23 Small Business Ideas for Creative Lovers

23 Small Business Ideas for Creative Lovers

Today the world offers hundreds of opportunities to have a job to your liking and make a good living at the same time. However, if you think of yourself as a creative person far from entrepreneurship, sales skills, and financial literacy, it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed. 

So we advise looking at the situation from a different angle: an entrepreneur is a creative person. Recall at least the story of Steve Wozniak, who built the first computer in his garage, which became the prototype of the revolutionary Apple. So every creative lover has the necessary resources to run a business, and in this article, you’ll learn 23 proofs of that.

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# 1 Freelance Writing Business

People who can’t live a day without a book and love to express themselves through the written word should consider working as freelance writers. Freelance writers must meet tight deadlines, meet subtle client demands, and create engaging content. Be prepared, too, that you’ll need to master a vast number of topics and be able to work in different tones of writing.


# 2 Online Magazine

Writers who know how to create engaging niche content are in a winning position. In addition to writing and editing skills, you can also develop skills as a web developer, marketer, and business person. You may wonder why you need to build these additional skills. The answer is to launch an online magazine.

# 3 Children’s Book Business

The book business is a great idea for aspiring entrepreneurs. Some business owners first attempt to publish their memories and stories from their childhood through traditional publishers, while others go directly to self-publishing. However, consider that your target audience is not children, but parents, schools, and libraries, since they are the ones who buy such books.

# 4 Screenwriting Business

If you love movies as much as you love writing, why not combine the two hobbies and get into screenwriting. You can try your hand at the short film first and gradually move on to the feature film. Of course, it would help if you enjoyed bringing your creative contribution to film, whether new stories or old fairy tales.

# 5 Teenagers’ Book Business

Books for teenagers is the same book business we described at the beginning. However, if you have chosen this particular field, you should be well-versed in what teenagers like right now. In addition, writers of young adult literature need to have a vivid imagination and be able to create exciting or unusual characters.


# 6 Blogging

These days, blogging is a business with significant opportunities. It’s enough to choose a platform for creating an account and learning how to make exciting content for users. Blogging can be an independent business and support any other startup. And if you want to learn how to create the perfect blog quickly, use the Best Writers Online website.

# 7 Rental Business

If you live in a city that tourists often visit, you can offer a room, apartment, or private house for rent on specialized Internet portals. One of the most popular is the portal Airbnb for short-term rentals worldwide. The service is convenient both for landlords and guests.

# 8 Healthy Snacks

The number of people in the world with a healthy lifestyle grows every year. And those who exercise regularly closely monitor their diet and the quality of the food they eat. Thus, the popularity of “craft” produce is increasing. For example, you can make fruit chips in a dehydrator, bake fruit and nut bars, make granola or muesli, or buy in bulk and pack herbal teas.

# 9 Children’s Goods Rental

Children quickly grow out of many toys: all left is where to put the bulky stuff. Thus, buying some children’s accessories for a long time does not make sense: many would prefer to take things to rent and for relatively little money to provide children with everything they need or test the item before buying.

# 10 Handmade Goods

If you know how to knit clothes, sew toys, or make accessories, it’s time to monetize your skills. The most common problem of many talented handmade masters is that they do not know how to sell their products and services. Therefore, there is competition in the field, but many opportunities exist.


# 11 Retro Reselling

You don’t have to create any of your products to showcase your creativity. Instead, you can curate vintage or used items and then use your photography and written marketing skills to sell these items to interested customers online.

# 12 Food Floristics

People often buy food bouquets as creative gifts for colleagues at work. So if you have a good imagination and an apparent commercial flair, look closely at this kind of business. Moreover, you can buy a franchise for those who doubt managing business processes effectively.

# 13 Online Lessons

The demand for education online is growing at a shocking rate: children and students searching for a promising profession and people with higher education want to learn and acquire new skills. That’s why it’s worth trying your hand in this niche.

# 14 3-D Printing

The market is growing by 15-20% annually. Originality, creativity, and focus on a particular market help entrepreneurs stay afloat and earn good money. You can print images on any surface: paper, fabric, magnets, or postcards.

# 15 Pet Grooming

Many people have at least one pet. But the most frequent customers of pet salons are dogs. Although groomer services are also required for other pets: cats, rabbits, and long-haired guinea pigs. Also, you can claim your skills on your blog.

# 16 Cooking Semi-Finished Products

Residents of big cities constantly feel a lack of time for cooking: too much is taken away by work and moving home from the office. And it’s getting harder and harder to buy tasty, instant food as big companies optimize production, using chemical food additives and low-quality ingredients. This flaw in the work of large companies is an opportunity to create a profitable business for many home cooks.


# 17 Breeding Animals

This type of entrepreneurship has a vast sphere of application. For example, you can organize a mini-farm to serve private customers, restaurants, or wholesalers. Another way to make money from animals is to become an exotic animal breeder.

# 18 Beauty Business

The beauty industry is a niche that is not afraid of the crisis: every year, the demand for manicures and other professionals is only growing. However, only professionals who follow trends offer the best quality service and care to improve their skills in the market. And if you’re one of them — go ahead.

# 19 Dried Flowers Business

The fashion for dried flowers is growing: lavender, yarrow, and immortelle are used by florists in the varied compositions and holiday decorations. Such bouquets can stand for five years, preserving their beauty and fragrance.

# 20 Creating an IT Project

Business began to develop massively on the Internet from the beginning of the XXI century. The pandemic only increased the need to bring entrepreneurial projects into the online space. That’s why the demand for IT products has increased.

# 21 Cooking Cheese

Cooking this fermented dairy product is a true art. But you can even make cheese in a regular pot. Customers trust products offered by farmers and small cottage producers. Usually, only high-quality natural products and their taste are several times better than the store ones.


# 22 Jewelry Workshop

First of all, jewelry is associated with precious metals, stones, and expensive equipment. Unusual jewelry is made of copper, brass, and lead. There are no special skills to create such jewelry. All you need is a room with lots of light.

# 23 Microgreen Business

Microgreens are the young shoots of green vegetable and grain crops containing many vitamins and minerals. You can grow about 30-40 other species. It takes about a week to grow microgreens. Restaurants, sports bars, and health food cafes are the main sales channels. In addition, it is possible to supply greens to markets and supermarkets.


Implementing small business ideas is the minimum investment: you don’t need to make monthly rent payments and hire a whole staff. At the same time, you can do business without following a strict schedule and distracting yourself from unnecessary things.

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