9 Tips to Promote your Salon Business with Bohemian knotless Braids

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Bohemian knotless braids

Bohemian braids/boho braids also known as goddess braids are braided hairstyles that feature curly hair bits added in different places along the length of the braid.

Before we jump into how to do bohemian braids and they type of hair that’s used, let’s look at some frequently asked questions.

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1. What kind of hair is used for bohemian braids?

Depending on the length and size you’re going for, you’ll need 6 to 8 packs of Pre-stretched braiding hair and 2 to 3 packs of water wave or deep wave hair.

2. What is the difference between Goddess braids and bohemian braids?

There’s no difference between Goddess braids and bohemian braids. Contrary to what a lot of blogs are claiming, Goddess braids are in fact NOT thick cornrows but rather box braids with curly hair bits added along the length of the braids aka bohemian braids aka boho braids.

3. How long do boho braids last?

Boho braids short for bohemian braids can last for up to 6 weeks with proper maintenance in place.

Bohemian knotless braids

4. Can you swim with Bohemian box braids?

Yes. You can swim in bohemian braids/ get your goddess braids wet. You will however need to wash your braids afterwards and do some basic maintenance.

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5. How much do Bohemian braids cost?

Depending on the length and size of the your preferred bohemian box braids, bohemian braids can go as high as $250.

6. How to do bohemian braids

Bohemian braids are mostly done on traditional box braids or the increasingly popular knotless braids.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll use the knotless braiding method.

If you’re still getting traditional box braids (they have a knot), you need to switch to getting knotless braids (there’s no knot) as soon as possible.

Start with clean, stretched and product free hair.

There are a lot of parting options to choose from such as the popular box braids parts, triangle parts, rectangle parts, circle parts and the freestyle parting method.

Bohemian knotless braids

Most stylists prefer braiding the hair from the bottom as they move to the top.

Start by parting the hair at the bottom horizontally using a rat tail comb and apply shine n jam on the horizontal line.

Part the horizontal line into your preferred sizes and shapes and go in with some more shine n jam.

Shine n jam mainly aids with sleeking down the hair in your parted sections, taming flyaways and helps you to get a good grip.

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Using the horizontal parting method before doing your individual parts helps with uniformity unless you’re using the freestyle parting method.

After doing the above, you’ll jump right into doing the bohemian braids.

Start by braiding the individually parted section about a quarter of an inch and then gradually start feeding in the pre-stretched hair.

Bohemian knotless braids

Do this continuously until you have a decent length braid formed.

You will then take your water wave or deep twist hair, separate the hair and run your fingers through it to loosen the curls a bit.

The water wave or deep twist hair will then be fed into the braid and put aside till the whole braid is formed.

Do this repeatedly until you’re done.

Finishing touches will involve applying mousse all over the head and laying the baby hairs/edges.

7. How to do bohemian braids (crochet method)

Unlike the first method where both pieces of hair are fed in using the feed in method, the box braids are done first.

The curly hair bits are then crocheted in several times until the desired look is achieved.

Note– this method takes more time but is a good alternative for people who don’t know how to do feed in braids.

This is also a great way to spice up old braids you’ve had in for some time after.

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8. How to do bohemian braids with human hair

Start by parting clean, stretched and product free hair horizontally from the bottom going up.

This helps with uniformity but you can always opt to do freestyle parts.

Apply shine n jam and then further section the hair into your desired shapes (box, triangle or free parts) and sizes.

Prep the human hair by cutting small or big pieces from the weft of the wavy human hair bundles and placing them aside.

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Bohemian knotless braids

Start doing a plait and gradually feed in the braiding hair as you go as is the norm in knotless braids.

Where you start adding the human hair curly bits is entirely up to you.

You can choose to add a lot of curls or few curls.

Depending on what you choose, the human hair curls will be fed into the braid the same way you do it in the first two methods.

Feed in the human hair curls into the braid, braid it a little and then put it aside and continue braiding the hair.

If you want your ends to be curly, repeat the same method but secure it using nail glue to make sure it won’t come out after some time.

Note: Ensure you use a long piece of the human hair when attaching at the end of the braid for the curly ends.

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Bohemian knotless braids

9. Things to note about bohemian braids

  1. You can opt to use curly human hair bundles instead of curly braiding hair.
  2. Yes, overtime the curly hair bits added will tangle. Using human hair might significantly reduce the tangling.
  3. You can opt to add more curly hair bits along the length of the braids for a voluminous look.
  4. You can crochet in curly hair bits to achieve the bohemian braids look on old braids.
  5. Bohemian braids, goddess braids and gypsy braids are all the same thing.
  6. Braid the curly hair in at the end of the braids to achieve curly ends.
  7. Keeping the curls moisturised will significantly reduce tangling.

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