10 Ways to Start Football Viewing Business

How to start football viewing center business

How to start football viewing center business in Nigeria: How well do you know how to start football viewing center business in Nigeria? Do you know you can begin your own football viewing center business today? Do you also know you can also make profit today? Ever considered football enthusiasm an opportunity to make money? In case yes, an awesome horde of fans are out there to help you.

The opportunity to profit from men and women who are enthusiastically supporting football is not far away. And the way towards that is on smooth soil.

The gathering together is not limited to the stadia where fans meet up in thousands to give support to their team of choice.

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How to start football viewing center business in Nigeria

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The Business Prospects in Football Viewing Center Business in Nigeria

From Europe to South America, from Africa to Asia, in reality; the stadia wouldn’t accommodate all fans; so the individuals who are thousands of miles away search for spots to meet up in one soul to support their teams. (This is more dominant in Africa where cable TV is not that affordable)

If you could give one to them, you are giving someone the opportunity to watch a live match while making money for yourself by doing that. This is what you stand to gain:

During weekends there are always a lot of matches. There are also matches midweek though not every week. The cost of viewing a match in most places in Nigeria is N100.

If your viewing centre is sufficiently spacious to accommodate 100 people, you will stand to make N10, 000 per match.

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In situations where there are matches at various times, say; Chelsea versus Mancity-1pm Arsenal vs. Man. united -4pm and Barcelona vs. Real Madrid-9pm.

That will mean a sum N10, 000 times 3 = N30.000 a single day. It may be less, yet in a month; your football viewing center business will pay your bill and significantly more.

Starting a Football Viewing Center Business – Sample Step-By-Step Business Plan

(1) Get an Ideal Location

Get a decent location; a location or building that has enough space for expansion. In case  it’s an open space like a football field, then you may need to get a woodworker to construct a tent shed using zinc; and guarantee that the structure is sufficiently wide to contain a decent number of individuals (say 100 to 300 capacity).

You ought to figure out how to think huge and begin little.

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(2) Set It Up

If you have a low start-up capital, what you need to do is to get wooden seats.  This will minimize start up cost and will be able to accommodate significantly large number of individuals.

In any case, in the event that you have enough capital, you can select single plastic seats as they are more convenient.

You should likewise guarantee that the room or building is appropriately ventilated; in order to make your clients feel good. If viewers are not comfortable watching football in your centre, that simply means you are giving out your customers to your rivals.

Do you desire that? I figure NO.

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(3) Get a Suitable Space for Your Football Viewing Center Business

The greatest challenge involved in setting up a football viewing center Business is space. Having enough space will give you edge over your rivals.

If you have the opportunity of having such a space, then all you need to do is to set it up properly. Planks and trampoline are better alternatives, depending on the number of watchers you suspect.

Be that as it may, the viewing center must be flexible or sufficiently open to accommodate viewers. Trampoline fills this need since it could be balanced at whatever point the need emerges.

For instance, the control helps you to move down the curtains when it’s raining, or when you need individuals who did not pay not to see what is happening.

You also need to create enough windows and substitute entryways. It will enhance ventilation and unwinding.

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(4) Construct wooden benches: it is advisable to use wooden seats as they are durable, plastic seats get broken effectively. So make the seats sufficiently long and provide fans (standing or ceiling) to ensure a cooler climate.

(5) Incorporate game centers: it is not every day that you have matches going on. You always have matches at regular intervals during European football season and during world cups. It will therefore serve as additional income if you can incorporate game center where people play games of their choice in your viewing center business.

(6) Get a board: that is another tool you need to have. It will help you to publicize your viewing center; it will give you the opportunity to notify your customers of the date and time of upcoming matches.

(7) Get Good Televisions

The second thing needed to be done in starting your viewing center business is to acquire TV sets. Having two or more TVs enable you to give viewers the opportunity to watch any match of their choice when there are different matches going on at the same time.

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(8) Purchase DSTV Decoders

DSTV decoder is the best to purchase as they have right to cover most popular matches over the world.

(9) Get the appropriate subscription plan

DSTV has the right to cover directly the vast majority of football competitions:

  1. UEFA champions league
  2. Spanish La liga
  3. English Premiership
  4. Italian Seria A
  5. French Lique 1 and so on.

To be able to watch all these competitions, you need to subscribe to the premium DSTV plan and this will cost about #14,700 per month per decoder.

(10) Purchase Standby Generator

Football matches are always interesting that viewers are glued to their TV set over the 90 minutes of the match. As a result, viewers would always be attracted to a viewing center that guarantees them uninterrupted power supply over the 90 minute of the match and more.  This can only be achieved by having a standby generator

Five Management Tips for Running a Viewing Center

  1. Get a chalkboard or notice board outside your football center to list all upcoming matches for the day.
  2. In the event that you have more capital and you need to make your viewing center first class, you can utilize cooks to offer pepper soup, little snacks, recharge card vouchers, and chilled drinks. You could even offer these things yourself.
  3. Another technique to remain at the highest point of your amusement is by offering bonanzas or produce T-shirts with the name of your viewing centers printed on it. Be shrewd and innovative. There’s such a great amount of cash to be made in this business!
  4. Approach your clients with respect. Clients are the main support in every business! Be kind to your clients. They are the sole reason you are still in business. Approach them with cordial respect, and attempt to build good relationship with them.

On a final note, in case you are presently unemployed, you can try out this business. It doesn’t require much capital to begin and it’s very easy to oversee.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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