they’re freelancers, promote their services to grow their business.

8. Insurance agent

Primary duties: An insurance agent is a sales professional who helps clients purchase car, home, life, renters, medical or pet insurance. They contact customers to learn about their needs, explain the options their organization offers, adjust plans to meet customers’ requests and prepare price quotes. Insurance agents typically also maintain relationships with existing customers, create paperwork detailing their transactions and assist their customers with insurance claims.

Sacramento municipal utility district

9. HVAC installer

Primary duties: An HVAC installer is a construction professional who prepares new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment in residential and commercial buildings. They typically set up and test new devices, dispose of old or broken equipment and research federal and local regulations to ensure devices are compliant. Some HVAC installers also identify defects and perform repairs on clients’ heating and cooling systems.

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10. Quality analyst

Primary duties: Quality analysts help businesses ensure their products meet internal standards. These professionals might perform tasks like establishing quality assurance (QA) processes, coordinating with management to set expectations, creating and running product tests, brainstorming solutions to defects and shortcomings and reporting QA data. Quality analysts working in technology might program automated tests and revise code to improve functionality.

Sacramento municipal utility district

11. Sales representative

Primary duties: A sales representative works with an organization to identify potential customers and encourage them to make purchases. These professionals might be responsible for generating leads, educating leads about goods and services, offering discounts to promote certain products, leading product demonstrations, handling transactions and reporting sales figures to management. They may also foster relationships with existing clients by sending update emails, resolving concerns and sharing information about new products.

12. Field technician

Primary duties: A field technician, or network technician, is an information technology (IT) professional who specializes in telecommunications systems. They visit clients to install equipment like phones, televisions, radios, fax systems and internet. They also perform necessary upgrades and maintenance, troubleshoot devices, repair malfunctioning equipment and create instructional documents to help colleagues and clients operate equipment. Field technicians traditionally also report bugs and solutions to create a library of resources, help strengthen signals to provide the best service possible and research new technologies in telecommunications to ensure clients receive modern tools.

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13. Driver

Primary duties: A driver is a transportation professional who operates a car, taxi, limousine, shuttle, bus or truck. They follow traffic laws to ensure the safety of passengers, find the most efficient routes to their destinations, help passengers load luggage into the vehicle, monitor the vehicle for any signs of mechanical failure and maintain records of their trips. Many drivers are independent contractors, and these professionals may also perform duties to manage and grow their business, such as keeping financial records, filing business taxes and advertising their services.

Sacramento municipal utility district

14. Junior security engineer

Primary duties: A junior security engineer is an entry-level IT professional who helps implement and maintain cybersecurity measures for an organization. Their responsibilities typically include observing more experienced security professionals, developing and enforcing plans of action in response to attacks, identifying potential security risks, installing firewalls on company networks and reporting security threats. These professionals may also create and run tests, update spam filters and create training programs to educate employees on best practices for protecting internal data.

15. Roustabout

Primary duties: A roustabout is responsible for the upkeep and use of oil rig equipment in oilfields. Their key responsibilities are inspecting, cleaning and repairing drilling devices and helping maintain the work site to align with safety standards. They often also transport supplies to the oilfield, install drills, pumps and pipes to facilitate resource delivery, clean up oil spills to minimize the risk of injury and operate heavy machinery to assist with the disposal of hazardous materials. Some roustabouts also drill themselves or provide backup assistance when needed.

16. Tanker driver

Primary duties: A tanker driver is a transportation professional who operates a truck carrying propane, petroleum or hazardous material from one location to another. Their core duties are to load tanks onto the truck, drive a designated route and unload tanks when they reach their destination. These professionals also execute highly specialized safety measures to minimize the risk of fire or injury, wear protective gear when handling the liquids and document their trips in a log.

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Sacramento municipal utility district

17. Marketer

Primary duties: Marketers help businesses promote their products or services and compete with other providers in their industry. Their essential duties can vary depending on their specialization, but common responsibilities include researching market trends, performing competitor analysis, creating promotional content to use on the internet, in print or in television and radio commercials. Marketers can also help define the brand voice, create profiles of customers and strategize ways to reach the intended audience.

18. Power plant operator

Primary duties: Power plant operators are responsible for the safe distribution of electricity. These professionals use control boards to modify the plant’s voltage, output and flow based on power grid settings to meet consumer demand. Afterwards, they might record this data in a manual log or database. They usually also clean, maintain and repair the equipment, report mechanical failures and coordinate with engineers and technicians to schedule advanced repairs.

19. Real estate agent

Primary duties: Real estates work with individuals and organizations to help them buy and sell residential or commercial properties. They typically perform tasks like writing detailed property listings, researching homes that meet their clients’ needs and budgets, accompanying clients to showings, hosting showings of their properties, scheduling tours and meetings and overseeing the transactions when properties sell. They may write contracts, create legal documents, help their clients negotiate prices and research trends in architecture, interior design and landscaping.

Sacramento municipal utility district

20. Dispatcher

Primary duties: A dispatcher is in charge of communication between customers and drivers in industries like emergency services, construction and shipping. These professionals answer calls from customers and interpret their needs, request service from drivers, research routes and select the most efficient and convenient path for the driver to take, coordinate schedules between both parties and arrange for pickup of goods. Dispatchers typically use logistics programs and a Global Positioning System (GPS) to watch the drivers’ movement, warn them of traffic or weather conditions and communicate updates to customers.

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21. Solar sales consultant

Primary duties: Solar sales consultants work with individuals and businesses to provide them with solar power equipment. Their regular responsibilities can include meeting with customers to discern their needs, reviewing potential customers’ properties to ensure they can support solar devices and educating individuals about the financial and environmental benefits of switching to solar energy. Solar sales consultants may also document their conversations with leads, meet sales quotas set by leadership and complete transaction paperwork during purchases.

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