Top 7 Tips to start tie and dye business

Top 7 Tips to start tie and dye business

Top 7 Tips to start tie and dye business : What do we mean, when we talk about tie and dye? It’s very simple, this has to do with the proper practical application of dye(s) on fabric materials, through the twisting, string binding, pleating etc. To form good designs on clothes and its used in virtually all wear. It’s either done with the one-color design or multifarious colors depending on what one ones.

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This business is a lucrative business venture practically practiced largely in African countries.

Nigeria in particular, it could be commonly seen in the locally produced materials like wrappers which could be used to produce chieftaincy wears, the Alhaji, the “one-thousand-five-hundred wears”, the agbada wears etc.

And for the modern day wears it could be designed to produce clothes like shirts, suit trousers and coats, jeans and the polo as well.

And you may be carried away by their designs, captions, logos and may pay at a higher price without considering or may even place a booking order to pick up later.

This is a very creative craftwork that is making head in Nigeria right now and am going to show you how to get started in this business and be successful in it. Below are what you will need in the tie and dye business.

Top 7 Tips to start tie and dye business

Tie & dye business Tie & dye business Tie & dye business

1) Capital

2) Technical know How

3) Setting up of Equipment

4) Business Registration

5) Marketing Strategy

6) A Landing Page

7) Survey

1) Capital:

Tie and dye is not that capital intensive per say though it needs a good financial support system.

Starting with 300,000 and 400,000 naira is a good start not that bad, when you come to think of the cost of equipment and other big machines for the job then you will know how to plan ahead for it.

Consider the cost of other materials needed for the business.

Let me repeat what I do like to say normally, I know you knew what am going to say…… “start small and grow big”. But it’s not a must if you are financially buoyant then you can go ahead and start big then you will also earn big.

If you don’t have money avoid bank loans because it won’t guarantee you instant wealth, remember every business take some time to grow so what if you can’t pay up within the stipulated time.

You may be arrested, instead opt-in for cooperative groups, contributions and be sure it’s a trusted group before you join to avoid stories that touches the hearts.

2) Technical know How:

You must have been trained or must have gotten many years, of experience working in the field

do you consider it not too late? No, you don’t have to!  you can obtain a three to six min diploma training in any of the institution handling it. such could be polytechnic, online distant learning etc.

3) Setting up of Equipment:

You will need to install some, of the equipment to be used in a strategic position fir your work and you may hire the service of an expert who can do it well for you.

Also, you will need to segment directions for your tools placement to move work in the right order almost taking the shape of the alphabet, after tool “A is tool “B and so on.

Proper arrangement matters a lot here.

Other facilities you may need include plastic buckets, measuring tools like teaspoon and scales, mixers, turners and so on.

Top 7 Tips to start tie and dye business

4) Business Registration:

Since you are the sole proprietor of your business getting your business registered get you a unique identity and make you stand out from the crowd.

Aside from that it gives you authority through the license you acquire in the business.

It also commands respect to your business where people wont talk anyhow with you or your work. It is a sign that shows your reliable and good at it.

There are many organizations you can register your business with and obtain a business name such is the cooperate affairs commission or any reliable institution in your area.

5) Marketing Strategy:

To be at the pick of your business you need to carry out quality research to ensure you make it.

Such strategies including advertising your business to the public through radio and TV.

Also, leverage on internet ads like the social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram.

Doing so will help you even sell your materials outside by exporting them. You will be earning in dollars.

6) A Landing Page:

A Landing page here is your personal website design with your products and materials on it

so, visitors from far places could have information and way about on how to get your materials.

Moreover, when you run and advert that is the place visitors will land that is why we even call it a landing page.

You will as well get better connections if your business goes online.

This devices will grow fast due to rapid use of smartphones. at most 80% of people in the world can afford a smartphone that can easily access video streaming and web navigation.

The landing page can now redirect customers to your sales page.

There, they will find varieties of your products and will make their choices.

Don’t also make it too expensive. Doing so will make you lose  sales and patronage. dont forget you are not the only one doing it.

7) Survey:

There are also a very good in business if you adopt this method you will not do many mistakes. You will enquire about how that business was operated, why it was changed, and they knew way it is done.

Let people tell you their views about the business, what they think should be added to improve it, what the hate about it and will help you to be successful because if you depend on your own knowledge you may fail you need other peoples ideas and opinion.

Remember no body is the author of knowledge and wisdom, rather it is contributive. This survey will also help you know locations such business can boom very well.

Before i close this section lets see the economic importance of Tie and Dye:

Top 7 Tips to start tie and dye business

The economic importance of Tie and Dye:

Do you know that you can make 100% profits from tie and dye business?

Take for example you have a cotton farm you get your fabric from you will save some percentage of money

and only little cost on planting and purchase of seedlings

and Labour cost while the rest will be your gains.

Do you consider how much you will have spent to get the fabric materials alone, not to talk about the tie and dye process.

If you have a cotton farm your production will not be too high and you will make more sales as tie and dye entrepreneurs Will opt-in to get it at a reduced rate

and the more they come, they more sales you make and more sales is equal to more money.

planting of cotton, fabric production,  will make you more money.

Also, tie and dye production, design, sewing in your company will be 100% money generation.

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