Utility Cost Reduction Business Tips

Utility Cost Reduction Business utility-cost-reduction-business-tips-in-Nigeria: Business Utilities If you’re looking to reduce your utility bills for your business gas and electric services. Then there are plenty of companies that can help with these essential utilities. Like the domestic market, companies are offering incentives to move and change suppliers.So you can shop around and perhaps get an improved deal on your current business utilities with a few minutes work.

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Types of Business Utility

Most businesses will have electricity and gas, but there are other costs where you could make a saving or help your business.

These include mobile phones, telecoms, broadband, water rates.

Serviced offices, 0800 telephone numbers and other related building services.

Utility Cost Reduction Business

Electricity Suppliers

One of the main utilities that companies use is electricity.

And there are plenty of companies in the domestic market that can offer cheaper prices that could cut your electric costs by undertaking a comparison.

Check out our business electricity prices pages for more information for small and micro businesses.

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Business Gas Suppliers

Business gas prices can be reduced, in the same way as electricity and the energy companies are wanting your business. You can get gas and electric together which may save some additional cost so check out our business gas services pages for more information.

0800, 0845 and 0870 Telephone Numbers

There are many methods to help encourage your customers to telephone your business. Rather than using your home telephone, you could opt for a specific number and redirect it to your home number, mobile phone or telephone answering service.

You can get free 0800 numbers encouraging your customers to call you for free. Many companies use 0845 numbers, so your customers only pay local charges or 0844 numbers where you earn a small revenue share of the calls made to your business. Premium 0870 numbers earn you more in commissions, however, new rules mean you can’t use these for customer service calls.

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Utility Cost Reduction Business Tips

Virtual Office Services

When many small businesses and sole traders start trading, they just don’t have enough work to warrant employing dedicated staff, and that’s where virtual office solutions could be a solution. These services will answer your telephone calls in your name and undertake administration tasks you don’t have the time for each day.

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Serviced Offices

A serviced office is where you can rent a room that has all the utilities already connected, and you can start your business right away. They’re mostly located in prime areas of the major UK cities so if you don’t have space at home or are starting to expand then cheap serviced office space may be a solution for your business.

Utility Cost Reduction Business Tips

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