How to Start Door to Door Apartment Maintenance Jobs

Apartment Maintenance Jobs

Apartment Maintenance Jobs: Inventors and creative business people are always coming up with new ideas for how to do things or develop products that will make life easier.

It’s important to know how to protect an idea and market it successfully to make that idea a reality.

Don’t try to sell your ideas like a money-maker; what’s more important than that, is to create its value that nobody can ever replicate.

Apartment Maintenance Jobs

A maintenance technician installs, maintains, repairs assembles, and disassembles machinery in industries, power stations, factories, refineries, construction sites, and hospitals.

Responsibilities assigned to maintenance technicians depend on the company’s size.

A maintenance technician working for a small company can handle multiple tasks.

But a maintenance technician working in a large company may have specialized tasks assigned to him.

Research your industry.

Your idea’s feasibility relies upon its uniqueness, newness, and relevance.

Talk to industry experts you know in person or via professional networks.

Read professional journals, and catch up on the latest industry news.

You should have answers to the following questions:

  • Has someone already implemented my idea? If they weren’t successful, is my version better?
  • What are top industry competitors concerned about?
  • How large are the profits and markets of this industry?
  • How fast does this industry make decisions and change?
  • What other industries or products are related to this industry?
  • Do I like this industry? Is it worth my time?

    Apartment Maintenance Jobs

Know your idea inside and out.

By fleshing out your idea, you make a more consistent and realistic product to sell.

Create a list of bullet points of answers to the questions below.

Use the answers as a foundation for selling your idea.

  • The problem you’re solving: What problem does your idea solve?
  • How many people could benefit from your idea? What other solutions currently exist?
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your idea: Why is your idea better? What do you need for your idea to be successful? Why might it fail?
  • The opportunities and threats to your idea: How large is the market for your idea? How profitable is your idea? Who are your competitors?

    Apartment Maintenance Jobs

Know the law.

Your idea must be legal to sell for others to buy it.

Contact intellectual property and patent lawyers to understand how to use the law to protect and sell your idea. Lawyers can help you get

  • a nondisclosure agreement, which disallows individuals from sharing information you told them
  • “patent pending” status, which allows you to retain your idea for a shorter period while you try to sell it.

Test run your idea.

This step proves whether your product can be executed and has any value.
Test runs also show you how to improve your idea as a profitable product.

Depending on your idea, a test run could mean anything from iterating on a functional prototype to starting a small business in your hometown.

  • Create a timeline for yourself. Do you want to accomplish these test runs in a few days? A few years?
  • Use mistakes as opportunities to improve your idea. Does anything need to be fixed? If so, fix it now, or understand why you cannot fix it, before selling it.
  • Record your mistakes and how you learned from them: an inventor’s logbook proves the idea and each iteration is legally your own, as well as gives a history and context to your idea.
  • Even if you think you have a good idea, try to see if you can make a better one. If not, then you can explain to others that you have the best idea possible.

    Apartment Maintenance Jobs

Create a rough draft of your pitch.

A pitch is a story behind your idea and its significance.

All pitches that you end up delivering should be a conversation with your client, but for now, create a story behind your idea to give yourself some working material.

You could write it down, talk it over with a trusted advisor, make a presentation, or even craft an abstract storyboard. A pitch addresses

  • what problem you want to solve
  • how your idea solves that problem
  • how to implement your idea
  • what you expect the payoff of this implementation to be.

    Apartment Maintenance Jobs

Write down your hard boundaries.

These are limitations that you are not willing to overstep to sell this idea.

Including your reservation price, which is the least amount of profit you are willing to make before you walk away from a deal.

Hard boundaries might include

  • A timeline: how much time are you willing to dedicate to this idea?
  • Industries: are there any companies or industries you are not willing to work with?
  • Finances: how little money will you be happy with, and how much money are you willing to take?
  • Values: what of your idea and beliefs are you willing to change to sell? Do you care most about the impact, profit, or relevance of your idea?

    Apartment Maintenance Jobs

Be on time.

This means, be at least five minutes early.

Give yourself time to travel to and get situated wherever you’re having the meeting.

  • If you need to use the restroom, do so before the meeting.
  • If you need to give yourself a confidence pep talk, do so well before the meeting.

Sell yourself.

You are the only voice for your product at the moment.

So your attitude and personality are integral to selling your product.

You should be professional and confident, while still showcasing your personality and passion for your idea. 

  • Keep your pitch simple and straightforward. Avoid overly-technical jargon, especially when your audience will not understand it.
  • Tell a story by incorporating numbers. For example, you can tell a story about a potential consumer needing your product in his or her everyday life, then add in statistics to show how many consumers in Europe would find that story, and your product, applicable.

    Apartment Maintenance Jobs

Do not accept an offer immediately.

Ask for as much time as you think you need to process the offer before signing anything.

  • Consider and communicate with other buyers
  • Read the fine legal print and have a lawyer look over it
  • Communicate with the buyer about changes. This can take multiple meetings.

Apartment Maintenance Jobs:

These technicians do plumbing, carpentry, air conditioners, fire systems maintenance, painting, electrical work and primary engineering in buildings.

They also inspect buildings from time to time to assess their conditions.

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