How to Start Garri Business

How to Start Garri Business in Nigeria: This guide will enlighten you on the step by step process of processing Garri in Nigeria.  Garri is used both for domestic and commercial consumption. I will be discussing with you essentially, how to Start Garri Business in Nigeria. Let us now begin by first knowing what garri is.

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How to Start Garri Business in Nigeria:
How to Start Garri Business in Nigeria

What is Garri? Is there Market for the product?

Garri could be defined as a smooth yellowish, white granular flour sometimes with flavor could be sour or somehow fermented in nature. Garri is made from cassava tubers. It is a common food consumed mostly in African nations and Nigeria in particular.

Also, Garri even being used by people in America, Australia, Europe and other places in Africa like I mentioned earlier. This type of food is majorly eaten by people who love African soup. This type of food (Garri) is eaten with varieties of African foods such as vegetable soup, afang soup, groundnut soup, Mellon soup, ice fish soup and the rest of them.

Garri also, is widely used by students as a fast breakfast for school. Done with the application of Garri, water, sugar, salts and could be taken with groundnut alongside if available at the moments.

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Types/Varieties of Garri in the Nigerian market

1. White Garri:

This is the most well-known kind of Garri around West Africa. It is Kept to be fermented without palm oil for a few days. The raw material is then fried without the use of oil, red oil.

2. Garri Business Ruby/Yellowish Garri:

This one is typically found in states like Edo, Delta alongside other Southern regions in the country. Also refered to as “The Bendel  Garri”. It goes through an indistinguishable planning methodology. For example, only the Garri that are white,that red palm oil is added to. To give that solid yellowish shading to it.

3. Garri Business: Ijebu Garri:

This Garri is made the very same way the other Garri are made. Just that the range kept is about seven days. No palm oil is included. Starchy in nature and contains an amazingly sharp flavor. People in the Western piece of Nigeria like such Garri.

4. Garri Business  Ghana Garri:

This is a Ghana Garri, and is produced in Ghana and in addition the methodology is almost the same with the others. just that the peeled and picked cassava absorbs water.

Basic Steps Needed for Garri preparation

Procedure needed for processing of cassava is simple. It could take this format;

  1. cassava harvesting
  2. pilling of cassava
  3. washing of cassava
  4. grinding of cassava
  5. Squeezing/drying of cassava
  6. Sieving of cassava
  7. Frying of cassava in fire
  8. Cooling of cassava
  9. Sacking/bagging of cassava

You need to wash your cassava tubers very well to eliminates sand in it. Next reason you need to grind is so as to have the flour part of it to make Garri etc.

Reason why you must start Garri processing business

  1. There is Low startup cost required
  2. You can partner with other people to do it
  3. N2 million-naira profit could be made in the first year to about a N100 million in the subsequent year.
  4. It grows very fast and not that stressful
  5. Dynamic in nature
  6. Potential for Cooperative or Small business – built up associations
  7. Don’t need much labor in the beginning

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Consideration Before starting a Garri processing business

1. Pick a good site/Location for Cassava Farm planting:

Before moving in to cassava planting. Pick a zone with a good loamy soil, and warm climatic condition. Cassava develops best in these regions. Check whether of the environment if its suitable for cassava cultivation. If not quit.

Garri Business

2. Enhance the Soil for Planting the Cassavas:

Increase the fertility of your soil if it’s not well manure. Or you opt in to areas that have a good loamy soil so as not to spend enough money with fertilizers. Note, if the soil is not fertile you may lose your hard earn currency.

3. Select the Best Cassava Variety to Plant:

Choosing good varieties of cassava stems will gives awesome yields, develops quick, and are immune to bugs, insects and sicknesses.

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Garri Business

4). Select Healthy Cassava Stem Cuttings:

You have to cut good cassava stem. Choosing solid stems to developing rich cassava plant and you will sell fast market would rapidly buy. You can purchase cassava stem cuttings around the local area markets and towns.

The best place to get solid cassava stem is from your own farm land. Cultivation of bad stem are ways that will easily bring pest to your cassava and sicknesses in return.

5). You have to Plant the Cassava Right:

Now before you go ahead to plant your cassava ensure you take note of, the land type and texture, the time needed to plant cassava so as to yield well during harvest, the type and species to be used, and the right strategy to employ. Once the right steps are taken you will make good harvest, and make more profits during your processing.

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Garri Business

6). Determine Your Cassava Production Setup/Cost of Production

Just as any other business. Do you know that the way you start your cassava farming business can turn your accounts into millions? You must understand a good startup cost of cassava processing business.

So you could generate a good income instead of being on the losing side. Here is a sample costing for setting up a cassava farm in Nigeria:

  1. Land Cost about = N 800,000 to N1.5 m. Unless you already have a land
  2. Land Preparation BOUT = N30,000 (Could Vary)
  3. Cassava Stem Cuttings about = N60,000. Though prices vary
  4. Fertilizer about = N30,000
  5. Fermentation Tank cost about = N300,000
  6. Hydraulic Press about = N250,000
  7. Hammer Mill cost about = N800,000

Other things could be carriage bags, insecticides, farm maintenance, labour fees, general employee and many of this should be considered.

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Garri Business

7. Do feasibility study

Many people just go ahead to start a business that’s the more reason why many don’t succeed. Ask people I mean the expert questions and make enquiries on how it is operated, advantages, disadvantages, startup cost, and so on. So, you don’t run at a loss.

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Equipment used for Garri production Locally

  1. Harvesters
  2. Peelers
  3. Washers
  4. Graters and Chippers
  5. Dryers
  6. Pots/Frypans
  7. Turning Spoon
  8. Tripod etc.

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Comprehensive Machines/Equipment used for Garri production

  1. Disc Mill
  2. Tank Dryer
  3. Aspirator
  4. Pressure Cookers Aluminum Pots
  5. Heavy Duty Weighing Scale (Capacity 0-100kg)
  6. Cassava Grating Machine (Hammer Mill)
  7. Gas Cookers and Accessories
  8. Hammer Mill with 5mm Mesh Aperture
  9. Semi-Auto Auger Filling Machine
  10. Heat Sealing Machine (Industrial)
  11. Blending Machine (Cone Blender)
  12. Sieving Machine (1000 x 450 Micro Mesh Aperture)
  13. Granulator (with 10mm Mesh Aperture)
  14. Dewatering Machine (Hydraulic Press)
  15. Rotary Dryer
  16. Granulator

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Garri Business

How To market and where to market your processed Garri

Places you can market your processed Garri are;

  1. The Big Open Market
  2. Dormitories
  3. Hotel
  4. Restaurant
  5. At home
  6. Export to other places not much available
  7. Church/mosque for retreats and convention. And for Ramadan and Salah
  8. You can also market it in events like burial, weeding etc.

Garri Business: If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas.

  1. This is very informative and vital for me at this time because I am looking to set up something of such in Nigeria. Thanks a lot. Greatly appreciated.

  2. I love this, how i wish I can start the business but it is uunfortunate I don’t have enough capitaI. let me start looking for job in other to secure my future.

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