Top 30 Laundry Setting Patterns for Business

Laundry Setting Patterns: It’s all too easy for a laundry room to turn into a dark closet full of dirty clothes.

Make household chores more appealing by making over the room in which you do them.

A welcoming laundry room will encourage everyone in the house to participate in chores.

Our list of 30 small laundry room design ideas will help you to enjoy the area around your washer and dryer (probably for the first time).

You’re proud of the rest of your home, why not love your laundry room too?

You don’t need a finished basement or servants’ quarters to have a welcoming laundry room.

This list includes design ideas for even the smallest of spaces and budgets.

All you need is a little paint, some organizational tools and this gallery of laundry rooms.

With the right design, you can even use your laundry room for other tasks like at-home office work or crafts.

Add a rustic wooden counter top that doubles as a folding and ironing station.

Or get some much-needed extra storage space with a wall of shelves.

After the makeover, you’re sure to find yourself enjoying your laundry room a lot more often.

Laundry Setting Patterns

1. Laundry Setting Patterns: Rustic Retro Laundry Room Concept

One of the laundry room ideas for this cheery laundry centre with a front loading washer and dryer.

Takes advantage of the empty space on top of the machines.

By running a shelf just wide enough to safely hold laundry things along the back of them.

Instructions painted on the wall inspired by a laundromat gives this space some humor.

2. Laundry Setting Patterns: Enjoy the Sunshine in the Laundry Room

Another of the laundry room ideas takes advantage of the natural light coming in through an undressed window.

Again, the washer and dryer are front loading, which allows space above them for shelves that hold attractive wicker baskets and apothecary jars and bowls filled with laundry materials.

There’s even enough space to hang freshly laundered shirts.

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3. Laundry Setting Patterns: Cozy Country Laundry Room

The laundry room ideas in this space take advantage of the warmth of wood.

Shelves stretch over the washer and dryer and there’s enough space beside them to tuck a bin for sorting.

Metal bins sit on the first shelf while laundry detergents and other bins are on the second shelf within easy reach.

4. Laundry Setting Patterns: Fresh Out of the Dryer Laundry

The washer in this laundry centre is top loading, though the dryer is front loading.

So the shelf above them is held up by brackets.

The white of the machines, the shelves and wall cabinets with bead board doors is given warmth by the taupe colour walls.

A brown floor that may be made of resilient material and pots of dried flowers in open shelves.

Laundry Setting Patterns

5. Laundry Setting Patterns: Laundry Pocket Turned Accent Wall

Some homeowner’s laundry centres are found in a niche in a long hall.

Though some folks don’t mind their washer and dryer being exposed.

Others would rather the area be hidden when not in use.

One of the laundry room ideas is to hide the area behind a sliding barn door.

In this scheme the door is a bright aquamarine blue that echoes the colour of the bottom of the French window curtains.

6. Laundry Setting Patterns: Brilliant Laundry Room Design Idea

If a homeowner has a lot of room, they can use one part of the laundry room for sorting and hand washing.

This room has a deep apron sink for hand washing.

And a rustic wooden counter top that echoes the hardwood floor and the coir rug.

The clothes rod on the wall and the shelf mounted on another wall faced with subway tile.

Framed photos keep the room from looking too utilitarian.

7. Laundry Setting Patterns: Pretty French Provincial Laundry Room

Who said that plants and artwork have no place in a homeowner’s laundry room ideas?

In this tiny space, the front loading washer and dryer’s black and white colour scheme are repeated on the intricate tiles of the floor.

The black and white framed photos and the black window frame.

The texture of woven grass baskets reflects the bamboo of the roll up shade.

Pots of live plants soften the overall look.

8. Laundry Setting Patterns: Bright Whites Done Right Laundry Room

Laundry room ideas don’t need to cost a lot of money to bring to fruition.

One uninspiring laundry centre was livened up by a rough hewn shelf lined with identical grey storage boxes.

A sign saying “Laundry” at least partially covered up the wiring and exposed plumbing.

Since the dryer is front loading, why not put a plant and a small lamp on top of it?

9. Laundry Setting Patterns: Space Age Closet Surprise Laundry Room

This laundry area simply glitters with a metallic wall tile that matches the frames around the windows of the front loading washer and dryer, giving the area a space aged feel.

Again, since the tops of the machines are empty space, the homeowner has installed a gleaming stone shelf.

Above this are wall cabinets that leave enough space for a clothes rod and hangers.

10. Laundry Setting Patterns: Gray and White and Warm Laundry Room

Don’t forget the paint scheme when it comes to laundry room ideas.

This room has a deep grey breadboard wall hung with two white cabinets connected by a shelf.

The engineered stone shelf that sits atop the washer and dryer is also grey and is almost a match for the dark grey of the front loading machines’ window gaskets.

11. Laundry Setting Patterns: Small Laundry Room Design Ideas with Wood

Really elegant cabinetry shouldn’t be confined to the kitchen.

The floor and wall cabinets in this room have recessed panels and the wall cabinets have grown mouldings.

There are cubbies for wicker baskets to hold separates and enough shelf space for laundry items and a clothes rod.

The floor, which is or resembles variegated brown and tan marble, makes the room truly elegant.

12. Laundry Setting Patterns: Clothes and Pet Cleaning Laundry Room

One of the more innovative laundry room ideas is to use extra space as a pet cleaning centre.

This mostly grey and white laundry room has its washer stacked on its dryer to save space.

Beside them is a cubby repurposed into a doggie bed.

A drawer probably olds grooming items.

Beside that is a little shower area where Barkley can be hosed down.

13. Laundry Setting Patterns: Little Laundry on the Prairie

The washer and dryer fit so well into this very rusticated centre that it’s hard to believe that they are from the 21st century.

