How to Start Huggies Diapers Business

We shall be looking at How to Start Huggies diapers business in Nigeria. Now, to start with, there’s certainly no distinction between a “diaper” and a “nappy”. Both are American and UK English expressions for portraying the similar thing!

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Huggies diapers business:
Huggies diapers business

What are Diapers? Usages

Diapers are basically clothing that enables infants to “pee” and “stool” in a “convenient” way. I just couldn’t think about a clearer approach to portray a diaper than this.

Diapers are normally accessible in two primary structures. One is reusable fabric diapers. The others are disposable diapers – which are produced using engineered materials.

Diapers should be changed all the time when they end up noticeably ruined to keep away from skin issues like diaper rash (likewise called ‘nappy rash’). With most children, diaper changes can occur up to five times in a solitary day.

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Feasibility Study on Huggies Diapers

For a developing number of parents and guardians who lean toward the accommodation given by disposable diapers, the cost of purchasing nappies can be exceptionally exorbitant.

In spite of the fact that they tend to cost more than reusable material diapers, disposables are quick turning into a most loved with many middle class and rich African families.

Since most “working moms” are occupied these days, since they work at a vocation or maintain their own business, disposable diapers enable them to keep away from the tedious undertaking of cleaning fabric diapers with a specific end goal to take them back to a reusable state.

Therefore, of this developing inclination for disposables, a large amount of money will be spent by African parents and guardians on this ware alone.

Note: Over the most recent couple of years, low-estimated diapers manufactured locally, or progressively imported from China, have entered the African market. Because of their low value, poor families can now manage the cost of disposable diapers for their children.

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Why Prefer Huggies to different Diaper Products?

According to an online analysis, many parents and guardians have opted for Huggies diapers on the following grounds:

  1. Huggies infants are more “elegant”. That’s is, they resemble a thing of class.
  2. Huggies babies don’t get diaper rash

Baby diapers falls into a class of products that customers’ needs every day. Whether rich or poor, you require infant diapers. In so far you are a nursing mother, you need baby diapers. So, as a businessman or businesswoman bringing in products that are useful to a normal Nigerian; poor or rich is a noble venture.

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The Market for Huggies Diapers is Wide

Getting the products to the correct client is never an issue of concern, essentially in light of the fact that the market is promptly accessible all around. You find market at a moderately modest value. you can auction your foreign made baby diapers at discount cost to grocery stores You can sell in stores and retailers inside the nation. your scope for the most part relies on upon your marketing abilities.

How to How to Start Huggies Diapers Business in Nigeria

Registration and Permits

Pick whether to structure your huggies diaper business as a sole proprietorship, organization, or corporation. Then, enroll the business with the corporate Affairs commission of Nigeria (CAC) of Nigeria.

To huggies diaper products, you should also enroll with your institutions governing baby diaper business in Nigeria, if any.

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Make Good Market Research

To assemble a business plan and spending plan, direct research to recognize your potential client base and your providers. Exhaustive market knowledge is promptly accessible and that gives data on the offers of products distributions in every area, including dispensable baby diapers.

Performing market research will help you see what number of individuals are purchasing the more in within your vicinity. It will also help you realize the customers or stores from whom they are getting them. Lastly, it will help you fix the brands and value purposes of those diapers being sold.

Get Connected to Suppliers/Providers

You do not intend to manufacture huggies baby diapers, I guess. You would have to buy from either manufacturers or suppliers/distributors etc.

Various diaper supply companies exist all over the nation. Finding and building up provider connections, credit accounts and common trust with them is highly recommended.

Approach a few legitimate diaper manufacturers. Give them your business proposition and a demand for citation. This will empower you to spending plan precisely for the startup of your business.

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Get Your Funds Ready

A few huggies baby diapers manufacturers will supply their products on cash and carry basis. Nonetheless, the larger part of companies requires part payment in view of a decent upfront installment against an expansive request.

Approach loaning organizations with your business plan and spending plan. Indicate anticipated salary, costs and spending plan. Also, highlight your market outlook, reach and affirmed supply citations. Set up a good source of backup to take care of the expenses of registration, rental or purchases of fittings, and starting stock buys.

Types and Prices of of Baby diapers to buy

Types of Huggies Baby diapers to buy includes the following

  1. Huggies Superdry size 3(4-9kg): 60pieces.N2,700.
    2. Huggies Superdry size 4(7-14kg): 52pieces.N2,700.
    3. Huggies Superdry size 4+(9-16kg): 48pieces.N2,700.
    4. Huggies Superdry size 5(9-16kg): 44pieces.N2,700
    5. Huggies Superdry size 6(9-16kg): 36pieces.N2,700
    6. Toujour sizes 3,4,5 (MIDI & MAXI) @ 2200
    7. Johnson Wipes 6 in a pack @ 1800, 12 in a pack 3500
    8. Huggies Wipes 4 in a pack 1250

Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers & Baby Wipes Combo Set

Key Features

  1. Trusted Leak Lock System with quick-absorbing layers
  2. Long-lasting core to lock in wetness
  3. Count 228
  4. 12 – 18lbs
  5. Huggies Pure Baby Wipes. Box contains 6 packets of 64 wipes.
  6. Size 2

Where to Buy Huggies Diapers for Sale in Nigeria

1. Buy from Nigerian Suppliers

It is more convenient to buy your Huggies Baby diapers from Nigeria. There are number of outlets out there. Below are a few of them.

Ebbyson Baby Stores

Address: 72/74, Alade Market, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-803-351-9421      Tel 2: +234-803-576-1171

Fem-fun Stores

Address: Shop 80 And 93, Alade Market, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-1-842-2469      Tel 2: +234-802-312-1162      Tel 3: +234-805-859-7118

Mama Ogochukwu Babies & Homes

Address: Shop 76/77, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-802-392-5236

Tender Link Baby’s World

Address: 32 Road, Festac, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-803-822-9492      Tel 2: +234-1-213-7560

2. Import Directly From China: Buy Online at

On the cost of requesting a pack of infant diaper of little size is around 0.35 Yuan for every piece, which is proportional to N10 roughly.

This is contrasted with the present cost of #550 for a parcel containing 20pieces in Nigeria market.

it’s a light weight product, which implies the transportation cost is constantly exceptionally modest contrasted with overwhelming weighty products.

It’s anything but difficult to come up short on diapers, contrasted with different products. For illustrations sake, shoes or dress or power bank are re-usable, most infant diapers are not re-useable. The re-usable and laundry-able baby diapers, though foreign can be very expensive, going at a cost generally shabby to the Nigeria market. Thus, the interest for child diapers is constantly high once the correct clients are focused on.

It’s fitting that learners kickstart or begin their importation travel with this sort of products. This is in light of the fact that the startup capital is generally low. Of course, contrasted with electronic device importation that would in the end secure their capitals without much profits or allied benefits.

On child diapers are promptly accessible at less expensive cost, and you can make an immediate request by taking after my itemized guidelines on the best way to purchase on It is also especially less demanding when you take after the leads of the individuals who have proceeded.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do.

  1. I will surely follow the steps you listed on how to start a diaper business in Nigeria ,and see how it goes .

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