16 Tips to Have Fun at Chili’s Happy Hour

Chili’s happy hour: If a trip to the mall typically brings to mind an image of you and your friends, it may be time to create a new image. Although going to the mall with friends is fun, going to the mall on your own can be just as entertaining and productive. If your friends are all busy, you are new in town, or you want some alone time, you can go to the mall on your own and have a great time. You can shop, take part in community events, and pamper yourself.

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Chili’s happy hour

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1. Window shop. Window-shopping is a great way to spend time without spending money. When you window shop, you can glean inspiration for how to use existing items, make a mental note of items you might want to purchase later, or satisfy your curiosity about a new season’s items and trends.

2. Take your time. One of the greatest benefits of shopping solo is the ability to take as long as you want. When you shop with others, you have to work on a shared timetable, but when you are on your own, you can linger in your favourite part of a store, try clothes on multiple times to get a clear idea of what you like, or even just wander around.

  • You can also go as fast as you’d like. If you walk into a store and don’t like what you see, walk right back out! You do not have to wait around for someone else to finish browsing.

Chili’s happy hour

3. Visit stores you’ve never been to. Being alone is a great excuse to visit a store you’ve never been to–particularly if there is a store you are too shy or embarrassed to visit with other people. You can visit a weaponry store, a joke shop, or even a lingerie shop without worrying about what your companions might think.

  • Do not visit stores you are not permitted to. Shopping alone is a time to experience freedom from others’ timetables and wants, not a time to behave inappropriately or disobey a parent’s request.

4. Talk to salespeople. Ask about return policies, when new shipments come in, what types of clothing would fit your colouring or frame well, or even whether or not they like their job.

  • Although some sales staff will not have answers for you, they will likely find someone who does. If you are nervous buying new clothes or are unsure what to purchase for an event, get the input of an impartial third party. A friend is likely to sugar-coat opinions to spare your feelings.

Chili’s happy hour

5. Watch live music. Many malls have areas with sound equipment and a stage set up for musicians to play live shows. Some malls have large, dedicated spaces where actual concerts are staged, while others have small stages open to amateur musicians or musicians playing background music.

  • If you play music yourself, watching amateurs perform can help you cultivate your stage presence.
  • If possible, bring a few dollars along to tip the musician, if you like what you hear.
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6. Attend a book reading. Most malls contain at least one bookstore, so see if you can find a book or poetry reading. The authors of books complete some readings themselves, but many bookstores also host readings from and for the public. These can include readings of other artists’ work, or can be readings from amateur writers of their own work.

  • Book and poetry readings can expose you to authors you’d not heard of previously, or can inspire you to create your own work.
  • Make sure you are kind and respectful of others at a book reading. Be quiet, and try to stay seated until the reading has finished.

Chili’s happy hour

7. People watch. People watching is a simple, enjoyable activity, and a mall is a great place to do it. Because most malls are high-traffic areas, you can see a wide variety of lifestyles, clothing choices, behaviors, and habits, not to mention interesting accents and conversations. Take a few minutes to people watch the next time you are at the mall on your own.

  • People watching is great for people who like to draw or write, as you can glean ideas for personalities, characters, and faces to recreate.
  • Even if you are not artistically inclined, people watching can be entertaining and provide insight into how people work.

8. Talk to a stranger. Strike up a conversation with a stranger over a shared interest in books, a common interest in a certain clothing store, or even about the hassle of long lines in the bathroom. You do not have to become instant friends or carry on a memorable conversation. The goal is to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy an interaction with a stranger.

Chili’s happy hour

9. Watch a movie. Many malls are equipped with movie theatres, so take some time out of your day to visit a movie by yourself. You can go all out and order a large popcorn, a drink, and a lap full of snacks and see a movie. This is a particularly great idea if there is a movie you’ve been dying to see, but don’t have any friends with an interest in going.

9. Enjoy an arcade. Although arcades have fallen out of vogue to some degree, many malls still have small spaces set aside for games. Visit your mall’s arcade and try your hand at any new games they might have, or enjoy the classics such as Pac-Man.

Chili’s happy hour

10. Book a spa appointment. Increasingly often, malls are welcoming spas and massage centers into their halls. Take advantage of this and get a full-body massage or facial treatment after a day of browsing through shops.

  • Make sure you mention any medical conditions or injuries you have before booking a spa appointment. Broken skin, for instance, might disqualify you from getting a facial.

11. Visit a makeup counter. If you like makeup, you can visit a makeup counter and get a free makeover, and ask for tips for your skin type. Many skincare counters are happy to provide these services in the hopes of selling new products, so don’t be afraid to ask for a sample of a product you might be on the fence about.

  • This is a great option if you are looking for a makeup product to do a specific job, such as reduce under eye circles or make your lips pop.

12. Splurge on a few treats. Visit your mall’s candy, chocolate, or pastry shop and indulge on a few treats. You can purchase a chocolate croissant and enjoy it right there, or you can stock up on some sweet treats to take home and eat throughout the next few weeks.

Chili’s happy hour

13. Have lunch with a favorite book. Bring along your favorite book (or a new tome from the bookstore), and sit down to a cafeteria lunch. You can eat while you read, absorbing the sounds and smells around you while you immerse yourself in a new world.

  • Many malls have coffee shops in them, as well, so you may even be able to cozy up in an armchair and sip a latté as you read.

14. Get your measurements taken. You can visit a department store and request to have your measurements taken. You can then use this information if ever you need to take an item to a tailor, order an item online, or complete alterations yourself. Although you can do your own measurements, doing so can be tricky, so why not enlist the help of a professional?

  • Sizing is particularly important for bras, so if you wear a bra, use your time alone to find out what size you should actually be wearing.

15. Try out new relaxation techniques. Malls are often used as testing grounds for new therapy machines. Hydrotherapy, therapy chairs, and therapy machines have all been known to adorn the large hallways of malls, so take a few moments to find out if you can test out a new relaxation/therapeutic technique.

Chili’s happy hour

16. More tips

  • Look at this time as time to do what you want, rather than thinking of it as being alone. Time to yourself is great to recharge and refresh.

  • Write a list of shops you want to see or things you want to do and make a day of it.

  • Be assertive in talking to salespeople and strangers.
    • Always practice safety. Do not go behind stores or into stairwells by yourself.

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