Top 14 Steps to Start Bulk SMS Business

Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria: How to Start and Make Money from it

Top 14 Steps to Start Bulk SMS Business

Top 14 Steps to Start Bulk SMS Business : This article brings to you, incisive information on Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria: How to Start. It is the intent of this post to help you start and make good money from Bulk SMS business.

You may have been aware of the ever-increasing demand for custom bulk SMS in Nigeria for some time now. Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria: How to Start and Make Money from itInstitutions such as banks, offices, churches etc. have risen to embrace custom bulk SMS services due to a number of factors.

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The most striking reason is that custom bulk SMS service are cheaper than the traditional SMS services offered by the major telecommunications giants in this country.

These organizations need a way to send customized text messages to a large number of the target audience who would subscribe to and take advantages of their products and services.

Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria: How to Start is very simple. Also, bulk SMS business is very profitable and yields a large amount of profit.

You can take advantage of the highly profitable market as a bulk SMS reseller too.  Of, course, bulk SMS business requires less start-up capital. and this is a good news.

What is Bulk SMS Business, Reselling Business?

Bulk SMS Business or bulk SMS reselling business involves activities used in sending messages through an application, web-based application over the internet to a large number of phone lines at a unit charge/rate. These may be individual or Organization phone lines.

You can employ the opportunities of Bulk SMS business in arranging for events, doing advertisements, making announcements, updates and meeting notices.

Necessary Tools/Equipment for Starting Bulk SMS business.

To start and manage a Bulk SMS business.

1. Start-up capitals:

You need some cash, not too much cash though, to take care of the startup costs.

2. Necessary equipment:

You also need a mobile phone, tablet device or PC/MAC.

You can use any or a combination of these devices.

3. Good internet connection :

You also need a good internet connection to kick start the business.

All these are things you can source locally, and you can start with what is at your disposal.

4. Bulk SMS business portal:

You also need a Bulk SMS business portal to kick start.

5. Hosting  a portal :

You can host a portal of your own by yourself .

If you have the technical know-how on how to do it.

6.  Employ the services of a web developer:

Alternatively, you can employ the services of a web developer.

Who would help you set up a Bulk SMS business portal for you for a charge.

7. Get trained and competent hands :

You need to engage reliable, trained and competent hands to carry this out.

8. Sign up an account:

Equally, you may have to sign up an account on an already established Bulk SMS portal and get started from there.

9. Get trained:

As such, you must not always have your own portal before you can start your own Bulk SMS business.

Train up yourself in order to have a pre-knowledge about the business.That can only take you for about two weeks to one month.

 Other Basic Steps in Starting Bulk SMS Business 

10. Design a User-Friendly SMS Portal Website.

I have already hinted that you can create a User-Friendly SMS Portal Website.

This should be responsive.

By this I mean, the User-Friendly SMS Portal Website should be optimized to show on mobile devices as well as PC.

You understand that a larger audience who would be using your Bulk SMS Portal Website will be making use of mobile phones and tablet devices.

As Such, your Bulk SMS Portal should be optimized to perform effectively on mobile devices and tablets.

If you cannot create or set-up the Bulk SMS Portal by yourself.

You could easily employ the service of a web programmer or developer good at Bulk SMS Portal development to help you out.

The sections on your Bulk SMS Portal should have options to send Bulk SMS messages, save details of users, assign SMS credit units etc.

As a matter of fact, the Bulk SMS Portal should be able to perform all the basic and auxiliary functions of a basic Bulk SMS Portal.

Other areas also of consideration includes the domain name acquisition as well as hosting of the Bulk SMS Portal.

In the circumstance where you cannot get a fully customized Bulk SMS Portal set-up for you.

You can simply be a Bulk SMS reseller on an already existing Bulk SMS Portal.

Either way, Bulk SMS service is operated on the world wide web.

And you need to either set up you own Bulk SMS Portal website or work with another person’s site a  reseller.

11. Signup with a Bulk SMS Unit Wholesaler

You need to Sign up your Bulk SMS website or account with a Bulk SMS Units Wholesaler.

These people or merchants deal on large units of SMS credits.

You buy from them in large quantities and retail to your users at a fixed rate.

There are a number of Bulk SMS Unit Wholesalers online.

And offline and you can broker with them on a good price that can serve you both well.

Your Bulk SMS Unit Wholesalers should have quality and reliable reviews.

As well as premium service.

This is because you will be transacting custom Bulk SMS Unit with them.

It is common place for Bulk SMS Unit Wholesalers to provide their client (you) with a Bulk SMS portal of your own for a price.

this will enable you to link your customers and clients to you and they can purchase units from you. if you can, however, create your own portal as I’ve discussed above, it is the more preferred choice.

Top 14 Steps to Start Bulk SMS Business

12. Buy Bulk SMS Unit

After you have set up either your own bulk SMS portal or that given to you by your wholesaler, and after you have set up an account with your Bulk SMS Unit Wholesalers or merchant as discussed above, you are now ready to buy Bulk SMS Unit.

So, you will purchase a given unit or custom unit of Bulk SMS credits from your Bulk SMS Unit Wholesalers.

Your Bulk SMS Unit Wholesalers will send you the Bulk SMS units after you buy them, say 10,000 units. It is common practice for your Bulk SMS Unit Wholesaler to send you information on how to set up Bulk SMS portal if you are oblivious to it.

Top 14 Steps to Start Bulk SMS Business

13. Advertise your Bulk SMS Service

It is now time to hit the market with your product.

You simply go into publicity and marketing of the service. this is meant to promote the venture.

You can advertise your Bulk SMS portal online and/or offline. either way pay.

In the online world, you may have to advertise or promote your Bulk SMS portal.

Using social media such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc.

Also, it is good practice to run adverts on websites.

And also make use of Google AdWords.

these all are measures aimed at reaching your target audience easily.

Alternatively, you can use the mass and print media to roll out the news on the launching of.

As well as why people should prefer your Bulk SMS portal to other already existing or forthcoming platforms.

14. Create satisfaction:

Keeping your customers satisfied and happy is the hallmark of successful Bulk SMS business.

the market is competitive, highly competitive.

So you have to do all it takes to ensure you deliver nothing but the best quality to your clients.

Also of essence is timeliness of delivery.

Customers may not be happy with your service if there are unnecessary delays in the system.

Lastly, your service should be quite affordable by a cross section of the society.

If you can put all these in place, then you are on your way to profitable Bulk SMS business.

If you need a complete business plan or you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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