12 Tips to Save Money on Flights Using Skyscanner

Skyscanner flights: Are you looking for cheap flights to somewhere amazing but you don’t have a lot of money?

Well, that can be tricky. But the good news is that there are ways to save money when booking your flight.

There are tons of hidden fees when flying and those add up really fast.

If you book directly through the airline, you will almost always pay more than if you book through a third party like Skyscanner or another service and this is even before considering any hidden fees.
If you want to save money on flights, these 12 tips will help you do just that.

They can also help if you are planning an upcoming trip and want to see what is available at different times throughout the year or if you’re going somewhere with fluctuating cost based on demand.

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12 Tips to Save Money on Flights Using Skyscanner

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There’s nothing worse than coming up with clever ways to save money, only to blow your savings on a flight. Thanks to the rising cost of gas and the popularity of affordable airlines like Spirit, flights are becoming more expensive than ever before. In fact, in many cases it may be cheaper for you to fly one-way and book lodging separately than it is to book a round-trip ticket. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money on airfare without breaking the bank. If you’re searching for cheap flights — or any type of travel itinerary, for that matter — check out these 12 tips from Skyscanner on how to save money on flights.

Check 2-4 week windows for the best deals

One-week flights are rarely a bargain. However, booking two to three weeks out from your desired travel date can net some pretty amazing deals. For example, bidding on a one-way ticket from New York to Lima, Peru, might cost upwards of $850. But booking that same ticket just two weeks out will cost you $645, a savings of $215. The same concept applies to round-trip flights; the further out you book, the better the deal you can expect. Round-trip flights are ideal for those who don’t know exactly when they’ll be returning.

Fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

According to Skyscanner, flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually cheaper than flights on other days of the week. When booking flights, be sure to check the calendar to make sure you’re not flying in a holiday period. If you are, fares can jump considerably. If you’re traveling to a major city during the off-season, you can expect to save even more on airfare. The off-season is when there are fewer tourists in a city, so airlines lower their prices to fill empty seats.

Book a week or more in advance

Booking a week or more in advance is known as “forward booking,” and it’s a great way to save money on airfare. Skyscanner found that airfares are typically at their highest between 30 and 90 days before the flight. Forward booking allows you to take advantage of the low prices and still have plenty of time to plan your trip. Keep in mind that prices don’t always go down as the departure date nears. Sometimes they go up. If you’re flexible with your travel dates, you have a better chance of saving money on your ticket.

Fly in the off-season

Flying during the off-season — generally between November and March in the Northern Hemisphere or May and October in the Southern Hemisphere — can save you plenty of money on airfare. If you want to visit the Caribbean, for example, you’ll save about $465 by visiting in February as opposed to July. While off-season flights are cheaper, you’ll likely experience a higher number of layovers and travel delays. Make sure you’re okay with those tradeoffs before booking a flight during a low season.

Check for hidden fees

Before you book a flight, be sure to check if the airline has any hidden fees. While some fees, like checked bag and change fee, are pretty standard, others may be more unexpected. For example, Spirit Airlines charges a fee for every leg of your trip. If you’re booking a multi-leg flight, make sure you’re aware of all the fees associated with your trip. Forward booking will give you plenty of time to save up the necessary funds for your trip.

Join a travel reward program

Travel rewards programs are a great way to save money on flights. If you’re a member of one of these programs, like Chase Sapphire Preferred or Citi ThankYou, you can redeem points for travel expenses. For example, 60,000 points is worth $600 towards travel. If you’re not a member of a travel rewards program yet, now is the time to join. You can get a free flight just for signing up.

Don’t forget about last minute deals

Last-minute deals are often the best deals of all. While they won’t show up on booking sites like Skyscanner until the last minute, you can find them through travel apps like Hopper. For example, you can book a round trip flight from New York City to Lima, Peru, on December 30 for about $750. If you want to visit your friends or family for the holidays, be sure to check for last minute deals.

Don’t rely only on Skyscanner

While Skyscanner is a great tool for finding cheap flights, you should also check other resources to make sure you’re getting the best deal. There may be other booking sites or travel apps that offer even cheaper flights, so be sure to do your research. For example, sites like Hotwire, Priceline, and Travelocity don’t display the name of the airline. This can be both a good and a bad thing. You’re less likely to be swayed by the airline’s reputation, but you also don’t know if you’re getting a good deal.

Bottom Line

If you follow these 12 tips to save money on flights, you’ll be sure to find the perfect trip for the best price. Just remember: booking a flight is only half the battle. The real work comes when you’re actually traveling. Pack light, wear comfortable (and safe) footwear, and stay hydrated. With these tips, you’ll survive the journey and arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed.

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