How to Promote Cheap Drinks for Free

Cheap Drinks

Cheap Drinks: Promotion is one of the best ways to turn a solid idea into actual profits.

Whatever your role in the business world happens to be if you’re trying to sell a product.

You’ll want to boost your sales and build brand recognition with a well-balanced promotional effort.

While a lot of this may sound complicated, it’s pretty easy once you do some market analysis and figure out what kind of promotion you want to run.

This article breaks down the many different ways you can go about promotion.

Find the ideas that make the most sense for your product!

Things You Should Know

  • Social media and email are excellent (and free!) ways to market your product to the general public.
  • Rewards programs, promotional deals, and discounts are phenomenal ways to keep return customers loyal and happy.
  • If you do any kind of business online, Google Ads is an invaluable resource that you can use to track how successful your advertisements are.
  • You can always hire a marketing firm to revamp your promotional materials for you.

    Cheap Drinks

This is an awesome way to advertise online for free. While pop-ups and banner ads cost money, advertising on Facebook or Twitter is free. Use your company’s social media accounts to share fun information about your product with others online. You can even live stream, or comment on other people’s posts to draw more attention to your page. Social media is also a great place to showcase other promotions, like discounts and giveaways.

  • Remember, most people on social media aren’t looking to be sold a product. Instead of direct advertising, try posting interesting, relevant content that will build awareness about your product. Be inviting and playful, not cold and calculated with your posts.
  • Interact with the people who comment on your posts and ask you questions about your product. The more engagement you get, the more likely you’ll be to see growth!

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Do this to reach your customers directly. Start an email newsletter that you release each month. Include features on your latest products and the latest goings-on at your company that would appeal to your customers. You can also try promotional emails to specifically highlight new products.

  • Make the subject line refer to the product so that your customers are more likely to notice it, and give more information on the product and how to buy it in the body of the email.
  • Expand your email list by announcing your newsletter on social media channels and linking to a signup page on your website.
  • Offer a special discount code or another incentive for customers to signup to your email list.

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This is a great means to give potential clients more info on a product. If you’ve just launched something new and want to let your customers know, write a blog post that highlights all the features it offers. Include details on how it differs from older products and why it would appeal to your customers. Publish the blog post on your website and link to it on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

  • Let’s say you run a popcorn brand and you just launched some new flavors. Write a blog post that mentions all the new flavors, with a snappy description for each. Be sure to include how and where your customers can get the product!
  • You can also send out an email that links to the blog post to get the word out about your new product.

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Get the word out about your new product in local newspapers. First, brainstorm what makes your product new or interesting. Ask yourself what you think is most appealing about your product, and what will excite journalists to cover its release. Once you start writing, make every word count. Keep the announcement brief at about 300-400 words maximum. Email it to any news organization in the area you think might be interested.

  • Make the first line of your press release clear and to the point to get journalists’ attention.
  • If your ice cream shop is giving away free ice cream to promote your new menu, write something like, “Ice cream shop will give free ice cream to the first 100 customers next month.”

    Cheap Drinks

Offer a free sample to customers to get them to try your product. Nothing shows confidence in your product like letting your customer sample it for free before buying. Additionally, a customer is more likely to buy something if they have just experienced its benefits. You can’t do this with every product, but if you can let folks “test drive” your product, they’ll be more likely to buy it.

  • A sample doesn’t just refer to food products. The same principle applies to other products and services. For instance, if you’re selling cars, test drives or a free trial subscription to an online service is the rough equivalents of a free sample.

