15 Tips to Run a Successful 24 7 AC Repair Business

ac repair near me 24 7

The same way your vehicle requires a regular oil change, your AC system requires an annual service call. AC servicing typically refers to the process of getting an HVAC technician out for an annual inspection and maintenance work, but you may be able to save a few dollars if you do all of the cleaning yourself. With that said, you won’t be able to diagnose any deeper problems without the eye of a qualified technician, so you really do need to get a regular checkup to keep things cool around your home.

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ac repair near me 24 7

ac repair near me 24 7: BusinessHAB.com



1. Get a service technician to check your system once a year.

A yearly service call will keep a bunch of minor problems from getting out of hand. If you never service your air conditioner, it can start pumping out harmful microorganisms as bacteria and grime build up inside of the components. The system won’t work as well either, which can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. A yearly service will keep these issues in check.

2. It can range from $50-140 depending on the system.

A simple window unit checkup will probably run closer to $50, while a service call for a large central air system will cost a little bit more. Call around to get quotes from HVAC companies in your area to find the best prices. Just make sure you’re hiring a licensed HVAC technician—your Uncle Joe from down the street won’t cut it here.

  • This may sound pricey, but you’ll pay even more over time if you never get your AC system serviced. A dirty or damaged AC unit can lead to some expensive utility bills!

3. They’ll clean the interior, fans, and coils out to keep them spotless.

A clean fan, case, and coils is essential for healthy, cool air. They’ll clean your AC unit thoroughly to keep debris and bacteria from building up inside of your unit. They may also adjust your fan if it’s a little imbalanced to make sure that your home stays properly and efficiently chilled during the summer months.

ac repair near me 24 7

4. Service calls will also include refrigerant, airflow, and leak checks.

A typical service call will also involve a refrigerant check to make sure that your AC system is adequately filled. They’ll also assess the blower components to make sure the air is blowing out efficiently, and check your unit for any kinds of leaks or corrosion. They should be able to fix those problems for you on the spot.

5. Replace the filter every 1-3 months depending on how often it’s running.

If your AC system is acting up, replacing the filter may solve the issue. A dirty filter can lead to a variety of problems, and if replacing the filter fixes whatever issue you have, you probably don’t need to call a pro. Even if the AC is running just fine, make sure you replace it regularly to keep it running efficiently.

  • In central air systems, the filters are typically located in the return ducts on walls or ceilings. Room and window units usually have a filter behind the grill on the front of the unit. Split systems usually have a reusable filter in a panel on the compressor.

6. You can clean the system yourself to save a few dollars if you’d like.

Cleaning a central, split, or window AC unit on your own will keep it running efficiently. While a service technician will do this for you on a service call, doing it yourself may save you some money.

  • You may be able to clean the inside of your AC system depending on how comfortable you are opening your AC unit up, but you won’t be able to spot any serious issues without a service technician.
  • Any service work involving leaks, electrical problems, fan issues, or blower components will require a pro. These aren’t reasonable DIY tasks.

    ac repair near me 24 7

7. Warm air, leaks, and inconsistent air flow all merit a call.

You should get a yearly service call regardless of whether your AC system is working correctly or not. However, if your AC is blowing out warm air, leaking refrigerant, or it seems to struggle blowing out air at all, contact an HVAC technician to have them take a look as soon as you can.


Schedule your yearly service in the spring, before you start using it for the year. You should also inspect your air conditioner regularly for signs of mold or debris – if these are present, it’s time for a service, even if a full year has not gone passed.

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9. Electrical problems also deserve a service call.

If the AC system turns on and off when it shouldn’t, or the power cuts out randomly, get a technician to take a look. While you may be tempted to open your AC unit up and start toying with wires, it’s not particularly safe to do this and you may make the problem worse. Just have a pro take a look.

10. Turn the AC on and check the temperatures and refrigerant lines.

Find the refrigerant line on your compressor. This is usually the largest pipe on a central air or split compressor. If there’s a bit of condensation on this pipe when the AC is running, it’s healthy. You can also take a thermometer and set it inside one of your ducts where the air is blowing out. Let the AC run for a while, and cross-reference the thermostat with the thermometer. If the numbers are relatively close, it’s functioning correctly.

  • You can either set the thermostat on a vent, or do a more precise check by testing the return and supply ducts near your central air unit.
  • For window units, you should be able to tell if it’s working or not just by looking at it. If there isn’t any ice building up on the coils and it’s blowing cold air when you turn it on, it’s working just fine.

    ac repair near me 24 7

11. Strange noises, leaks, and airflow disruption are common signs.

A dying AC compressor can cause a variety of issues. However, there’s no way for you to confirm it without getting a pro to take a look. They’ll be able to test the leads and terminals inside of the compressor with a multimeter to determine if the compressor is actually dying.

12. Try resetting the compressor if it shuts off randomly.

If your AC system shuts down randomly and you’re suspecting a compressor problem, flip the circuit breakers, wait 5 minutes, and try flipping them back on to see if that helps. If it doesn’t, follow your AC unit’s instruction manual to find the high-pressure limit switch, which is usually located on the compressor’s access panel. Flip that to see if your problem goes away.

13. Most window units need to be replaced after 8-10 years.

Window units aren’t the most durable of all time, but you should be able to get at least a decade out of it. If it’s more expensive to repair than it is to buy a new one, just replace it.

14. Central air systems should last 12-17 years.

After 12-17 years have passed, the compressor may need to be replaced, or your system may need to be upgraded. You may be able to prolong a central air system’s lifespan by replacing the filter regularly, though.

ac repair near me 24 7

15. Ductless split systems usually last 15-20 years.

One of the major benefits of a ductless split system is that they tend to last a long time. If you take care of it, a split system should last at least two decades before it needs replacing.

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