Swamp Rice Cultivation Techniques

Swamp Rice Cultivation Techniques

Swamp Rice Cultivation Techniques : Some of the Bible’s most beautiful passages are its prophecies of what the world will look like after Jesus Christ returns.

Deserts blossoming as the rose. Wastelands transformed into farmlands. Agricultural plenty. Universal prosperity.

Our weary world, rife with poverty and decay, cries out for this transformation.

On a small, abandoned chunk of Africa, you’ll find a bustling project that isn’t waiting for the Second Coming.

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IntroductionImage result for Swamp Rice Cultivation Techniques in Nigeria

Rice (Oryza sativa) is an important cereal in Indonesia since it is the staple food for nearly 90% of the population.

The center of rice production area in Indonesia is essentially located in Java where rice has been intensively cultivated by the farmers.

However, Java is also renowned as the most populated island in Indonesia that faces many limiting factors related to its massive population.

Land competition between agricultural sector and other usages  especially for housing and industrial sectors– then has become a challenging concern.

Furthermore, land conversion rate is reported has been increasing rapidly year by year. Over 63,000ha of agricultural land have been converted per year, particularly in Java that has reached about 50,000 ha.

Nasoetion (1994) estimated about 30,000 to 50,000 ha of rice field has been converted per year.

Therefore, the development of rice cultivation in swamp area outside Java has been targeted by Indonesian government as one of the solutions for its food vs population problem.

As one of provinces with largest swamp area coverage, South Sumatra has been considered as new promising rice production area, especially during dry season where most of rice fields suffer from drought.

However, unfortunately, not many references of swamp rice cultivation status in South Sumatra were found.

Classification of SwampImage result for Swamp Rice Cultivation Techniques in Nigeria

Swamp is a type of land that characteristically flooded for a long period of time and the soil is basically in mud form.

Swamp area in Indonesia is classified into two main categories, tidal swamp and non-tidal swamp.

1) shallow swamp;

2) medium swamp; and

3) deep swamp

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