    Cheap Drinks

Give out coupons, special discounts, or deals to attract customers. Most people dislike the idea of “missing out” on a good deal, so they’re more likely to buy a product if there’s a special bonus that’s not normally available. A lot of consumers will buy something they wouldn’t have normally purchased just because it’s on sale or comes with some kind of extra benefit. Potential incentives include:

  • New member discounts. If you offer cheaper prices for people who make an account, sign up for a mailing list, or become a member of your service, you’ll build up a larger reoccurring customer base.
  • Buy-one-get-one-free deals. Offer the customer a free reward (this can be more of your product or a different product entirely) if they buy a certain amount of your product.
  • Holiday deals and sales. Running a promotion for holidays can really generate new business. People tend to buy more goods on certain holidays, and a sale is a great way to attract folks.
  • Rebates. By putting the responsibility to claim a discount on the customer after the purchase has been made, you can save money relative to other promotional deals because many will forget or neglect to send in their rebates.

    Cheap Drinks

Rewards programs are a perfect means to keep customers loyal. Offer discounts, deals, and special privileges to return customers. When you’re promoting your new product, offer rewards program members a discount or a free product. In the same way you want to demonstrate your product’s value to your customer, you also want to demonstrate your customer’s value to your company.

  • This is the perfect option if you have an established business and you’re trying to get a brand new product off the ground. By getting your first round of inventory into your most loyal customers’ hands, they’ll be able to spread the word about your product’s quality.

Ask popular influencers to review your product online. Influencers are well-known members of an industry who people trust, such as hairstylists who have a strong social media presence and review hair products. Identify influencers in your industry who might be able to spread the word about your product and make an impact on its reception. Contact 2-3 influencers via email to try out your product and review it.

  • You can offer to give them your product for free in exchange for the review. If they’re an especially popular influencer, they may ask for some kind of monetary compensation on top of it.
  • For example, if you’re developing a fitness app, you might ask a popular fitness guru from Instagram to try the app and review it on their platform.

    Cheap Drinks

Set up a Google Ads account to pay for clicks and views. Google Ads is an easy way to promote your business or product online. Sign up for a free account and include the link to your business page alongside a short, punchy description of your service. Set your budget and include the maximum amount you’d like to bid on a given keyword. Google will automatically display your ad if its algorithms determine your bid is successful.

  • You have three options when it comes to ways you can bid on your keywords. You can use:
    • Cost-per-click (CPC). You will only pay a fee when a user clicks on your link.
    • Cost-per-mile (CPM). You will only pay for every 1000 ad appearances.
    • Cost-per-engagement (CPE). You only pay when a user does something on your website, like watch a video or sign up for an account.

Social media advertising is a uniquely strong way to push a product. Advertising on social media gives consumers the chance to comment on your ads and interact with other consumers who are interested in your product. You can also tailor your ads to appear to specific demographics of people based on other things they’ve looked for online. Most social media sites also allow you to track your ROI (return on investment) so that you can see how much benefit you’re getting from your ads.

  • Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are especially popular venues for social media advertising.
  • You can also pay to promote your social media posts. This is a good way to get more people to interact with your brand.

    Cheap Drinks

If all of this sounds like a lot, pay someone else to do it! There are tons of marketing firms out there that specialize in creating promotional materials and getting them out into the world. They can also help with your social media marketing strategy. If you have a lot on your hands or doing your own promotion seems like a tall order, paying someone else to do it for you will make things a lot easier. Contact a reputable marketing firm in your area and sit down to discuss a deal.

  • If you only need a little bit of extra help coming up with designs or slogans, hire a consulting firm to help you out.
  • There are marketing firms out there that specialize in TV ads, radio, social media, or print media. Check each firm’s website to see what kind of marketing they specialize in.

Cheap Drinks

More tips

  • Having a professional-looking website will help boost sales and promote your products.

  • Before you start promoting a product, make sure the product is compliant and legal. You don’t want to run into trouble down the line because you didn’t dot all of your Is and cross your Ts.

  • If you want to start promoting your product in a different geographic location, make sure you research that geographic market first. Just because your product does well in one location doesn’t necessarily mean it will do as well somewhere new.

  • Carefully time the release of your product. For example, releasing a product before the holidays when everyone is shopping may increase your sales.

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