18 Top Security Tips in the School

18 Top Security Tips in the School

18 Top Security Tips in the School: Security means protection from physical harm, theft, freedom from vulnerability, from possible future financial difficulties or a state of being secured.

We have many security services which we can use like security blankets for children, Security Council’s etc. But I want to dwell on schools security.

A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for effective learning and teaching. Threats to security in school can be caused by Natural hazard like earthquake, storm, and flood, while human actions can be vandalization, arson and violent crimes.

Schools are designed to be Centre for learning, therefore, it should be a place that is safe, secured, and peaceful. A situation where by the school premises seem unsafe for learning; the students will always be reluctant to go to the school.

No child will be able to succeed academically.

If they do not feel safe in school, no teacher will be able to teach at their best.

If they are not confident that there is a plan in place to ensure their school is well prepared for an emergency.

Therefore, school security threats are very harmful to academic activities.

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Security Tips in the SchoolSecurity Tips in the SchoolSecurity Tips in the School

These are top 17 security tips in the school.

17 Top Security Tips in the School

1. Attention

Any suspicious item or device should be drawn to the attention of security personnel immediately.

2. Awareness

Encourage school’ personnel such as security guards to maintain heightened awareness for suspicious activities and to report same to the school authority. This may include suspicious vehicles on or around the compound, suspicious person in and outside the school building including video recording, packages around the building perimeter in the school.

3. Student should not be allowed to sit at lonely places and should always be alert to report suspicious activities and behaviors.

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4. Students should be educated on specific safety precautions associated with explosive incidents and bomb threats.

5. Provide special attention to perimeter security and access control issues.

Have clearly defined perimeter for schools through the use offences, gates, environmental design, signal, CCTV, and other professional security measures.

6. Educate students to always move away from any car pulls beside and is driven by a stranger even if the person looks lost or confused.

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7. Any bomb threats should seriously be accessed through fully.

School administration should not rush to evacuate the student without properly examining the genuineness of the threats.

8. Maintain a proactive effort of visitor access and control.

Reduce the number of doors accessible from the outside to one designated entrance.

Do not permit access and report suspicious individuals representing themselves as service or delivery personnel who cannot be verified.

9. Schools should set boundaries about the places students can go in the premises.

10. School proprietors should endeavor to provide training for their personnel.

Which includes academic and non-academic staff on how to respond to bomb threats.

Search procedures crime scene management’s evacuation etc.

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11. Use designated parking area especially for visitors and registered staff and students’ vehicles. Provide supervision and monitory of parking lots and outside areas as appropriate.

12. Bomb threats in schools leads to disruption in schools’ activities such as loss of lives and properties, temporary suspension of academic activities or total evacuation of students from the school.

13. Verify the identity of service personnel and venders visiting the school including those seeking access to utilities alarm systems. Communication systems, maintenance areas and related location.

14. Form a team, ensure that every member of that school knows what roles they need to perform in an emergency.

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15. Set up communication system, communication is very vital in any critical situation. Equip your members of staff with two-way radios and smart phones to access your student’s data.

16. Define, publicize and practice your plan, write a policy that defines what behaviors are acceptable or not acceptable in your school.

17. Train your staff on how to define potentially violent situations. Promote parents participation and outline procedures for crisis management. Practice these procedure regularly.

18. Improve student’s relationship, prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to maintain security and prevent violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy, bulling and more is to get to know your students and show that you care. When students feel invisible, they will go to any length or limit to get attention.

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Improved school safety and security doesn’t have to cost huge amount in capital improvement that makes the school more like jails. Sometimes simple improvement can go a long way. Start with the most economical means of reducing risks such as trimming over grown bushes. Make strides towards getting to know your students and ensure that your staff always has access to student emergency contact, disciplinary notes, medical information and more.

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