25 Tips to Get the Best Styles of knotless Braids

Knotless braids: If you’re looking for a light, fun protective hairstyle that’s easy to maintain, why not try knotless braids? Thanks to the feed-in technique used to merge the synthetic hair with your regular hair, knotless braids don’t pull on your scalp like traditional braids do. In fact, they’re virtually painless! And while the braiding technique might seem complicated at first, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Read on to find out everything you need to know about doing knotless braids, including how to maintain them after they’re installed.

Knotless braids

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Protective hair styling such as installing knotless braids is one of the routines you probably use to take care of your hair. It’s so convenient because we all know the pain and stress of managing natural hair.
No wonder knotless braids have taken the beauty world by storm. They come with a little bit of everything and importantly, knotless braids make life easier.
You have a variety of colours, lengths and styles to choose from. You also have the flexibility to be creative with the way you tie your knotless braids. It gives you a break from combing your natural hair for at least four weeks or however long you wear them. So how do you style knotless braids?

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Knotless Braids Styles

There are so many knotless braids styles. We will feature the latest hair braids as well as trending knotless braids styles. Let’s go

1. Bohemian knotless braids

Bohemian knotless braids are stylish, vibrant and fun. It’s a nice way to change your braiding game and move away from the usual structured braids pattern. Bohemian knotless braids give you a combination of curls, straight braids and some loose and unfinished hair. Its unstructured look allows you to be playful with your hair. Add any accessories you think fit and wear your braids differently.

Knotless braids

2. Big knotless braids 

If you want to look fashionable but don’t want to spend your whole day at the salon, go for big knotless braids. They are noticeably few on the head and allow you to keep things simple. Big knotless braids won’t demand a lot. Their size alone is a statement in itself so you’ll easily get away with little to no styling.

3. High Knotless Ponytail

Having your braids high up is a great way of drawing attention to your hair and enjoying the length of your braids. A high knotless ponytail also brings out your facial features as the hair stays back. You can wear a ponytail to different places – school, dinner or work.

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4. Ombre Knotless Braids

When you hear the word ombre, you know that we are going for nothing but colour. The combination of colours makes ombre knotless braids attractive. The darker tones tend to be at the root as it transitions into lighter and brighter hues at the ends. Pick the colours of your braids carefully. Preferably, go for tones that match your skin. But, if you feel like going crazy, by all means, do.

Knotless braids

5. Bob knotless braids

Sometimes we just want an easy-going braiding style. Bob knotless braids are just short enough to flatter your look and long enough to maintain that feminine impression. The good thing about bob knotless braids is that it is low maintenance. Its shoulder-length style is bound to give you a timeless look.

6. Knotless High Bun

Packing your braids into a high bun is the simplest way to get your hair out of your face. It also makes it easier to move around as compared to when the braids are all over the place. Plus, you can wear this style in any setting.

7. Long Knotless Braids

Long knotless braids normally fall to your back. Depending on how fast your salonist is, you may sit in for two or three hours. This is the perfect style for those who want a mix of everything. Extra length and style while keeping it simple.

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8. Super Long Knotless Braids

This is for the daring ones. Super long can go all the way to your bum, knees and even closer to the floor. These look great when worn loose. Even so, you have styling options – double bun, half up and half down, or throw in some beads to switch up the look. They’ll take a long to install and taking care of them need more effort. If that’s not a problem for you, then go for the extra length.

9. Knotless Braids With Curled Ends

Curls never get old. You can enjoy an exciting finish on your knotless braids by going for those with a curling end. Well, you can buy ones that are already curled or you can get them curled at the salon. Either way, curls add interest to your hair and make it visually attractive.

10. Knotless Braids with Side Parting

You can achieve side parting by having most of your hair fall to one side with a noticeable cut. Medium and long knotless braids allow you to wear this look. You can use a hairband to wrap the hair on the side to avoid it spreading out or you can let it loose.

11. Knotless Braids With Beads

Add some detail to your knotless braids by accessorizing them with beads. You can have the beads at the end of your braids or throughout your braids. You can have them in some of your braids or on all. You can use clear, shell, or metallic beads. Feel free to be creative here.

