16 Auto Repair Shops that Open on Sunday

Auto repair shops: Auto body repair technicians repair or restore damaged vehicles. In an average work day, you might align auto chassis, remove dents, and replace damaged parts. In order to become an auto body repair technician, you must enjoy tinkering with automobiles and have the right temperament. You’ll also need at least some formal training. Once you’ve completed your education, you can seek work at an auto body repair shop or an auto dealership.

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Auto repair shops

These professionals help replace or restore old or damaged parts of an automobile, including the headlights, bumpers or panels. They’re responsible for deciding when they can repair a vehicle component or if they’re going to replace it altogether. Auto body mechanics typically work with cars, trucks and vans that require evaluation due to involvement in collisions or accidents. While some professionals may be able to learn skills while they work, many employers may prefer if professionals attended a trade school or community college to teach them the necessary skills prior to employment. Some of their primary responsibilities include:

  • Performing major and minor repairs, such as fixing dents, correcting paint scratches or performing larger structural improvements

  • Executing full automotive paint jobs

  • Identifying malfunctions or operational errors using diagnostic tools

Consider a car-related career if you have a passion for vehicles and working with them. For example, if you like driving, watching, repairing or designing vehicles, finding a car-related career can provide you with greater enjoyment in your chosen profession. If you have significant knowledge about automobiles or have hands-on car experience, it can also translate into a prosperous career and provide you with greater job satisfaction.

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Auto repair shops

1. Taxi driver

Primary duties: Taxi drivers use a vehicle from a cab company to transport passengers from one location to another. They load and unload passengers, follow safe driving practices and provide professional service to every one of their passengers. Taxi drivers also take the safest and fastest route to their passengers’ location, calculate the fare for the ride and maintain a clean and operating vehicle.

2. Car wash attendant

Primary duties: Car wash attendants clean and polish the interior and exterior of several vehicles. They use a soap solution to wash cars, remove loose dirt from the cars, clean the tires and rinse and dry the vehicles. Car wash attendants also vacuum the interior of a car, remove any trash and debris and clean all of its seats.

Auto repair shops

3. Automotive detailer

Primary duties: An automotive detailer keeps cars looking their best. Unlike mechanics, they focus on a car’s cosmetic appearance rather than their mechanical components. Automotive detailers clean vehicles to a company’s standards, perform detail inspections and record details regarding a car’s condition. They also wash, buff and wax vehicle exteriors and wax, vacuum, steam and deodorize their interiors.

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4. Parking attendant

Primary duties: Parking attendants supervise a parking facility. They prevent criminal activity in the facility, issue tickets and collect fees from patrons wanting an open space in the parking facility. Some parking attendants may also have valet duties.

Auto repair shops

5. Apprentice automotive technician

Primary duties: Supervised by a senior automotive technician, apprentice automotive technicians help with car inspections and repairs. Not only do they help service vehicles, but they also provide customers with car advice.

6. Senior automotive technician

Primary duties: Senior automotive technicians use their years of automotive experience to perform complex mechanical repairs on a variety of automobiles. They use computerized diagnostic equipment to do their maintenance work. Some of their duties include performing diagnostic tests on vehicles and replacing a vehicle’s worn components.

7. Driving instructor

Primary duties: Driving instructors teach student drivers how to operate a vehicle. They help them improve their driving skills and ensure they’re prepared for their driving exam in order to earn their driver’s license. Driving instructors do this by explaining the best and safest driving techniques, offering advice and tracking and monitoring their students’ progress.

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Auto repair shops

8. Vehicle technician

Primary duties: Vehicle technicians maintain the function of an automobile. They listen to complaints from the driver, perform inspections and repair any damages or failures from mechanical components and systems. Vehicle technicians also replace car components as needed and repair any damages to a vehicle’s exterior.

9. Driver

Primary duties: Drivers transport passengers, cargo and baggage from one location to another. They maintain safe driving practices, follow routes and directions and maintain a clean and operable vehicle. Drivers also help passengers load and unload their belongings from the vehicle.

Auto repair shops

10. Truck driver trainer

Primary duties: Truck driver trainers teach aspiring truck drivers how to operate a truck. Using their knowledge of truck driving and safe driving practices, they provide new truck drivers with advice and guidance. Truck driver trainers essentially help truck drivers earn their driving license.

11. Automotive mechanic

Primary duties: Automotive mechanics repair a variety of automobiles. They perform maintenance in order to keep vehicles operable. Automotive mechanics inspect the car’s engine and systems, diagnose issues and schedule upcoming maintenance repairs.

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Auto repair shops

12. Service advisor

Primary duties: Working in an automotive shop, service advisors greet customers and listen to their requests regarding their vehicle. They schedule their appointments, identify the cost of the repairs, verify a customer’s insurance and perform vehicle inspections.

13. Auto appraiser

Primary duties: Auto appraisers inspect the damage to a vehicle after an accident to determine the cost of repairs. They inspect vehicles at a body shop, at the owner’s home or at the accident scene.

14. Delivery driver

Primary duties: Delivery drivers collect food or products and transport them to the right destination. They ensure their customers receive the right order in a timely manner. Delivery drivers also load and unload items from their vehicle.

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Auto repair shops

15. Car sales executive

Primary duties: Car sales executives oversee the sale of a variety of vehicles. They supervise the sales operations to ensure the greatest profit and sales efficiency. Car sales executives also contact potential clients, maintain communication with new or existing customers and monitor the auto sales industry to determine current product pricing and to identify new techniques.

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16. Route driver

Primary duties: Route drivers safely deliver a variety of supplies and materials to the right location. They load and unload all items from the delivery vehicle. Since they may transport waste and hazardous materials, they ensure all cargo is safely secured prior to transportation.

  • .As a car enthusiast, you have many car-related jobs to choose from. Whether you want to operate a vehicle or help repair them, there are plenty of careers that may suit your interests. Here are 16 Auto repair shops for car lovers to consider even on Sundays.

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