Top 72 Screening/Sifting Materials for Business

Screening/Sifting Materials: For pulverized & dry granulated materials.

Our Fine Powder Sifting Systems are amongst the most efficient on the market.

Because thanks to the vibrations directly in contact with the sifting net.

It guarantees high productivity and precise separation cuts.

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Screening/Sifting Materials
Screening/Sifting Materials:

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Screening/Sifting Materials:

What is a sieve?

A sieve is used to process individual batches of product.

At Gough, we sell a lot of sieves to baking companies.

Who use them to sift and check screen bags of flour.

And other ingredients before they are mixed during production.

The sieving process sifts out lumps and improves the quality of the flour for a better final product.

As well as adding a measure of safety by separating out any debris.

That may have found its way into the product.

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Screening/Sifting Materials:

What is a screen?

A screen is used on a continuous flow of product.

Screens are installed into production streams to remove lumps and oversize particles.

Or allow fine particles and dust to be separated out, with the aim of cleaning up the final product.

We have supplied screen systems to chemical manufacturers to screen off lumps.

Before the final bagging process.

And to crisp manufacturers to remove small broken crisps and crumbs before packing.

Screens come in both circular and linear configurations.

Deciding which is best for a particular process is usually determined by the type of product being processed.

The throughput required, and space limitation within a facility.

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Screening/Sifting Materials:

  1. Clays
  2. Anthracite
  3. Slate
  4. Asphalt
  5. Baryte
  6. Bauxite
  7. Barium oxide

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    Screening/Sifting Materials:

  8. Sodium bicarbonate
  9. Borax
  10. Calcite
  11. Calcium
  12. Carbon
  13. Cement
  14. Hydrated lime
  15. Calcium oxide
  16. Carbonates
  17. Coal
  18. Coke
  19. Cobalt

    Screening/Sifting Materials:

  20. Chromite
  21. Pigments
  22. Fertilizers / Manure
  23. Enamels
  24. Feldspars
  25. Graphite
  26. Gypsum
  27. Lignite
  28. Magnesia
  29. Magnesium
  30. Magnetite
  31. Marble
  32. Limestone
  33. Calcium carbonate

    Screening/Sifting Materials:

  34. Iron ore
  35. Manganese ore
  36. Lead ore
  37. Ocher
  38. Calcium oxide
  39. Copper oxide
  40. Iron oxide
  41. Manganese oxide
  42. Lead oxide
  43. Zinc oxide
  44. Titanium oxide
  45. Phosphates
  46. Calcium phosphate
  47. Lead
  48. Slags / Rejects /Wastes
  49. Calcium sulphate

    Screening/Sifting Materials:

  50. Silica
  51. Sodium nitrate
  52. Sulphur
  53. Talc
  54. Earths
  55. Zinc
  56. Zirconium

    Screening/Sifting Materials:

  57. Quartz
  58. Basalt
  59. Glass
  60. Phonolite
  61. Coffee
  62. Cocoa
  63. Soot
  64. Pyrulosite
  65. Sugar
  66. Diatomite
  67. Powdered milk

Common Applications Include:

  • Sifting, scalping, sieving and classifying of dry bulk solids
  • Particle sizing and separation
  • Dewatering slurries
  • Separate solids from liquids
  • Check screening
  • Spray booth reclaiming
  • Particle analysis

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