11 Ways to Start Abrasive Sodablasting Business

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Abrasive Sodablasting Business: If you have the desire to succeed in growing a profitable business.

Organizing your own time, pride in your work and have an appreciation for great customer service.

Soda blast ACT is the business for you.

Soda blasting was developed in the late 1970s to clean the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Its use has grown dramatically in recent years due to concerns about the environment.

And it is now widely used in the automotive, marine, food processing.

Civil and construction works, and mining industries.

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Abrasive Sodablasting Business

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Abrasive Sodablasting Business: What is Abrasive Sodablasting?

Sodablasting is a cleaning and paint stripping technology.

That uses compressed air to propel bicarbonate of soda, or other blasting media, onto the area to be cleaned.

The process removes paint and contaminate without harming the original surface.

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Sodablasing include the following process:

1. Strip paint from cars to bare metal in hours;

2. Remove built up anti foul from fibreglass, timber, aluminium and steel hulls without damage;

3.  Effortlessly remove paint and line marking from brickwork and concrete including driveways;

4. Remove graffiti easily without chemicals in a fraction of the time of other methods.

5.  Safely remove grime from engine components, petrol tanks, wheels, propellers and shafts.

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6. Safely remove grime from delicate surfaces such as marble and sandstone.

7. Clean and strip pool surfaces and surrounds.

8. Remove internal and external fire and smoke damage without using chemicals.

9. Remove paint from bricks before cement rendering.

10. Remove paint from plastic surface, e.g. motorbike farings.

11. Remove paint from glass splashbacks without affecting glass surface.

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The blast material is specially formulated bicarbonate of soda.

A non toxic non hazardous food grade material that is water soluble and completely environmentally safe.

Other blasting media is also used, depending on the surface being blasted and the paint or contaminate being removed.
Annual turnover in excess of $90,000 with great increased-earning potential.

Abrasive Sodablasting Business: When you purchase Sodablast ACT, you will receive:

• Regularly serviced mobile blasting unit suitable for all blast media – soda, glass or garnet.

Unit is on a braked tandem trailer with 175 cfm diesel compressor.

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100+ metres of hoses, 50kg multimedia blast pot, 32.5kg multimedia blast pot.

75kg mobile garnet blast pot.

Two x 20m blast hose, variety of nozzles including water-blast nozzles.

Three blast helmet with air breathing charcoal filter.

Eight 10 20 metre air breathing hoses.

Abrasive Sodablasting Business:Portable dust extractor fan, range of trolleys.

4 x go jacks, and two blast cabinets.
• Fully equipped and established workshop (360 m2 and fenced rear storage yard).

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With purpose-built blast booth, extraction system, 3-phase compressor, work bench, pallet racking and large upstairs storage area (under secure lease agreement until April 2018).
• Rotisserie with assortment of vehicle brackets.
• Fork lift (joint ownership).
• Manuals, materials, safety equipment, blasting accessories and stock.

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• Web site.
• Yellow Pages advertising.
• Very good reputation for doing quality work with fast turnaround times.
• Customer database including repeat customers.
• Training in the blasting process and products.

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Abrasive Sodablasting Business
• Low competition. Sodablast ACT is the ONLY blasting company in the ACT that blasts with such a wide variety of blasting media and is mobile.
• Long-standing business, established in 2008.
• Brand awareness with Sodablast businesses operating in most states across Australia.

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• Huge potential and scope to grow and expand.
Other Sodablast businesses are performing extremely well in many states of Australia and the network of business owners are happy to share their knowledge and experience.
Photographs and further information available at www.sodablastact.com.au

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