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Uber driver: Uber is a peer-to-peer transportation service that connects independent contractor-drivers with city dwellers who need a lift. You will need a car and a clean driving record, and you may need a taxi/limousine license depending on the city. You must be at least 21 years old to drive for Uber. You can use your own private vehicle, but you can also sign up to contract with Uber using a commercially-owned taxi or livery vehicle.

Check if Uber operates in your area. Uber operates in most major cities, but it’s not available everywhere. Check for a list of cities where Uber operates.

Uber driver

Determine if you are eligible to drive. You must meet several requirements in order to even be considered as a driver for Uber:

  • You must be 21+ with a clean driving record.
  • You need to have at least one year of driving experience in the US, three if you are under 23.
  • You must have a four-door vehicle with four passenger seats that is 2001 (Y/51) or newer. 2001 is the base year, and some cities will require newer models. For example, Houston requires a 2007 or newer vehicle.
  • You must consent to and pass a background check.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license and your car must be insured in your name.
Visit the Uber Driver sign up page. Open a web browser on your computer and visit to get started. It’s easiest to sign up through a computer, but you can also use the Uber Driver app and follow essentially the same process.

Click Log in if you have an Uber Rider account. This can be found underneath the new account form. Using this option will automatically fill out a lot of the necessary information. You’ll be prompted to enter the city you want to drive in. Different cities will have different driver rules.

Uber driver

Fill out the form and click Next if you don’t have an account. This will create a new Uber account for you. Make sure you enter your correct city, as there are different driver rules for different cities.

  • If you don’t have a car, you can select the I need a car option at the top of the form. Be aware that car rentals are not available in most cities. You can see the available cities at the bottom of the page you’re on in the fine print.

Confirm your vehicle meets your city’s requirements. The first thing you’ll be asked is if your vehicle meets the requirements for your city. If it does, click Continue. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to use that vehicle with Uber.

Uber driver

Enter your social security number. This is required in order to perform a background check. You cannot become an Uber driver without a social security number. The background check is free, and may take a week to process. There is no credit check involved.

Upload the required documents. After entering your social security number, you’ll be prompted to upload copies of your required documents. You can take clear pictures with your smartphone or digital camera and then transfer them to your computer for upload, or you can use a scanner.

  • Make sure that the pictures are clear and that all of the text on your ID and documents are legible.
  • You’ll need to upload your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. The vehicle registration and the insurance must both be in your name.
  • Some cities may require additional documents, such as a business license or minicab licence.

    Uber driver

Download the Uber Driver app for your smartphone. You can have a link to the app sent to you, or you can search for the “Uber Driver” app on your device’s app store.

  • You’ll need an iPhone 4s or newer or an Android running 4.0+. Windows Phone and Blackberry are not supported for the Uber Driver app.
  • If you don’t have a compatible smartphone, you may be able to rent one from Uber. Follow the link on the app download screen during the sign up process for details.

Enter your direct deposit information. In order to receive your Uber payments directly to your account, you can enter your checking account information for direct deposit.

  • Visit and log in with your Uber account.
  • Enter your banking account number and routing number, which you can find at the bottom of a check.

    Uber driver

Go to your local Uber Greenlight location at any time to sign up. If you’re having problems signing up online, or have questions that you want to talk to someone about, you can visit your local Uber Greenlight location. All cities that have Uber service have at least one of these locations.

  • You can find Uber Greenlight locations on the Uber Help page for your city, or use a third-party site.

Get your vehicle inspected by Uber. Most cities require that your vehicle pass an annual inspection in order to use it for Uber. These inspections can usually be done for free at your local Uber Greenlight location. Inspections must be completed by an ASE-certified mechanic.

Uber driver

Check to make sure you’ve met all local requirements. Each city has different requirements for Uber drivers. You may need to upload additional documents or get additional inspections. Some cities even require special dress codes when driving.
Wait for your screening process to complete. This can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on your city. You’ll be notified by email and SMS when your account is active and you are cleared to drive.
Contact your Uber Greenlight location if you have problems. If you aren’t receiving authorization to start driving after a few weeks, chat with an Uber representative at your Greenlight location to see what you need to do to get started.

