How to Start Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business: Today, my discussion will centre on how to start frozen chicken and turkey business.

Ask me a multi-million-naira industry and I will tell you the frozen chicken and turkey business.

It is understandably so because many prefer to buy it as it is easy to cook.

With frozen chicken and turkey, you dont have to worry about slaughtering.

Removing feathers, cutting the chicken into parts.

Frozen chicken and turkey business gives you the chance to pick the chicken and turkey parts you wish to eat.

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Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

For this convenience sake, the demand for frozen chicken and turkey is getting high.

You are almost certain you would not incur loss investing in this business.

This write-up will all you need to know before venturing into your frozen turkey and chicken business.

You will also be educated on how to market your frozen chicken and turkey business.

But first, let us go through the health benefits of chicken and turkey consumption.

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Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business
Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Advantages of chicken and turkey consumption to the health

It is known to all that chicken and turkey is a good source of protein. Protein helps in the buildup of our muscles, skin, ligament and veins.

A lot of customers testify that soup of stew made with chicken and turkey is very tasty.

Far better than those made with beef or other protein sources.

1. Chicken and turkey forestalls bone damage, since it is rich in calcium.

It is not difficult taking in the chicken and turkey.

This is because the bone of chicken and turkey in which the calcium is contained is soft.

The can be broken and chewed easily.

Chewing these bones give not only strong bones but strong teeth.

2. Chicken and turkey is rich in phosphorus that helps in developing strong bones, teeth, kidney and also the liver.

3. Consumption of chicken and turkey at a high-level lead to increase in our metabolic performance.

4. Healthy blood vessels and as a result, increased energy level.

5. Chicken and turkey is a good source of vitamin-B that helps in preventing cancer.

6. Healthy vision

7. Consumption of chicken and turkey helps to reduce skin problem. It also repairs dry and damaged skin

8. Due to its zinc content, it helps to increase or maintain good appetite.

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Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

So, What Next?

Now we are aware of the health benefits of chicken and turkey.

Let us now look at the way into its production.

Before then, understand that due to the ban of the federal government.

On the importation of frozen chicken and turkey, it is profitable to produce it locally.

Having a poultry farm where you rear chicken and turkey is a very welcome idea.

The birds to be reared should be either layers or broilers.

However, obtaining life chicken and turkey to process into frozen form can be from one of the following sources:

Buying from poultry farmers

Many prefer not to go through the stress of preparing life chicken and turkey to eat.

They simply go for the frozen chicken and turkey.

Some of the requirements needed to be met before venturing into the business include:

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

chicken and turkey business Startup capital

To start frozen chicken and turkey business at a medium scale level.

You will require at least N2, 000,000.

Your startup capital will be used to purchase all the equipment needed to maintain the business.

The startup capital can be obtained through various sources.

Loan from bank, you own savings, money borrowed from friends.

It may also be from business.

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Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

The Startup Point

This may not be a shop; you can decide to start your business from home.

Though, that is if you have enough space.

In any case if your house is not sufficiently spacious.

You may need to acquire a piece of land.

This should not be far away from your target market.

To limit your cost, you can obtain a plot of land in a less developed area.

Depending on your location, you may not spend more than N300, 000.

To build a fence around your land, you will be required to buy around 1,000 pieces of blocks.

One cost N120, and so 1,000 will cost N120, 000.

You will require 30 sacks of cement to erect the fence. This will total N49, 500.

Put aside N100, 000 for as cost of sand to be used and cost of labor.

You will likewise require N200, 000 for mounting door and miscellaneous.

Develop a more affordable shed or better still build a standard room on your land.

This will serve as your cold room.

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Equipment for Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business.

Some equipment is needed in the day to day running of the business.

Having accomplished a standard start up point, it is important to procure these equipment.

These and other materials needed include:

1. Deep freezers

2. Knives and machetes

3. Heat source

4. Cutting tables

5. Hand towels

6. Generator

7. Sealing machine

8. Soap

9. Polythene bags for packaging

10. Basins and bowls

There is also the need to recruit staff as the work cannot be done alone.

This will make your production faster and easier.

The factory should be divided into different sections;

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Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

1. Slaughtering and feather removal section,

2. Cutting section,

3. Packaging and branding section and

4. Distribution and marketing section.

The segments depend on how much you produce.

It is important to hire honest and dedicated staff and paying their salaries as at when due.

This will make the happy and more dedicated while working for you.

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Determine your Choice of Birds

There are two categories of birds used in this business.

These are old layers and broilers.

Therefore if you want to purchase your birds from a farm, you know which one to go for.

And in case you want to rear them on your own, you know the type to rear.

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You Can Now Kickstart the Business

Since your equipment are on ground.

And you know the types of birds to purchase or rear.

The next thing is to start the business.

The interesting thing is that all the parts of a slaughtered bird is useful.

We have talked about the production processes involved in this business.

Let us go further to packaging and marketing.

After production, there are a few stages to consider making your products satisfactory to the general public and they include:

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Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Give Your Chicken and Turkey Business A Name

Frozen chicken and turkey is a consumable product.

And so you should give your business a sweet name.

It must be straightforward and short, simple to pronounce.

The all the more engaging your name sounds, the better for your business.

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Register Your Chicken And Turkey Business With NAFDAC

You should enroll your business with the national agency for food and drug administration and control.

This body is included in co-coordinating and controlling the production.

Importation, exportation, marketing and distribution.

Sale and consumption of food, medications, and cosmetics.

To know more about NAFDAC, visit

You will get a lot of information about this body.

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Find Your Target Market

Where and how you want to sell your product is very important.

Therefore, you need to locate your target market.

Your target market should be those shops that are involved in retailing frozen foods.

Restaurants, hotels, eateries, organization with catering facility.

Fast food proprietors, and party planners/host.

This will help boost your production rate and hence, profit.

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Chicken And Turkey Business Branding

Branding goes far beyond just creating a just creating a unique name.

It likewise includes making trademark for your product.

Your product name and picture will naturally help in marketing your product if there is consistency.

You can develop techniques on how you can advertise your product.

Or better still utilize the already existing advertising media.

Inform your family, friends and neighbors regarding your product.

Don’t forget, advertising your product contributes a lot to the success of your business.

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Chicken and Turkey Business Retail selling

Though you are the producer, you can also decide to sell directly to the final consumer.

To achieve this, you will need a retail shop.

This can be located in a residential or market environment where you can be rest assured that people will buy your product.

In other words, you need to get a strategic location for your shop which would be easily accessible for customers.

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Ensure Quality Control for Your Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

This part of the business is very important.

The purpose of quality control is to ensure quality products are delivered to your customers.

Quality control will ensure strict adherence to the best practice of chicken and turkey processing

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

Potential Profit in Frozen Chicken and Turkey Business

With no doubt, this business is profitable.

When you or your staff would take care of the washing and cutting of the chicken and turkey into parts.

Other parts include chicken and turkey heads, necks, legs, laps, wings, trunk, gizzard, etc.

These are sold independently, and a kilogram is sold for N700.

This selling rate/price can increase especially during festive periods when demands would be higher.

Invest in this business today and realize the benefits in it.

Don’t hesitate to make inquiries we will happily respond.

Likewise let us know your challenges and how you overcame them.

Want you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

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If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do.

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