12. Knotless Braids Updo

There are many ways to style your knotless braids in an updo. Make sure you get the medium to long knotless braids. Tie your hair in a high ponytail. From this, wrap the remaining hair around one another depending on the updo you want. It is easy and gives you the leeway to change your style every day.

13. Half-Up and Half-Down Knotless Braids

If you want to tie some of your knotless braids and still let others loose, then use the half-up and half-down style. You can do this in two ways. Firstly, put some of your hair in a high bun. Let the rest of the hair fall back. Secondly, create a high ponytail with some of your hair and let the rest fall back.

14. Blonde Knotless Braids

Blonde knotless braids are on trend and one of the most sought-after hair colours. These knotless braids allow you to go blonde without dyeing your natural hair. This hair carries a striking look so try these out at first and see how it looks on you. Afterwards, if you must, go ahead and dye.

15. Medium Knotless Braids

Medium knotless braids provide the sweet spot between fine and large knotless braids. They don’t take long to install, bring in the perfect volume and carry just the right weight. You will also love them because they won’t stress your scalp. Plus, you can style them in many ways.

16. Triangle Knotless Braids

Move away from the usual square-patterned method of sectioning your braids. Triangular sectioned braids are refreshing. This pattern will definitely make you stand out. Go further by accessorizing some of your braids and glow in your beauty.

17. Knotless Double Buns

Double buns aren’t only for kids. Bring out your confident, soft and playful side by going for a double bun. Hold your hair on each side of your head. You can tie part of your hair and let some loose or you can tie all of your braids up.

18. Tiny Knotless Braids 

The surest way of spending endless hours at the salon is by getting tiny knotless braids. We understand why you’d want to do this. Tiny knotless braids are fine and have a neat finish to them. Plus, if you love voluminous hair and don’t mind the weight and strain on your scalp, go for tiny knotless braids.

19. Red Knotless Braids

Bold, attention and vibrance. If you are looking to achieve these three things with your hair, then consider red knotless braids. There are different shades of red so make sure you choose one that blends in with your skin tone.

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20. Brown Knotless Braids 

Brown knotless braids are the perfect option to replace your usual black braids. Depending on the shade of brown you choose, it retains the subtle, elegant style that keeps you going for black knotless braids. These work for any woman regardless of their skin tone. The trick is to choose a shade that blends with your skin.

21. Knotless Goddess Braids

Knotless goddess braids is a fusion of curling hair and braids with unfinished ends. This variety is the reason why you should try out this style. The curls make the hair pop and make it interesting. Some women might find knotless goddess braids messy but at times, a messy or perhaps carefree hairdo is what creates an appeal.

22. Twist Knotless Braids

Twists are one of the most enjoyable hairstyles you can have. It’s visually attractive, and playful and just makes for a fabulous look. You can wear this in any length – long or short and in any size – small, medium or big. Accessorizing your twist braids will make them stand out even more.

23. Kids Knotless Braids 

Kids also have a range of knotless hairstyles they can wear to look fantastic and break away from the usual front-to-back plaited hair. Coloured braids, braids with beads, and two buns at either side of the head are just some of the knotless braid styles you can get for your kid.

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24. Wash your braids once a month at most. 

Since braids typically last about 6 weeks, you might not need to wash your braids at all if your hair is relatively dry. But for oily or combination hair, wash your braids after 4 weeks. You don’t have to do a whole lot different from a normal hair wash—just be gentle with the braids so they don’t unravel.

  • If you don’t want to do a full wash, you can also use apple cider vinegar. Make a solution with one part vinegar to 3 parts water. Soak a washcloth in the solution and wring it out. Use the washcloth to wipe down your braids and the scalp between your braids. Follow up with a light oil or leave-in conditioner after the vinegar smell is gone.

25. Take your braids down after 6 weeks at most. 

Knotless braids last longer than some other types of braids, such as cornrows, but they don’t last forever. If they’re starting to look raggedy and loose, it’s time to take them down.

  • The biggest factor for your braids’ longevity is the technique and skill of the person who braided your hair. If you braided your own hair for the first time, or had a friend braid it who hasn’t practiced much, they probably won’t last as long.
  • Your braids might start to get heavy as your hair grows out, typically around 2-3 weeks. If they feel like they’re pulling on your scalp or causing you neck pain, go ahead and take them out early.

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