A simple piece of lumber has been set over them and an equally primitive shelf with brackets stretches above them.

The cubby between the machines is also simple, and the place where the ceiling meets the walls and where the walls meet each other are faced in knotty pine.

14. Laundry Setting Patterns: Old-fashioned Meets Modern Laundry Room Design

Yet another of the laundry room ideas uses wall shelves above the machines with what look like homespun curtains in the door windows.

To one side, shelves hold wicker baskets filled with freshly laundered linen.

Another wall holds old fashioned laundry implements.

In this case, they’re a washboard and a rug beater.

A touch of whimsy is added by a set of keys dangling from one of the cabinet knobs and an old jar full of bright flowers.

15. Laundry Setting Patterns: Steel and Chrome and Wood Laundry Room

The big, bold steel and chrome washer and dryer stand out in this otherwise Arcadian laundry centre.

The wooden plank is not set directly on the machines but lies on bars that echo the bars that hold up the shelf above the work space.

This space holds a framed list of laundry room rules and galvanized metal containers.

But all is softened by the gold colour of the wall and the glow thrown by a corner lamp.

16.Laundry Setting Patterns: Super Simple Laundry Wall Makeover

Another one of the simpler laundry room ideas is a plain blond wood plank set over the front loading machines with taupe wall cabinets above.

There’s enough room for a clothes rod and wooden hangers to receive just washed shirts.

Subway tiles, a sign from an old Laundromat, apothecary jars, a plant and a wire basket complete the look.

17. Laundry Setting Patterns: Easy, Beachy Sorting Laundry Room

Foldable drying racks are one of the better laundry room ideas.

These have been installed permanently on the wall over the area used for sorting clothes and a chest of drawers used to hold other laundry items.

The pure white of the laundry bags, chest of drawers, walls and ceiling contrasts beautifully with the speckled black of the floor and the grey, white and black stripes of the rug.

18.Laundry Setting Patterns: Breath of Fresh Air Laundry Room

This laundry centre is hidden behind a pair of formidable looking wooden doors.

Inside, shelves recreate the boldness of the doors, though their look is softened by a golden-tan wall, the whites of folded towels, a glass vase full of white tulips and even the light grey colour of the machines and their reflective glass.

19. Laundry Setting Patterns: Elegant Monochromatic Utility Laundry Room

Black, white and grey are the colours of this laundry room.

Though these neutrals are broken up some what by the light wood of the blocky shelf and the wooden slab on top of a floor cabinet.

The rather severe lines are softened by the intricate pattern of the black and white floor tiles.

20. Make Specialty Colours Pop Laundry Room

Fortunately, a homeowner can buy a washer/dryer combo in a variety of colours and this couple is a brash navy blue along with the usual silver of the window frames and the control knobs.

The color complements the neutrals found in the doors, the breadboard on the walls, the elegant turned columns beside the machines and even the clothes themselves.

21. Laundry Setting Patterns: A Laundry Room You’ll Linger In

This laundry room leads to the outside, and the windows in the door let in plenty of natural light.

Even the terra cotta colour floor tiles seem to blur the line between the inside and the outside as do the plants in the wall planters.

The apron sink, the panelled wall cabinets and the generous apothecary jars gives this laundry room a kitchen-like feel.

22. Subway Tile Backsplash Accent Laundry Room

Another of the good laundry room ideas is to put the washer and dryer in their own wooden box.

The blond wood of the “box” echoes the edges of the long, narrow wall cabinet above the machines, the clothes rod and even the frame of the outsized clock.

There’s enough space between the wall cabinet and the ceiling for some storage.

23.Laundry Setting Patterns: Dark but Not Dreary Laundry Room

One of the laundry room ideas is to make the room downright sexy.

The wooden slab over these two front loading machines is made of a sumptuous wood such as teal or rosewood.

And the wall cabinets behind it have been fitted with with hidden task lights that illuminate the work space.

Laundry items are presented on jars in a tray, and there are sunken lights in the ceiling.

24. All the Aqua You Need Laundry Room

Adding pastel colours to the laundry room is one of the more creative laundry room ideas.

This room has wall cabinets of the palest blue that are lighter even than the plastic buckets that contain the staining and cleaning kits.

Rolls of paper towel, wicker baskets and apothecary jars full of clothespins and laundry powder are stored neatly on the shelves.

25.Laundry Setting Patterns: Shabby Chic Laundry Room

No one says that the space can’t be shabby chic.

This homeowner has added a glass pendant lantern.

A shield-shaped mirror and some chintzy fabrics for the curtains and protective cloths on a shelf and over one of the machines to make this laundry room one of a kind.

There’s nothing shabby about it actually.

26. Contemporary Cabin Restroom Laundry Room

Why not have a combination bathroom and laundry centre?

This little room calls to mind an old fashioned outhouse/wash house with its weathered, white painted boards on the walls and the cabinets.

There’s enough space left for the toilet bowl and sink, a tiny stool and a portable drying rack.

27. Laundry Setting Patterns: Proof You Have Laundry Room

Another solution for an exceptionally tiny space is to stack one machine on top of the other and add simple shelves for all the necessary items to make laundry day easier.

The whole thing is hidden behind folding, louvered doors that guests probably won’t notice when they’re shut.

That is, they won’t notice unless they read the jaunty sign that proclaims “Laundry” above the space.

28. Black, White, Pink Laundry Room

If you are wondering where the statement is going to be made in the room you can choose it to be the floor.

You will fall in love with the black and white hand-painted cement tile.

Use black base cabinets which will contribute to the lightness of the room.

The natural stone countertops give a clean, ethereal look to the room.

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