15+ Tips to Avoid Business Marketing Rejection

Business Marketing Rejection: Is your marketing business pitch too pushy and pissing off clients?

Rejection is inevitable as long as one is working in sales.

Even high flying business marketing representatives will hear no every once in a while.

It is usually how you handle the rejection that can make or break your success, and even your person.

If you are in , you would be taught a whole lot of best practices, trends, opportunities, tools, technologies.

But learning how to handle rejection is one of the most useful knowledge you can have as a marketer.

This is because rejection is more powerful than you think as it can get you spiraling downwards in no time.

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Business Marketing Rejection

Emotionally and psychologically, rejection is just as tough for salespeople to deal with.
In fact, research has shown that many salespeople have agreed that the fear of rejection sometimes is greater than the actual rejection itself.
It can immobilize salespeople and affect their drive and performance.

When you are hearing a steady stream of no after no, don’t get discouraged as you can still break the tide.

We have outlined some strategies that would help you cope with the rejection that come from business marketing.

Business Marketing Rejection

Business Marketing Rejection

1. Don’t take it personally

Usually, a rejection in business marketing just means that your product wasn’t what the prospect needed, or maybe they couldn’t afford it.

It hardly ever has anything to do with the personality of the sales person.

So don’t get emotional when you lose a sale.

Rejection can come from numerous reasons that have nothing to do with you.

It could be; improper timing, bad experience with previous sales reps, business conditions, economic challenges, and even moods.

Many top performers have developed emotional strength, or an emotional separation from others’ opinions, biases, or rejection.

They simply do not register it in their minds.

This emotional barrier allows them to focus on the objective of each step of the sales process, and not on themselves or the disinterest of others.

2. Business Marketing Rejection :Expect rejection, it’s normal

Rejection is a natural and common part of business marketing.

Hence, you need to train yourself not to be surprised when a customer says no.”

Super salespeople know that rejection is part of the game, and they accept it.

They are never surprised by it.

It is not something to be avoided, but something to understand as reality and deal with appropriately.

3.Business Marketing Rejection :Have a ready response

As a business marketing person, you have to prepare a technique of how you can deal with the ‘no word.

Instead of saying thank you and leaving, or talking about providing a lower price.

You can respond like this, “I’m glad you said that.

All of our clients in your industry had one of our competitors as their vendor when we first met them.

Over time, 100 percent of our clients in your industry migrated to us.

Here are some testimonials from companies just like yours that did.”

This would definitely get the client thinking, and may even change his or her mind.

4.Business Marketing Rejection :Create more opportunities

Rejection is higher when you create few opportunities for yourself.

And it is also much easier to take rejection personally.

So, you need to widen your scope in the market.

You should focus your attention on creating your ideal customer profile and then systematically start working on your list.

5.Business Marketing Rejection :Find out your sales ratio

Rejection is inevitable when you are marketing.

But you may not get as discouraged if you know how much rejection to expect.

It is estimated that it takes an average of 30 calls to get an appointment with a prospective client.

The number will vary depending on what you are marketing.

Bigger ticket items typically have a higher marketing ratio.

Talking to others in your business about their experiences and paying attention to your own success rate will help you estimate how many rejections to expect.

The knowledge of what your sales ratios are is going to help to immunize you to rejection.

6.Business Marketing Rejection :Learn to be professional

You need to remain polite and professional even if you lose a sale.

If you take the rejection well and remain courteous, your prospect will remember that.

Keeping calm and collected is not only a reflection of you and your ability to sell.

But might just change the dynamics of the sale completely for you, if handled correctly.

If they need your services in the future, they will remember your good attitude and will approach you first.

7.Business Marketing Rejection :Ask for reasons

You can’t figure out what you did wrong unless you ask.

Sometimes there may be some useful insights into knowing exactly why you are being rejected.

There could be some small detail in your proposal that turned them off.

Ask them why they didnt go with your product.

This information can help you tremendously in future business marketing calls.

When it comes to dealing with rejection, knowing why it happened is important for closure.

After all, if the prospect is actually having a great day and is in fact in need of your service but still rejects you, it’s paramount to know why so that you can make the necessary changes.

8.Business Marketing Rejection :Send a last-minute proposal

If you lose a deal to a competitor, send a new offer just in time.

If something goes wrong in the deal with the other company, you will be right there to save the day.

Remember, in many cases, rejection is purely a case of timing.

A prospect who says no today can quickly become a valuable customer tomorrow simply because conditions have changed in the person’s business.

9.Business Marketing Rejection :Talk to your colleagues

Everyone in business marketing deals with rejection.

In fact, everyone in life does, to some degree.

For some people, the more they get rejected, the more they tend to isolate and go into their holes.

Don’t isolate yourself after a lost deal.

Instead, talk it over with your colleagues.

You can vent to them instead of exploding at your customer.

You will discover that you are not alone and you might get some helpful tips while youre at it.

10.Business Marketing Rejection :See it as a stepping stone

Another good strategy to use in combating rejection is to see it as a stepping stone to success.

If it takes an average of x number of calls to make a sale, think of each rejection as build up to that number, and automatically a sale.

If you learn to see rejection this way, then it will be a good thing because each NO would bring you closer to a yes.

11.Business Marketing Rejection :Upgrade your skills

This is especially true of salespeople who are new to the game.

Write down the situations where you get a no, and think what led up to the no.

Then go out and do some reading to learn from the best.

When you have more confidence in your training and experience and with plenty of sales hours under your belt.

You will be better able to shrug off the NOs as just part of the job.

12. Business Marketing Rejection :Learn to persist

The Marketing Doughnut points out that only one out of fifty deals close upon a first meeting.

And 44% of salespeople give up at the first rejection.

This goes to show that only few sales people stick around after a NO.

As a sales person, you should learn not to cross the prospect off your list forever after they give you the NO answer.

If you’ve been rejected, it doesn’t necessarily mean this person will never be your client.

They may not be interested now, but that doesn’t mean they never will be.

Check in with them regularly to see if they’ve changed their mind.

But be careful not to call too much.  You don’t want to be annoying.

13.Business Marketing Rejection :Create a workable routine

The fear of rejection can be a powerful thing and it can keep you from being productive.

In order to overcome this, you need to set yourself up in a routine.

If you make a certain number of calls in the morning and a certain number of calls in the afternoon, stick with it.

This will help you stay on track when you feel like quitting.

14.Business Marketing Rejection :Focus on your wins

Not every call will be a rejection, some will also be won.

Make sure to keep track of your daily achievements.

Emphasize the calls you won rather than the ones you lost and you will feel much better about yourself.

You only need a few of those wins to carry you psychologically for a while.

15.Business Marketing Rejection :Hang in there

When you have been hit with a NO, its normal to feel crest fallen.

But you should ensure that you dont stay down; you need to persevere.

If business marketing rejection is becoming more regular than you would like.

Then consider your approach as well as who you’re approaching.

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Are they the right companies, are they the right contacts?

Are you coming across in the right way?

You need to make all these evaluations to ensure that you are on the right track.

Once you find out that you are on the right track.

Then dont fret about it, you would start closing sales soon enough.

Plus, if you do succeed, you will no longer be sad about your rejection.

Overcoming rejection in business marketing is something that all salespeople have to learn to do.

Its like a badge of honor.

If you’ve never been rejected, then you have never seen the other side of business marketing.

Rejection in  business marketing is an inevitability.

And even top-performing sales reps will hear no every once in a while.

You need to create business marketing rejection strategies that are best suited to your situation.

But if you can’t think of any, the ones listed above would suffice.

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