Uber driver

Start the Uber Driver app. Once you’re cleared to drive, you can start picking up customers. Everything is handled through the Uber Driver app on your smartphone.
Start the Uber Driver app. Once you’re cleared to drive, you can start picking up customers. Everything is handled through the Uber Driver app on your smartphone.
Review the vehicle displayed. If you have multiple vehicles registered to you as an Uber driver, make sure the correct vehicle is selected in the app before going online.
Tap the Go Online button to start looking for fares. This will make your car available for hire and you’ll be taken to the map screen.

Uber driver

Drive around until you receive a trip request. You’ll receive trip requests when you are the closest car to the rider when they request a ride. Try to drive around busy areas to ensure that you’re receiving lots of requests.

Tap your screen to accept a ride request. You’ll have 30 seconds to accept the request before it is given to another driver. You’re rated on how quickly you accept requests, so it’s recommended that you tap it as soon as it appears.

  • When a ride request appears, tapping anywhere on the screen will accept it.

    Uber driver

Follow the route on the app to the rider’s location. You can follow the map on your screen, or tap the Navigate button to get turn-by-turn directions.

Wait for your rider at the pickup location. Your rider may not be ready when you reach the pickup spot. Give them a minute or two before trying to contact them.

Contact the rider if they aren’t showing up. If your rider hasn’t appeared after a couple minutes, you can contact them through the app:

  • Tap the Checklist button in the upper-right corner.
  • Tap the Contact button under your rider’s name.
  • Send a text message to the rider.

    Uber driver

Slide the Start Trip button to begin the trip. This will switch the app to your rider’s destination. Make sure to confirm the destination with the rider in case they entered it incorrectly or want to go somewhere else.
Drive to the destination. Try to take the quickest route if you know it, or tap the Navigate button for turn-by-turn directions. Quicker trips will result in better ratings.

Slide the Complete Trip button when you arrive. This will end the trip and send the fare to the rider’s Uber app.

Uber driver

Rate your rider. Your rider will be rating you and you will be rating your rider. It’s recommended to give 5 stars unless you encountered significant problems. Tap Complete Rating after selecting the rating you want to give.

Keep your car clean. The best way to ensure that you get consistent good rating is to make sure your car is clean and presentable. Since you’ll be driving a lot of passengers, this means you’ll need to clean your car out more often than your normally would.

  • On a similar note, make sure you’re dressed well and are hygenic. If you’re looking shabby, you’ll get lower rider ratings.

    Uber driver

Accept ride requests promptly. You’ll ensure that you’re always getting ride requests if you accept promptly every time. When you’re Online with Uber, you should consider yourself always working. Not accepting requests in a timely manner will result in less requests coming your way.
Get to your pickup promptly. After accepting a ride, it’s very important that you get there quickly. Your rider will see an ETA after requesting a ride, and will often plan around that.

Become familiar with your city. If you’re always looking at the navigation menu, you’ll end up with slower trips. Taking the quickest route is essential for 5-star ratings. It will be helpful to know the routes to take when traffic is bad, or where the most fares will be located.

Uber driver

Keep your vehicle maintained. You’ll need a properly-functioning vehicle to keep driving with Uber.
 Make sure you keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning. You must have working seatbelts for every rider.
Drive safely. Follow all traffic laws when driving passengers (and in general, as getting a ticket while off the clock can still result in losing Uber driving privileges). Avoid hard braking or strong acceleration, as it can make your passengers feel unsafe.

Provide perks for your riders. Going the extra mile can help ensure that you get consistent 5-star ratings. Offer bottled water, carry around extra chargers, offer to listen to the rider’s preferred music, and help lift bags and open doors. All of this will lead to a 5-star rating from your rider.

Uber driver

Head to orange and red zones on your map. These are areas that are experiencing high-volume rider requests. Picking up riders from a red zone will earn you more money due to the surge pricing.
  • Driving for Uber in New York City requires a completely different sign up process and special certification.

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