How to start yam flour production business

Yam Flour Production Business: I hereby introduce you to yam flour production business in Nigeria and how to start it.

Yam flour is a rich white, granular flour with a marginally matured flavor.

It has a somewhat acrid taste. Yam is produced using aged, concentrated crisp yam tubers.

Yam flour is used as a part of the prerequisites of pounded yam.

Yam flour is utilized as a part of the prerequisites of pounded yam.

It is a valued delicacy when served in the type of “Semolina” or “Semovita”.

The product comes handy with all around arranged soup.

Aside from serving as food, it has a considerable measure of industrial employments.

It is utilized as a part of production of glues.

These are made use of by producers of containers.

Packaging organizations, foam and shoe producers also use yam.

A few industries especially in Europe utilize yam flour in readiness of top notch scones. bread, cakes to specify yet few.

In Nigeria additionally, it is being used for producing great bread and cakes.

Plainly, there is an expansive and sustainable market for yam flour production business in Nigeria.

Yam Flour Production Business yam-production-business-plan-in-nigeria/
 Yam Flour Production Business yam-production-business-plan-in-nigeria/


Yam Flour Production Business

What is Yam flour?

Yam flour has turned into a decent contrasting option to this troublesome procedure.

This make it a pleasant substitute.

There are two sorts of yam flour eaten in West African. however, the origin is distinctive.

They prepare the yam tuber in various approaches to accomplish white.

It could somewhat be caramel soft flour depending on the sort of yam flour required.

Yams have a long timeframe of realistic usability even without refrigeration.

It appears to taste better with age.  yam flour can last much longer when protected and is less massive.

Yam Flour Production Business:

The Business Opportunity in Yam Flour Production Business

According to the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA, Ibadan) in a 2001 food consumption overview among Nigerian family units.

Yam is noble among the most generally eaten foods after maize. Also in this category is cassava and rice which are very costly.

It is a noteworthy foodstuff of vitality in eating routine of Nigerian families, doesn’t ruin rapidly.

likewise, it possesses an extremely typical position socio-socially among assorted ethnic gatherings in Nigeria.

A case in point is the New Yam celebration.

It serves as a standard for assessing farming seasons and crop yield.

This points to the way that there is appeal for it locally.  however, the international market is the place the open door appears to be significantly more prominent.

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Yam Flour Production Business

There are different explanations behind this, for example:

  1. Low rivalry. Only two organizations starting at 2014 are into this business. They haven’t sufficiently caught the market.
  2. High demand. Over 17 million Nigerians live abroad in more than 40 nations in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.  The most elevated demand is from Nigerians in Holland, China and  India. Also inclusive are Nigerians in US, UK, Spain and South Africa.
  3. High profit Margin (Up to 100% profit margin from deals)

Yam Flour Production Business

Target Market Analysis For Yam Flour Production Business

Estimated Population of Nigerians in Main Market Regions 2014 appraisals is put at 10,850,000.  Let’s hear the submission by the appointee Nigerian Ambassador to the United States.

The latest is from a meeting for promoting investment in Nigeria. It is said that no less than 5 million Nigerians live in the US in 2013.

A coorespondence comes from the The Guardian Newspaper on sixteenth November 2014.

It was revealed that the US, UK, South Africa, Europe and Asia are Nigeria’s leading abroad destinations.

The US accounts for 31% taken after by Europe at 21% and South Africa with 5%.

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Yam Flour Production Business

Startup Requirements For Yam Flour Production Business

This business isn’t anything but difficult to fire up. This is due to the capital required to set it up.

The capital can be estimated at N49,490,000. This can be used to obtain such things as:

1. machinery,

2. lease stockroom,

3. working capital,

4. buy conveyance van and

5. different costs which are accessible in a point by point business plan.

The way toward producing instant yam flour is very straightforward.

It involves slicing, boiling, drying and milling of the product to yield flour.

The machinery and equipment required for production can be sourced locally or from abroad.

They include;

1. Yam slicer,

2. yam boiler,

3. pound process with a violent wind,

4. industrial nylon sealing machine and

5. a weighing machine.

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Yam Flour Production Business

Raw Materials For Yam Flour Production Business

The main raw material required for the production of instant yam flour is yam tubers.

Nigeria has a copious supply of yam.

This is particular in the center belt, south-west (Oyo, Ondo and Osun states).

Few other sections in the North and Eastern Nigeria  produce yam.

The real thing of provisions is the packaging materials.

Different supplies required include;

1. processing plant wears (in general, hand gloves, industrial facility shoes, nose veils),

2. disinfectants etc.

3. Power,

4. diesel (for generator and project truck)

5. water

These are the real utilities required for a smooth production of instant pounded yam flour.

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Machinery and Equipment for Yam Flour Production Business

  1. Weighing scale
  2. Graters
  3. Dryer machines
  4. Sieving
  5. Milling machine
  6. Packaging and sealing machine

It is conceivable to produce pounded yam flour on a little scale and spending plan.

You can downsize the equipment required and outsource the milling of the yam.

Having your own particular milling machine  however, decreases the cost of production.

You can trade the yam powder by means of air transportation or ship for bigger dispatches.

Household needs are likewise high. So, offer your product in supermarkets.

Also consider neighborhood stores and even online shopping sites.

The production procedure is highlighted underneath;

  1. Yam choice; crisp collected yam gotten from the homestead are sorted to choose entire a few tubers that are reasonable for the production of instant pounded yam flour. Normally the
  2. Weighing;  picked yams are weighed appropriately
  3. Washing; yam tubers are washed legitimately so as to dispose of sand and different unessential materials.
  4. Peeling and slicing; the washed yam tubers are peeled and then cut to coveted thickness.
  5. Parboiling; the cut yams are then put into boiling water over a timeframe depending on the thickness of the cuts.
  6. Drying; parboiled yam cuts are dried in a dryer at a predetermined drying temperature and time.
  7. Milling; the dried yam cuts are processed specifically into flour of uniform molecule estimate.
  8. Packaging; the instant pounded yam flour is the finally bundled in dampness proof nylon sacks.

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This business is a cash cow and anybody looking to go into it ought to consider the difficulties. You have to look at dangers which may make the business fall flat.

The business is exceedingly profitable. Yet,  you need required marketing, operational and administrative learning. you won’t have the capacity to endeavor this open door completely.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. You would also want to check out these other business ideas 

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