17 Best Tomato Paste/Ketchup Production Unit

Tomato Paste/Ketchup Production Unit: Once you have decided upon which niche to drive focus to.

Then go ahead and carry out a detailed research on that food processing niche.

You should do well to equally pay a visit to owners of such food processing businesses.

So as to gather as much information as possible about the industry.

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Tomato Paste/Ketchup Production Unit

Ketchup is one of the most basic products that are consumed on a daily basis.

It is not only the most used, but is also loved by almost every consumer, irrespective of their age.

It has made its place in homes, restaurants, canteens and street foods etc.

Urban and semi-urban markets have now become popular users of Ketchup.

However, the fruit comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Tomato is a perishable product and cannot be kept in its natural form for too long.

Nevertheless, the advantage is that ketchup has a shelf life of 11-12 months.

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Tomato Paste/Ketchup Production Unit

Things Needed

  1. Business idea
  2. Food handler license
  3. Food scientist
  4. Ingredients listing
  5. Market research
  6. Nutrition label
  7. Wholesale status

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1. Develop an idea.

Like turning a family recipe into a food business.

Develop a niche product that can to appeal to a target market.

It could, for example, be going into a niche such as tasty foods for diabetics.

Tomato Paste/Ketchup Production Unit

2.Conduct detailed market research.

Business enterprises ought to conduct detailed market research to get current information on pricing.

Packaging, and how a niche product could penetrate a market.

Already crowded by already known and long-standing brand names.

Start-up businesses should as much as necessary.

Treat getting market information very importantly as the cost of doing business and also.

As an integral segment of planning a go-to-market strategy.

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3.Make a Selection of ingredients:

choose where to purchase ingredients and then get a tax exemption to buy food wholesale.

Enroll in an accredited program, such as the NAFDAC, to get licensed for handling food.

Tomato Paste/Ketchup Production Unit

4.Pick your target customers.

5. Study the consumers’ behavior

In order to know truly, what they want; how they want it.

And at what rate(price) they can possibly afford it.

Not undermining your profit though.

Also learn to give consumers your exactly what they want.

This can be obtained through detailed Market Research.

6. Choose raw materials

That you can diversify or maximize to make maximize profits.

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7.Watch out for competitors.

And develop solid techniques to tackle them. Develop quality branding.

Tomato Paste/Ketchup Production Unit

8.Take time to study the required raw materials and equipment.

Necessary for food processing business.

The good news is that some food processing innovation/equipment is accessible here within the country.

Some are imported, while others are privately manufactured.

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9.Carry out microbiological and chemical analysis

Raw materials and completed products to guarantee their adjustment to standards.

This is to guarantee quality and protect the integrity of the buyers.

10.Contact a food researcher.

And provide regulatory input nutritional, create a label and give administrative information.

11.Rent space.

In an authorized business kitchen to blend the underlying elements available.

To be purchased at neighboring markets.

Make courses of action with a co-packer if there is no accessible in-house equipment.

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12.Sell initial batches at market price to gauge customer reaction.

Start augmenting your price forward as you develop a base of loyal customers.

And discovered useful information about your food processing business.

Such as the benefits to those with certain kinds of illnesses.

Adjust the tastes as feedback is solicited.

13. Start wider distribution.

Through local vendor programs of nationally or locally recognized food outlets and restaurants.

14.Get good labels and brand package.

Tomato Paste/Ketchup Production Unit

15.Get your product registered with necessary regulatory agencies like SON, NAFDAC etc. for approval.

16.Ensure your working environment is hygienic to avoid contamination and pollution.

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17.Niche products can have success if priced and packaged well.

It does not necessarily mean that because there are popular sales locally.

There would automatically be a translation into sales on a national scale.

Since tastes would certainly differ from location to location.


Produce and process food locally and make huge profits and returns on investment today!

The demand for quality food items continues to be in the increase for our ever-growing population.

Most especially in the urban areas, the cities and towns.

This situation presents with itself, a host of business opportunities in food industry sector.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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