25 Ways to Pass Medical Exam

Ways to Pass Medical Exam: Do you have an end of year examination that you’re nervous about?

If so, don’t let it make you feel anxious and read this article.

1. Know when the exam is. Surely, the most simple thing. You need to know what’s coming in order to know how to react to it. Knowing when it is will help you set your pace and even save a lot of panic!

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Final Medical Examination: https://www.hindustantimes.com
Final Medical Examination

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Ways to Pass Medical Exam

2. Collect your notes. Collect all the notes you need (or think you need) and organise them neatly, according to subject and maybe even by topic. This will save you a lot of time and trouble. No excuses to run around looking for missing notes. Get them ready before the next step.

3. Set a target. Know your exam schedule well. Study first the subjects that you’re not very good at, take a lot of time, or are nearing. This also depends on how much time you have. If time is on your side, great. Pace yourself and conquer subject by subject. But if time is not on your side, go through the important parts and think summary!

Ways to Pass Medical Exam

4. Study for it. Sit down on a chair. Make sure you have good lighting. Fluorescent light flickers, although you don’t notice it: it makes your eyes tired faster. Have a good table light by your side. Occasionally, get up and stretch, have a glass of water and take a toilet break. Your body has an optimum hour. For some, it’s in the morning, afternoon or even night. Whatever it is, make use of the time to absorb as much as you can.

5. Make a mind map. Sometimes people find that mind mapping helps them have a clearer view of the topic they are studying. However if you find this a hassle, you can take notes. Post-it notes can be useful in highlighting certain sections of an article you find useful or important.

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Ways to Pass Medical Exam

6. Take a walk. It does work. Take in some fresh air but don’t spend an eternity outside! Your mind needs a break as well. Pushing in too much won’t work either.

7.Rest well. Although your optimum study time might be at night, it won’t work if you’re up till the early hours of the morning studying as well. Set a time and tell yourself that after a certain hour, you need to go to bed. Don’t overdo things. Make sure you finish what you’re supposed to finish e.g. homework in the afternoon before you study.

Ways to Pass Medical Exam

8. Take breaks. For example, for every hour take ten minutes. After your break, make sure you study and don’t slack off as the momentum has to keep going.

9. Do some past papers. Work through old exam papers and then repeat them as most exams only change the words but the answers are very similar, so you may have a glimpse of what is coming in the exam and you don’t need to panic if you see a difficult question – you’ve already done it before!

Ways to Pass Medical Exam

10. Ask your teachers for advice if you need help with something. Always ask because the information that the teachers give you will definitely help you.

11. Read through each section of your textbooks. Every day, study a new section of it and write summaries at the end.

Ways to Pass Medical Exam

12. Create flashcards. If you don’t want to write them out, you can always use flashcards on different websites. www.dictionary.com has flashcards on different topics and you can also make your own. Cue cards may also help for last-minute revision.

13. Pay attention in class. If you dont, then you will not know what the teacher is talking about and you cant study/revise when you go home. Some teachers will give extra information that might be in your examination, and if you miss it, you might not earn a good grade in the exams.

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Ways to Pass Medical Exam

14. Consider asking for help. If youre still having trouble ask someone you trust, or you think is clever to help you. They must be willing and able. You can ask teachers, parents or a school counselor, as long as they are willing to help.

15. Put any distractions away! Leave your phone or any devices away from you to avoid distractions like text messages, email, etc.

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Ways to Pass Medical Exam

16. How many days should I spend reviewing before the exam?

About 10 days seems to work for many people. Plan on studying a new topic everyday, but don’t start a new one until you understand the previous one.

17. How can I make flash cards?

Get a bunch of index cards, or cut a sheet of paper into smaller squares. Write the question on one side, and the answer on the other. If you are quizzing yourself on vocabulary, you can write the word on one side, and the definition on the other.

Ways to Pass Medical Exam

18. How do I study if I only have my notebooks and not the textbooks?

Study your notes and then go online to see if you can find any videos on the topic. While you are watching the videos, take notes so that you can review them later.

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19. How many hours should I study for my exam

Do the usual one hour a day, but be sure to leave gaps in between. Pay attention and ask for your teacher to explain if you don’t understand.

Ways to Pass Medical Exam

20. How do I create a mind map?

Draw a circle or box in the center of a page and then draw lines coming out of it. Write down the main idea in the circle of box, and the key facts/ideas at the ends of the lines.

21. How many hours should I study before the day of exams?

It really depends on how well you know the material, and how many exams you have. Study until you feel confident in your knowledge of the material. Start with the hardest subjects or the ones you are most behind on.

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Ways to Pass Medical Exam

22. Set limits.

Establish early on what you need to know and get this down on paper before you start learning: this has the dual effect of making things look more manageable (and study therefore less daunting) and also allowing you to track your progress by testing yourself.

23. Write summary notes.

This is easy and time saving: you do not necessarily have to go back to your detailed notes, though you should have made them before the examination period.

Ways to Pass Medical Exam

24. Form a study group.

This works for some, but most of the time this ends up as a chat session. To make this work, you need to find like-minded and desperate friends who need to study as well. Set a study time limit of maybe 30 minutes and after that, you can discuss some of the items that needs to be clarified. But only for 15 minutes. Whenever an off topic conversation subject pops into your mind, write it down on a piece of paper and get it out of your mind. You can talk about it later. This does not work for all as some people prefer studying alone.

25. Things Youll Need

  • Revision books
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Note cards/Cue cards
  • Study area
  • Past papers (optional)
  • Assessment books (optional)

Ways to Pass Medical Exam


  • No matter how well you studied, always review! Even if youre sure, you may miss something.

  • Do not hold off studying until a week or two before the exam. Be prepared.

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