Tips to Starting Duck Farm in United State

Starting Duck Farm: Poultry is a very popular source of income on the farm as the demand for eggs and poultry’s meat keeps on rising.

From the remote area of a farm down to the crowded city, the need for the poultry’s output is very much high indeed.

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Starting Duck Farm in Nigeria
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Poultry doesn’t refer only to chicken-raising but also to duck-raising as well.

Ducks’ eggs are in high demand most especially for those health-conscious people.

They prefer duck eggs rather than chicken for it contains more nutrients than the latter.

To have a productive and successful duck farm you need to know the proper way of rearing ducks.

You must know the basics of proper feeding, duck breeding, etc.

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Starting Duck Farm

Start them, Young

It is advisable to start rearing a duckling as it is easier to handle than to have them as grown-up ducks.

Grown-up ducks are noticeably resistant to ducklings.

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Starting Duck Farm

Build a Coop that is Conducive to Growth

Make your coop not smaller than 3.5 to 4 sq. ft for every duck as this will give enough space for the ducks to move freely.

As they grow, they need more space.

So better plan to build a shelter that will not hinder their movement as they are growing.

Maintain enough ducks in a coop as this will reflect good output during the harvest time.

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Starting Duck Farm

Feeding the Ducks

Have their foods wet rather than dry to make them eat more.

Ducks love wet food and this affects their eggs, making them bigger and even heavier.

Seafood like shrimps, fish, clamps, shells, etc. is common and very nutritious food for ducks.

However, if these are not available.

You may give them a combination of feeds and chicken laying mass.

To increase their egg production, give your egg-laying ducks supplementary feed.

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Some alternative feeds for ducks:

  • Banana Peelings – Instead of throwing it, have it dried under the sun and powder it by crushing as this is the best source of protein to help your ducks grow faster than usual.
  • Based on researches, banana peelings contain more fibers, fats, and calcium but less phosphorus compare to rice bran.

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  • Sweet Potatoes and Cassava – If your farm has plenty of these, feed it to your ducks!
  • Have it dried under the sun and pulverized.
  • As researches show that ducks fed with this food are laying eggs more compared to those ducks which are only fed by corn.
  • Seaweeds – This may cost you little if your farm is near the sea.
  • Researches show that ducks fed with half rice bran and half seaweeds laid more eggs than those ducks which are fed by pure rice bran.

Starting Duck Farm

Additional Tip: have your duck farm with plenty of water for your ducks to swim into as this will affect their egg-laying productivity.

Prove it to yourself, and see the difference!

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